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Friendship Books (FB’s), penpals, ToyVoyagers and for more than 4 years now… Postcrossing! Ilyani, 26, from Malaysia manages to do all of this. The rest of the time she’s a busy student.

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

Ahh… long story! But short story is, I was bored and doing FB’s swap while finding new penpals. After a while I became more bored and decided to let go all the FB’s, and the person to whom I had sent the FB’s sent me postcards in return. She thought I was collecting postcards, so she gave me the Postcrossing website address to check out. I never saw myself collecting postcards, but I kind of liked receiving them from penpals and all, so I decided to give Postcrossing a try. And after I received my first few postcards just in such a SURPRISE way, I knew I gotta love Postcrossing! :)

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

Writing/receiving letters, taking photos, ToyVoyagers! I hosted many ToyVoyagers before, and now I have my own Haris! He has visited Paris, Budapest, Rome and now he’s in Finland! He’ll soon visit Poland and Macedonia, how cool is that? I am still poor to travel to Europe, so in the meantime he’s traveling on my behalf ! :)

I blog my postcards too, I guess that’s one of my latest interesting hobbies :D Soon I’ll be back being a busy student again and I guess I won’t have much time to update it anymore. Or more honestly, cause I can’t bring my postcards to the hostel!

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

This is the place in this whole town that I visit most frequently!! I have never seen the postman personally, can you imagine? I usually see a glimpse of him passing the mailbox in our gate, and that’s all. And the postman is usually wearing black sunglasses so it’s hard to recognize him!

imajica mailbox

The place I keep postcards – I just load them into a huge box. In fact, two boxes!

imajica postcards

And my whole postcards collection can be seen in Flickr.

Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

Who says I have a favorite received postcard? I actually have 1000 of favorite received postcards!


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24 comments so far

imajica, Malaysia
YAY for imajica!!!!!!!!! :) Thank you Ana & Paulo for featuring this :D I am famous now! Oh btw in my profile it says I've been a Postcrosser for more than 4 years, not 3 years :P

freshwater, United States of America
I love learning about new people and new hobbies! I just registered with ToyVoyagers and am excited about traveling vicariously through my small animal!

Geminiscp, Portugal
It was 3 years when the interview was made... :D:D:D

Keep the goo work! What a nice view, such piles of cards. The new year's goal can be a 3rd box with cards! :D

Happy 2010 for all! :)

katts70, Estonia
YAY :)
ilyani is famous:) and I am happy:)


Happy New Year!

kirbird, United States of America
I would personally like to vouch for how amazing Lyan is. :) I'm so glad our paths crossed through this great hobby! :)

moonlessnite, Canada
Imajica! Your last reply in the interview proves what a lady your are! (I have 1000 favorite psotcards). cheers for a 2010 that finds your 3rd box filled with more favorite postcards. TAM

octabis, France
yay ! Ilyani's famous ! And so is Haris !
I just read all his trip again, and I'm so happy he got to come here.
Next time you should send yourself !
I'm glad you joined postcrossing and the forum.

newrule, Malaysia
Cayalah Ilyani....bangga K.Nurul nengok gambar mailboxes Pos Msia yg cun2 tu!!!! Hah Hah hah....

Datishoo, Russia
Yaeyyyy, Lyan is a star!))))
Happy New Year and all the very best to you in 2010))

ulpa, Poland
wow lyan :D
good job with the interview!
I'm so happy to know you, you incredible girl!

anagahan, North Macedonia
wohohooo!!! Lyan!!! If there is one thing id always be thankful to postcrossing is meeting great and amazing people like you!! And the number of others who had posted above me :) They know who they are! Love you all and thanks for making my life filled with such great moments!

octabis, France
We know who we are ;)
Postcrossing would never had been the same without all the amazing people who are on the forum !

britgirl, United Kingdom
you sound lovely! great interview! I love all the boxes full of postcards!

Charlie_Dale, Malaysia
At last..our little ambassador have doing her job again...

rkneo11, India
Happy new year...

imajica, Malaysia
:)) thanks for lovely comments my dears.. though I no longer send and receive postcards, but I'm glad I still enjoy the people here :))

abhishek_b4u, India
This is awsome!!! Congratulations Ilyani... Really the best new year gift a postcrosser may get.
Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous year ahead. May this year brings happiness, peace and prosperity in your life. :)

Rohtola, Finland
It is nice to get to know you better, Imajica!
Happy New Year 2010!

szirmaik, Hungary
I'm so happy for you, Lyan! You are fantastic!

kela79, Finland
Thanks for cheering this with us!!;)
Happy New Year and I hope you´ll get many nice postcards during this year too!!:)

Snowy greetings from Finland!

icitaiwan, Netherlands
Ilyani, how nice to read more about you are a real superstar now....and so is Haris ;). See you around!

MiaMustikka, Finland
Hey !!! Thanks to this enterview with you I got to know ToyVoyagers!!! I'm joining them and feeling very excited about it :D:D:D
It sounds extremally intersting :D
Greetings and good luck with Postrcrossing, ToyVoyagers and all you are dedicated to :D

hwilliams, United States of America

bradpete, Philippines
All of them!

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