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About Carla...

Hello! I'm Carla from Philippines, 23 years of age, working as a banker, an avid fan of Disney (yes, I am despite my age soo HELLO DISNEY LOVERS!), an anime lover (I swore fealty to be an otaku despite my age and status in life), a bookworm (I can no longer count how many books I've read throughout my lifetime), and a dog lover (I'm a proud momma of three adopted doggos, all them bringing an equal amout of happiness and worry in my life). Aside from those, I also like to sing (in the shower), dance (without an audience but pretend that I am in a stage performing and be a bad ass at it), and cook (the dishes comes out good if I set my mind into it). I am also an introvert, so postcrossing ia a great avenue for me to meet new people without my energy draining (I swear, whenever I go out and socialise, I need to recharge at least a week or more. I don't know why but it is what it is). But what I love most about postcrossing is the happiness of opening my mailbox, seeing letters (ahhh, the joy of seeing piled up letters and postcards) and reading the stories from different people with different background and ethnicity.

So please do send me postcards (I don't care if it is handmade or not, I don't really have that much preference) and tell me about you (hobbies, interests, aspirations, etc). Think of me as your friend whom you haven't seen and talk to in a long time and you are just dying to share to me the things that you want to share if I was there. I am also interested in direct swaps so if you want to be my penpal, just holler.

I'll be waiting for your stories and postcards!!!


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