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The Little Mail Carriers have once again written home… from the far east! Turns out they’ve been enjoying the mild winter days of Okinawa! Read all about their adventures on this post from their host cbayha.

Greetings from sunny Okinawa, Japan! Did you know that there is a subtropical island that is part of Japan? Actually, the Prefecture of Okinawa is made up of hundreds of small islands, the largest of which is Okinawa Island. There are palm trees here, and they grow tropical fruits, like pineapple!

A long time ago, these islands were an independent nation, called the Ryukyu Kingdom. The kings and noblemen of the Ryukyu build many beautiful castles and because of this, 9 of the 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites for Japan are on Okinawa.

Katsuren castle

Our first outing was to the Katsuren Castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm! The castle sits way up on top of a hill, with a view of the ocean on either side. We were pretty tired after we hiked up to the top! Down at the visitor’s center they have built a model of the castle that was just the right size for us.

Katsuren castle 2

The people of Okinawa are very creative! They are famous for their pottery and hand blown glass. We took a trip to the southern end of Okinawa Island to visit the Ryukyu Glass Village. There we met this ferocious looking shisa. Don’t be scared – Shisa are Guardians. They protect buildings from typhoons, which threaten the island every year. Legend has it that a clay shisa, much like this one, once came to life and saved the island from a horrible storm. Now almost every building has at least one shisa (but usually a pair) guarding them and protecting them from the storms.

glass factory 1

After watching the artisans at work, we admired the beautiful glass tile wall that is one of the main attractions. Okinawan glass is very colorful.

glass factory 2

The glass is not the only thing that is colorful on Okinawa! The Okinawa sweet potato is bright purple on the inside! It is very nutritious and tasty and everyone’s favorite way to eat it is as cake! Sweet potato boats are the most popular present for tourists to take home with them from Okinawa. At the bakery we got to sample different varieties of sweet potato sweets, and watch how they are made.

potato store 2

We also met another shisa! This guy was very happy and relaxed. He was taking a break from his regular duties to eat a few sweet potato boats.

potato store

What a day we had today! Today we went on a road trip to the Northern end of the island to visit the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. This world-famous aquarium is a must-see for anyone who visits here. The aquarium has lots of hands-on exhibits for children, a sea turtle exhibit, a manatee house, a great dolphin show and one of the largest aquarium tanks in the world!

Aquarium 1

The Kuroshio sea aquarium has a capacity of 7,500 cubic meters and houses giant manta rays and whale sharks! We had lunch in the cafe along one side of the tank and watched all the big fish swim around.

Aquarium 2

After that we headed outside for the dolphin show. We were very happy, because it’s winter on Okinawa, so we didn’t think the dolphins would be out performing. But they put on a great show and we loved watching them leap in the air. If you look beyond the dolphins, across the bay, you can see an island. That is Ie Island. On Ie island they grow peanuts and flowers! They host an annual Lily Festival which is supposed to be amazing, but we are visiting at the wrong time of year.

Aquarium 3

Maybe we’ll come back some day to see all the flowers in bloom!

Thank you cbayha for this great travel report! The adventure continues…

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HM, Netherlands
What a wonderful holiday-destination you have with postcrosser cbayha at Okinawa. Beautiful photo's, the shark-basin looks GREAT and the dolphin show as well.

Nice to share with us!
Pinkbookdragon, United States of America
Christi did a great job!!!!! Wonderful photos!
tintenn, United States of America
Christi, you are a great host! Wonderful post and photos!
Lucy156, United Kingdom
How lovely! Japan is a wonderful country to visit! How about the little travellers coming to rural Somerset?
Anamaria8, United Kingdom
Little Mail Carriers, y u no come to Romania =( ?!
Beautiful article. Thanks for sharing!
Geminiscp, Portugal
Lucky guys! :D
isagv, Germany
Wow, what an aquarium!!! Great article. :)
martymarty, Czech Republic
Thank you for exploring another piece of the world for us - one can broaden his/her horizons by such a pleasant way ... Good job!
Pinkbookdragon, United States of America
That's the kind of Winter I would like to have!
Mayangiras, France
nice sharing!:)
what a wonderful way to explore and give us a glimpse of Japan. thank you.
hope you will visit Indonesia someday!
AstridLovesCards, Netherlands
Wow, what a trip you made. Nice too see a part of the world where i will probably never will come. Thanks for sharing. And have a safe trip to your next destination!
las424, United Arab Emirates
It looks like the travelers had a lovely time with Christi :)
shui, Taiwan
What a great trip in Okinawa! The sweet potato boats look so delicious! Hope I can visit there one day, too! Thank you very much for this interesting travelog! Christi! :D
Phibbyfan, Japan
So cute!

One correction though: Although there are 9 World Heritage Sites in Okinawa, they are actually all listed as 1 collective World Heritage Site called "Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu". Similarly, the "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto" is listed as 1 World Heritage Site but is actually made up of 17 independent sites.
islander61, Bahamas
Beautiful photos! Purple sweet potatoes, colourful glass tile wall and the model of the Katsuren Castle which was the perfect size for the Little Mail Carriers, were my favourites.
Manganet, United Kingdom
How does the Little Mail Carriers reaches us? :)
roadwarrior, United States of America
very nice pictures, loved all the colors!
Lily71, Netherlands
Greets from Holland.
Happy postcrossing.
Lilian Brown Kempen
mundoo, Australia
Great to see them getting around. They are having a great time there.
ipuenktchen, Iran
great pics from cbayha from japan, giving a great impression of the stay of the little mail carriers!!!

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