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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

I’m a big reader of sci-fi books, and the way they end up predicting the future (or not predicting it at all!) can be surprising. The most unexpected things come true, and then at the same time we don’t have the long-promised flying cars! What’s going on? Anyway, science fiction aside—what are your predictions for the future?

In March, write about your predictions for the future.

In some ways, my predictions are a little pessimistic (sorry!). For example, I think that worldwide trends are leading towards a higher likelihood of humans coming into contact with new-to-us diseases, as our habitations push further and further into the habitats of animals that humans don’t normally come into contact with. On the other hand, I think that science is going to come up with some great answers for that: mRNA vaccines are a great start, and I think we can make it faster and safer to produce them all the time.

IMG E6560

I think we’re also going to get better at treating all sorts of other conditions, partly with vaccines, partly with medication, and partly with gene editing. (There’s a great tool called CRISPR which can edit DNA, and I read the best joke about it the other day: KFC has asked scientists to edit the chicken genome—they want to make it CRISPR! Okay, it’s a bit niche, I know.) The things we’re going to be able to understand and fix and improve are going to be astounding.

I also think that no matter what, humans are going to come together and support each other. A lot of people take a pessimistic view of humanity, and I can see why… but in every terrible situation, there are also amazing people, and I think those people will always rise to the challenge.

Now it’s your turn! You can write it on your postcards this month, or just answer in a comment: what are your predictions for the future?

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lindeclark, United States of America
My predictions for the future are for my son and his son Revel. I see my son continuing his success as a nurse, a growing family and Revel now 9 months old, growing up to be a smart, innovative, talented, healthy, and kind human being.
HalfHeartSki, China
About the future, the world may be more peace than today?
Aguaroble, Egypt
Depends on what we call future :-)
I think we all need peace and fresh air...
noranora, Latvia
In the future I see Russia stopped in it's aggression once and forever, it will bring victory and peace in Ukraine
ZenTravel, United States of America
I’ve seen several new posts in tech areas that have shown some flying cars. Somehow, someway, we will get there and they will become ubiquitous.

I believe up and coming generations will be working hard to stabilize climate change. And bringing less conflict to contentious areas throughout the world will be a second challenge that I see these young minds focusing on.
HM, Netherlands
Fun writing prompt in a changing world.

I hope for the future no nucleair bom is dropped, humans exists and postcards stamps and postal system stay.

Everything improvement to go back to a simple natural life will be a bonus.
Flippie, Canada
Hi, I hope the cell-phones NOT excised any more in the future and that people have normal, face to face talks. Or visit people in person in stat with an app! That we walk on the street and listen to the birds in stat of music.

I dream about this a long time, maybe because I don't have a cellphone and I still exist!
Hodaya, Czech Republic
thank you for sharing your thoughts! My prediction for future is a bit grim.
Yet I very much wish for a better future, with clean air, no racism, healthy nature, low poverty and such. What an utopia right :-) Well, I am still a dreamer.
meiadeleite, Portugal
Self-driving cars already exist in some places, so it's not really a utopian reality... but I'm eagerly waiting for this technology to be more widespread! Living in an area that is not so well covered by public transportation, I have to drive a few times per week which feels to me like a waste of time.
Carygirl, United States of America
Hopefully world peace, all humans live together no matter what race or religion.
s9281029, Taiwan
I hope the wars in the world will stop, and everybody have happiness life every day.
orange_memo, United States of America
Life today is no less than that of any sci-fi movie which was only imagination for a few. But as it is rightly said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’- this is the sole reason that life in 2023 is far different than that in 1990 and therefore I predict humanity will have contact finally with an advanced life form and ancient empires will arise again under new identities.
Eliza_Betta, Russia
I hope that people will be able to become more honest and kind, and most importantly, humane.They will listen to the opinions of others, help others. Although the Middle Ages have long passed, there are still people with "medieval" behavior (lying, hypocritical, doing everything for their own benefit and enrichment). Let's live honestly and with a clear conscience, because in order for there to be peace in the whole world, we must first start with ourselves.
joyoussoul, United States of America
No more email …it reads itself like the self driving cars in the future…revolution has revealed future inboxes that we don’t ever need to deal with anymore
evg335, Russia
I really hope that my fellow historians in the future will be able to penetrate into the past so that with the help of probes
shoot a video there... I would really like to clarify some historical issues... The origin of the Earth as a planet, the origin of man, the history of my city...
krishnaraosridhar, India
For me, we humans should start LOVING each other & every one around us... Let's love each other ; help each other and finally get out of enmity...
alkhimovich, Belarus
I can only hope that the future will be peaceful. God gave us life for love, not for hate
Amsie, United States of America
I read a headline yesterday about scientists in the US considering vaccines for chickens to prevent bird flu. I'm not kidding. Your silly joke may be more true than you think!

A more compassionate world would be my dream for the future.
FinnMary, Finland
I'm slightly pessimistic about future. There will be more wars, not just between nations but civil wars as well a long as leaders promote confrontation and talk about "us" and "them". There will be new diseases, probably animal transmitted but I would not rule out others like fungus. Whenever mankind thinks it rules over nature, the nature sort of strikes back. The climate change will get worse because people don't take it seriously. We lose areas to the ultimate drought, there will be more extreme events like hurricanes, flooding and such. Women's rights are at stake in many places in the world. Equality is weakened whenever we think we have reached the ultimate equality level because there is no such thing, there is always more we can do.
I put my faith in the young. They will have to solve the problems they inherit from us and with the help of modern technology and global communities, they can succeed. I'm not interested in seeing flying cars or having the chance to visit Mars, or even the Moon, I hope to see new ways of growing food for everyone, new ways of cleaning polluted areas and waters, new ways of fighting diseases all over the globe, not just in those countries that can afford it. Maybe one day we can bring back extincted animals, too (not dinosaurs but species like certain rhinoes, turtles and birds, not to forget insects). A kind of new dawn for mankind when everyone understands that this is the only home planet we have, we need to take good care of it. If there is another place like this, it will take many ages to find it and then to get there, so we'd better concentrate on saving this one, for us and for the generations to come.
Jemimah, Germany
You asked what the crystal ball tells me...I wouldn't even consider one as they are not very reliable. The only reliable prophecy ever is found in an ancient holy book. Perhaps you remember the name. It's the Bible. And this is what it predicts for the near future: "Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them.  And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away." You can find this in the book of Revelation. There are many more exciting promises to discover in this book Why not do some digging? Because surely GOD cannot lie.
sharon3, Canada
Prediction for the future . . . Life will go on. Mankind may or may not, save for a few.
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