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Good news, everyone! We’re super excited about this upcoming exhibition curated by the Singapore Philatelic Museum, which features one of our favourite series ever… HARRY POTTER!!

Since the first book came out in 1997, J.K. Rowling's young wizard and his friends have been hugely popular all around the world, influencing a generation of readers. Postal operators have also joined in celebrating the series, which are naturally featured in plenty of stamps as well as postcards and fan art… which is where YOU come in. The SPM is looking for your collections and postcards, to feature on their next exhibition! 😀

Harry Potter exhibition

If you’re a collector of Harry Potter postcards or postal stationery and would like to showcase your collection in the exhibition, please contact Mishelle (the curator) at by August 10th.

But you don’t need to be a collector to participate! As is tradition, the museum is also calling all postcrossers to send in their themed postcards to them. So grab a Harry Potter card and share something with the visitors! For instance, what do you like about the series? Who’s your favourite character, or what’s your favourite scene or quote? Do tell! Here’s the address:

The exhibition is already on display, so this activity is closed.

If your card arrives before August 21st and includes your address, you’ll receive a postcard back! :) Sadly, the reply won’t be a Harry Potter card, due to licensing fees, but the postcards of the museum never disappoint.

The Harry Potter exhibition at the Singapore Philatelic Museum is scheduled to open in November, and stay on until July 2017. Now if only we had a magic spell to teleport us there…

19 comments so far

ChaelaMonstah, United States of America

How awesome! I think I'll send them my most popular sent card ( :)

Mosshumla, Sweden

I'd love to see the exhibition, although I'm not a fan of Harry Potter.

friesendeern, Germany

I will send a "Keep Calm and turn to page 394" card.
Should I win the lottery I will travel to Singapore ;) ;) ;)

thesnailmailer, United States of America

Well I have some mail art I just created on the subject

MailMystic84, Canada

On it :) I love doing stuff like that !

kirsty_uk, United Kingdom

Amazing! I'll definitely send a card.

post4hanneke, Netherlands

My card is on the way! What a great way to take part of this exhibition!

foysalratul, Bangladesh

I'm definitely going to visit

_samy_, India


_samy_, India

BTW could anyone with extra Harry Potter merchandise send me some
I am a Harry Potter fan but Harry Potter postcards and stamps are not available here

_samy_, India

U can contact me on my home page

Topas, Germany

Sounds nice. Pity, too far away to visit. Small paper objects are on the way to SPM.

Flippie, Canada

WHOA! I just came back from a trip to Orlando Universal Studios with the great Harry Potter rides and World! It was amazing! I will send my card today and hope on a reply card back. I wish that I could visit this exhibition in Singapore.

Clari_Brecht, Germany

I found a Harry Potter postcard! yeii! Will send this today and hopefully it arrives in time! <33

Braam, Australia

I would like to have some cards to send, especially of my pin-up boy, Rubeus Hagrid, but I haven't found any yet in this part of suburban Sydney. I wish the Exhibition at the Museum every success & lots of visitors!

Geminiscp, Portugal

Looks nice!! :)

Maricda, Brazil

I wish i saw it before... It will never arrive in time now! =/

unprettyweeb, Philippines

It would be exciting if I can go to the exhibit. I think I'll make it my goal to go there before November 2017 ends.

myliu_Lietuva, Lithuania

I know I'm too late...
but I have sent a special card of the "Harry Potter birthplace". I have been there some time ago.
Hope they will use my card at the exhibition.
Silly me, It seems I forgot to write anything on the card nor my username...