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June is here, and you know what time it is… it’s time to open the submissions for the World Postcard Day design contest! October 1st is getting closer and closer, which means it’s time to ask all aspiring designers and illustrators to pick up their drawing tools and start designing the postcard that will represent this year’s World Postcard Day! 😊

The theme of 2023's postcard design contest is “Postal Hugs”, inspired by Annie in Wisconsin. Some years ago for the 150 Years of Postcards exhibition, she sent us a wonderful postcard that read “A postcard is a hug sent through the mail”. This simple mental picture is exactly how we think about postcards: like an extension of our arms, ready to hug a recipient far away!

Hopefully the Postcrossing community and beyond will be inspired to create something amazing for this year’s postcard, so that in October we will all be able to send a beautiful postcard all over the world!

World Postcard Day 2022 theme: Postal Hugs

Before you submit a design, please make sure to read the rules carefully. Designs can be submitted (in digital form only) until July 15 (UTC) on the contest page, and we’ll announce the winner until August 15.

World Postcard Day contest prizes: Wacom drawing tablet, Pantone postcard box

And, as usual, there are some prizes! Besides the glow and recognition of having your design be the one that so many people will be sending all around the world on October first, we’re also giving away a fantastic Wacom One drawing tablet, as well as a Pantone postcard box. May the best design win!

Even if you’re not brilliant at drawing, we hope you’ll help us spread the word about the contest and poke your creative friends to participate… especially if they are aspiring artists and could use a little boost getting their career started and to put their art out there. We can’t wait to see how everyone will interpret this year’s theme!

26 comments so far

ennov-y, Germany

Great theme! 🫶🏼

Aguaroble, Lesotho

Whoohoo, I LOVE this contest, postcrossers are always so creative!

LacyChenault, United States of America

This is fantastic - time to get painting!

joyoussoul, United States of America

Sounds fun!!!

Seracker, Singapore

The quote from Annie reminds me of this:

This is not a letter but my arms around you for a brief moment
~Katherine Mansfield

TattooMom, Netherlands

Yes! Great theme. Last year I made a personal WPD-card (one that I still send out), so maybe this year I’ll submit?!

ChevyColoradoGirl, United States of America

the cover art for the book "The Giant Hug" (written by Sandra Horning, illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev) would be a great Postal Hugs postcard!

yui_isabel, Chile

I'm new at postcrossing and I had no idea they did this contest! It sounds amazing!

Sandristica, Spain

I love WPD and I' ll love to send the winner postcard 🥳

BeckyS, United States of America

Hugs! <3

MsJen, United States of America

Love the theme! Can't wait to see the winning design!

AnnJewel_Chyi, China

Wow! Looking forward to all of it!

triplightly, United States of America

Love the theme. Look forward to seeing the entries

megamee, United States of America

Can't wait to see all the entries! This is my first WPD, woohoo!

paradis_, Germany

I really like that theme and can't wait to see all the beautiful entries 😀

Nadejda83, Russia

It's very interesting to see everything!!!

sacdalton, United States of America

A wonderful concept for this years theme. Looking forward to seeing all the creativity shared.

beesknees, United States of America

great- cant wait to see it...................

Nuernberg, Germany

a big hug to everyone of you

sharon3, Canada

Great theme! Hugs to the participants.

TerryMary, Canada

I love this idea and might even submit an entry. The theme is wonderful.

Sochi, United States of America

Love the theme!

nzsuenorth, New Zealand

What a fantastic idea. I am new to post-crossing to and I cannot believe how much I love this site. Looking forward to submitting something.

CStar9, United States of America

Fantastic. Thanks for making Postcrossing such a community endeavor.

DJ2108, Germany

Moin, ich freue mich auf den Wettbewerb. Allerdings finde ich es schade, dass Platz 2 und 3 nicht gedruckt werden "dürfen". Jede kreative Idee die hier eingereicht wird, sollte entsprechend belohnt werden, so dass sich viele Menschen an diesen Kreationen erfreuen können.

HazonYakovSchool, Israel

Hello! I am new here.
I would like to participate in WORLD POSTCARD DAY 2023 Contest this year and send my card.
-Could you help me understand what address should I write on my postcard?
-Who will get my postcard?
-Should I send my postcard to POSTCROSSING address ?
World Postcard Day
PO Box 216
EC Tavira
8800-999 Tavira
Thanks for clarifying. Hugs to the participants.


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