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Blog > Postcards for a good cause: the 2017 results are here!

March is fiiiiiinally here, and we can reveal at last how many postcards were sent for a good cause last December! Ready to find out? Here it goes…

Postcards for a good cause

Postcrossers in Germany sent a total of 86,858 postcards during December, raising €8,685.80 for Stiftung Lesen! YAY!

Congratulations to all postcrossers for making this happen! We’re forever in awe of the thousands of dedicated German senders, who save their postcard slots throughout November just to be able to send more postcards are soon as the clock strikes 12 on December 1st — and they keep at it the whole month!

And of course, all the prompt recipients are important too! Every postcard has a sender and a receiver, and they’re both part of each exchange — so congratulations to all the recipients as well.

And last but not least, a big thank you to Deutsche Post for always standing by their commitment to improving literacy in Germany, year after year. Hurray!

Paulo is going to run his magic script to choose the prize winners, and if you’re one of them, we’ll get in touch in the next few days. Keep an eye on your email to find out if you were one of them! 😊


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31 comments so far

Mosshumla, Sweden
Congrats, German postcrossers! You are wonderful!

Bille, Germany
Yeah! The second best result of the last 5 years.
Great!!! Congratulation to all German Postcrossers and thank you to all who registered the cards promptly.

Bahni, Germany
Awesome! A big thank you to POSTCROSSING, too! :-)

Broe, Germany
Yes, thanks to everyone involved, including Postcrossing! So much fun again, year after year :-)

Fireblossom, Germany
I always save my postcard slots for this :) And I will continue to do so. Great Project!

ned44440, Ireland
Well done everyone. A great achievement. A great hobby working for a great cause.

Hasip, Belgium
Super !! ..... congrats und liebe Postcrossing Grüsse nach Deutschland !!

sannah82, United States of America
I contributed a meager amount by using the new travel mode. Thank you for making this possible!

justylev, United States of America
Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement!

suxies, Spain
I've got 15 postcards from Germany in December! !!! 😀😃😍😉☺️

MerlinM, Germany
Wow this is great. Thank you for all the travelling people who used the travel mode. And thank you to Paulo and Meiadeleite and this wonderful team who made it possible that also travellers could participate.

SunshineCece, United States of America
can i be explained to as to what they did last december, i am a new postcrosser, so i know of no such thing as this postcrossign event

Caradeangel, Germany
Yay, well done everyone!

@SunshineCece: this blog post explaines everything:

mounten, Italy
Congratulation!!!!!!! Well done.

Geminiscp, Portugal
Congratulations, everyone and specially to Deutsche Post!!! :)

NellyMuc, Germany
Wonderful, Postcrossing makes the world better. :-)

daybreak, Germany
Wonderful event!

paradonym, Germany
final result: 38 cards are from me...

carolbeth, United States of America
What a fantastic program! Congratulations to German postcrossers!

triplightly, United States of America
This is fantastic! Another way a community has power to change the world!

Gurudath21, India
Great job by German postcrossers.
Hats off to you all

franciscojclima, Portugal
Though I have always been dilligent on registering postcards , now, because of postcards for a good cause, I did not forget a single day to register the postcard that had just arrived. Morover I sent blank German postcards to German Postcrossers to make their task easier.

gebamsel, Germany
I am very proud to make my little contibution of 5,10 EUR by sending 51 cards in December!

Illusearch, India

aerobear, United States of America
What a super achievement! Congratulations to all the kind Postcrossers who helped! You make the world a better place.

ChristinaPeace, Germany
Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊 🍾
I had only 10 slots in December... and 12 received 😃👍 but I give my best for December 2018 and I looking forward 😃✌️

alexturner8, Ireland
This is amazing! Do they do this in any other country? Would love to do this in ireland! :D

_samy_, India
Wow! If it happens in India , I would love to do this!

Darcey1, South Africa
Good idea

Maritah60, Finland
Well done Germany. I hope that many other country would do the same!

JosephLin, China
It is no wonder that I have sent so many postcards to Germany

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