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Ever tried to organize your postcards only to realize that not all postcards are of the same size? Indeed, some are larger (and they are perfect for landcape views), but what if the postcard measured 42.69 m² (459.511 ft²)? Now, that’s large!

And that’s exactly what the German city of Krefeld did: they created the world’s largest postcard and made it to the Guiness world records.

And large is not the only thing special about this postcard – it weights an impressive 300 kgs (661.386 lb)! And of course, transporting it is not for the ordinary postman – a special lorry was done just to carry it.

Wondering how it looks like? Here it is:

World's Largest Postcard

Congratulations Krefeld! That’s quite impressive indeed. If you want to learn more, check this post at the guiness world records website.


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20 comments so far

Lori45P, Canada
Amazing! Hmmm, wonder how many stamps it would take to post that beauty! lol

mundoo, Australia
Amazing. I am not sure that would even fit in my local postoffice for me to collect.

strawberry_feather, United States of America
That's not a postcard, that's a bunch put together! I'm sorry that does now count in my book.

Nordbaer, Germany
It's the spirit that counts.

dollart, Finland
great way to get insight of local peoples image of their home town.

heyjude, United States of America
It's NOT a bunch of postcards it is a bunch of PHOTOs people submitted. MANY postcards are made of multiple photos of the area.

Stephany, Netherlands
How many stamps are on it?

Panka, Hungary
That's a real multiview card :)

SilentSilence, Spain
Wow! 0.0

dianaf, Netherlands
Wow, imagen that you get one of those...

ASALIM, Brazil
I'd like to get one just like this... Who would like to volunteer to send it to me???

peridotlake1, United States of America
Wow that's amazing! I wonder who thought to make it.

nisha, Poland
Haha, I have a postcard from Krefeld, but not that large :D

Dodd, Taiwan
it cann't fit my mailbox. XD

dardo, Spain
It's a frankencard!

moonlessnite, Canada
Hmmmf...It looks like a collection of REAL postcards grouped together...I dont consider it a postcard. I have sent out a few very big ones...a couple of kids on psotcrossing got them. they were of wild animals in Britihs Columbia...and yes it does take quite a bit of postage.

origato, Netherlands
I bet that we can do better then that!
All we need is a single adress which the most active postcrossers send a card to (one each should be enough.
And someone who will put it together.

hulottati, Germany
The biggest postcard that German post would forward, could mesure 59x30 cm. And 6 Euros (8,3 US-Dollars) shipping cost would not be too much, right?

Isers, United States of America
That's amazing!

hefelberry, United States of America
Awesome! I wish i could see it up close T.T

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