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Meet zasa from Bern, Switzerland. She is 26 years old and a lover of all things postal. Like many of us, she combines her other hobbies with Postcrossing.

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

I came across Postcrossing in the Autumn of 2006. I had moved back in with my parents for a short time and it was so boring in the evenings that I took to surfing the Internet. Don’t ask me how I found, but I did. It is my little addiction (little? would my boyfriend consider it such?). Since I was a little girl, I always wake up when I hear the postman’s motorcycle – I love snailmail – I love stamps – I love to write and widen my horizons via Postcrossing.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

Besides Postcrossing? Is there any time left besides this hobby? Yes I do have one! Lomography. That’s a community who shoots from the hip! Feel free to visit us at or my personal photoblog The best thing of both hobbies is that sometimes I have the chance to combine them! So I make my own postcards from lomos I’ve taken. I’m also very active in travelling notebooks where I can use my lomos.

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

My postman/woman says every day: “Oh my gosh! My work wasn’t so interesting till you moved in my quarter!” My post office team wasn’t excited about becoming Internet stars so instead I took photos of my actual room where I have hung the most beautiful black & white cards I have received.



This photo shows you little zasa in Prague, sure for exploring the post world there!

And this is the mailbox where I drop most of the stuff for Postcrossing in it!
Show & tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

I have a received a lot of cards that I would call favorites. It all depends on the when the card was received and there is always a chance to top my favorite one. I am happy if I get cards every day – they brighten my horizon. So, all cards are, in their own way, favorites!


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24 comments so far

shui, Taiwan
Hello!! Sara! :D
Nice to read more about you in postcrossing.
I really adore your postcard wall! ^__^

P.S. Love the photos you took! (^0^)/

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Lovely way to 'store' postcards! Prety sure that it allows you to enjoy them everyday.
And congrats for your pictures, nice and creative.

anagahan, North Macedonia
Heelooo Sara!!!!

Great to see you on the spotlight! Love your photos!

dardo, Spain

I discover lomography in Portugal, but I don't think that I have a comunnity.

See you in the next meeting.

MrsSpeechless, Switzerland
nice to see this from a postcrosser nearby :) When I used to live still at my mother's, the postman also once told her, that me and another girl in the village were the only ones sending nice and colourful mail ^^

martenia, United Kingdom
I received a beautiful card from Sara just this month. Nice to see here being featured :)

isagv, Germany
Huhu Sara, schön dich auch hier zu lesen. ;)
LG, isa

Tjitske, Netherlands
Congrats on the spotlight dear Sara! It was an honour to have met you in Switzerland, hugs!

Blogger, United States of America
Yet another great interview :D

I love the postcards on the wall. I would do that, but my 200 pound English Mastiff would think dinner was served. He loves to eat paper.

Great pictures.

willemijn, Netherlands
Did someone send you toilet paper :-)

ichabodhides, United Kingdom
Nice to see Sara here! She actually sent me my very first postcrossing postcard! :)

zasa, Switzerland
thank you all for reading my interview! what a honour to get interviewed by the guys behind postcrossing!
and the toilet paper: You really don't wanna know what my best friend is sending me all the time via mail! maybe i should document her work :)
thank you all, for your kind words!
See you!

Saintois, Belgium
Hi Sara, glad to know that you received also my card today..

edo, Spain
Hi! Congratulations for this nice interview and for to shows us where do you post your cards!!

cadilily, United States of America
Awesome blog post. The cards are so beautiful, too!

kirbird, United States of America
It's so nice to see lovely Sara featured here on Postcrossing, she's the greatest! :)

yvi-1, United States of America
I love the strip of B&W postcards across the wall. Great way to display them!

alexandrediniz, Brazil
Cool! We shold have a barbecue everybody! :)

Geminiscp, Portugal
Great photos and interview, my dearest! :D

adriennegarry, New Zealand
Hi Sara, good to see you joining the exclusive interview club :-))thanks for great cards over the years

Vre, Switzerland
Guete Obed Sara
Schön, dech do z'gseh und z'läse. Hoffendlech bis bald am nöchste Schwizer-Träffe.
Hebs guet!

kazinhabueno, Brazil
I loved your wall! Great idea!!!! :D

mundoo, Australia
Great interview. I did wonder about the toilet paper. I love seeing the different mailing boxes in use around the world.

ummizz, Malaysia
Hi Sara. Very interesting. Happy to receive card from someone who is in the spotlight!

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