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Few projects connect people from so many random contexts as the Postcrossing project. It’s amazing how diverse our users are and we are always eager to learn more from them. Thus, we decided to start the Postcrossing spotlight – interviews done with members of this project that we will publish every two weeks here on the Postcrossing Blog. We want to share with all of you how diverse our community is and we hope you all enjoy it.

We know that many of you would like to know a bit more about the project founder. So, to start the Postcrossing spotlight interviews, here’s what Paulo himself has to say as our first interviewee. See you in two weeks!

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

I always enjoyed sending and receiving mail, specially postcards. Friends and family frequently received postcards from me, but I wanted to exchange even more, specially with more far away places.

So, I have put that together with my IT background, the initial concept started to develop and a few months later, Postcrossing was ready.

I’m both proud and happy that this project has touched and connected so many different people around the world, ignoring age, gender, location, religion and even belief. And it’s not just about postcards any more, it’s also about the connections created. I hope it continues to do so for a very long time.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

Recently I have been doing Geocaching – for the ones who don’t know it, Geocaching are mini treasure hunts done with the help of a GPS device. It’s a lot of fun plus I get to visit interesting places I would never get to if it wasn’t for it.

Besides that, I enjoy travelling across the world and live in different places to experience other cultures and different people. I’m originally from Portugal and in the past I have lived in the Netherlands, U.S.A. and for the last 2 years in China. I’ve just returned to Europe and soon I’ll be heading somewhere else. I guess I can be called a nomad!

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

Personally I don’t enjoy keeping the postcards in albums because I like to have them handy in a way I can pick them all up and flip through them whenever I want to.

We always wanted to have one of those postcard racks that you see in small stores to display the postcards. However, we couldn’t find one so Ana came up with a great alternative: using Ikea pot lids holders instead, the effect is the same plus our postcards are always displayed and ready to be picked up. It even has different slot sizes so that any postcard size has it’s own place – it’s perfect!

pot lid holder
Show & tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

I honestly lost count to the number of postcards I have received to date and it’s almost impossible to pick just one favourite. I like pretty much any type of postcard since they are always special in their own way. However, there’s one that is particularly special to me: PT-1 was the first Postcrossing postcard and it’s only fair I pick it as my favourite. And yes, I like lighthouses! :)


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sonataca, United States of America
Even this postcard is my favorite! And that sure is an interesting way to keep postcards, I never thought of that...I only keep mine in a box and now I got so many, it's nearly 15 lbs so literally, it's verrrryyy heavy!
freshwaterwi, Italy
I love the idea of interviewing various postcrossers! After all, it's all about the connections, right?
Stephany, Netherlands
Great idea interviewing postcrossers!
ninezinha, Brazil
Very nice interview!
Vitor_Luiz, Brazil
Great..ideia....if you want so..we are available..
kazinhabueno, Brazil
I liked very much this idea and this interview is very interesting... :)
Geminiscp, Portugal
Another great idea! ;)

Blogger, United States of America
Love it! My first postcard is one of my favorites too. A neighbor gave it to me for my 5th grade project. I've been hooked on postcards ever since. My fav. card would be the one that was mailed from the first flight of the Hindenburg. It was a gift.
- - I love the idea on how you store your postcards! Great idea
Eiain, United Kingdom
Fantastic idea with the pot lid system, I so have to do that now. Totally love the spotlight idea too. Its nice to see what other people are up to and interested in.

Great article.
inkie1010, Netherlands
Great interview and I loved the article :)
Melodramababs, Canada
I love the lid holder idea as well!! but I keep all my postcards in albums. but I do wait a while before putting them in, this way I could keep them displayed instead of piled on a desk!

Looking forward to more interviews!
Ninocas, Portugal
Another wonderful idea!!
FernandoFerreira, Portugal
Nice interview and a great idea!!
Keep always the good work!
Leninha, Portugal
Great idea!
heyjude, United States of America
Love the holder idea and the spotlight too! waaaay to go Paulo and Ana!!!
Cajo, Portugal
Great article and nice job. :)
Lori45P, Canada
What a great idea! And a great interview too. It's nice to learn more about Paulo. Could I request that Ana be the interviewee for the next one?
rmazzetti, Brazil
Wooowww that´s nice! Where can I buy a rack like this? :)
scrutiny, Hong Kong
Oh wow. What a nice read! A good idea for a blogging topic. I never knew Paulo liked lighthouses!
iceylove, United States of America
The idea of the Holder is wonderful as well!
Nice Job..Really intrested in seeing totally different persons' interviews.
SusanaPortugal, Portugal
Great idea, I loved the interview :) I´ll wait for the next ones :)
kela79, Finland
Thank you Paulo for coming up with this great idea & it´s very interesting!!Good luck!!
vbformig, Brazil
Interviews... What a great idea !!
And you know something?
The first postcard we cannot forget !!
Saffron55, Canada
What a neat idea, to interview users and to learn of postcrossings beginnings. I really enjoy being part of this site! :)
dandilion, Netherlands
great idea this interview a postcrosser blog :)
But how do you choose the next one? or is the next one to choose the next one? confused yet? on what base do you choose?

keep up the good work!!
happy postcrossing for life!
paulo, Portugal
@dandilion: The plan is to ask the interviewee for suggestions about who to interview next. However, we also have a list and we accept suggestions! :)
MrsTaavi, Germany
great! :)
dianagracaoliva, Malaysia
great idea!!
maud560, Netherlands
Great interview. I really like the idea and Suzie has some good ideas.
I really like the way you display your cards. The idea of 'just picking them up' is great.
MichelleW, United States of America
I am so intrigued to learn how Postcrossing was "born." I think it has brought so many people together, even briefly, but in a beautiful and oftentimes humouous way. I love getting someone's first card. I always look forward to the mail and love trying to match cards with profiles. The funniest story I have is that my co-worker found the site first and got me hooked. Then, she actually got MY name to send a card to! We were astounded!! So, yes - thank you, thank you, Paulo, for your brilliant idea!
wunderland, Canada
LOVE the Ikea pot lid holders; I looked them up online to see how inexpensive they were ~ I'm searching for a better, funner filing system for my postcards ... I don't like keeping them in a file folder like I am now, I want to set them free!

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