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Blog > Earthquake relief fund update - Thank you!

As some of you might have noticed, Postcrossing closed the Paypal “donation box” for the Sichuan Earthquake relief fund a few days ago.
We took some time to mail all the postcard packs to the generous donors and today, exactly a month after the earthquake, we headed to the bank and made the deposit: 12289.2 RMB (or 1149.2 Euros or 1776.4 U.S. dollars) .

Thank you very much to everybody that contributed! Your kindness and generosity will surely have a meaningful impact on the lives of the millions of people affected by this disaster! envelopes
Like they say around here, 谢 谢 你!

PS – If you would still like to make a donation, please do so directly to the Red Cross, through the numbers on this page.

13 comments so far

mundoo, Australia
That's a great amount.
Well done everyone. I am sure it will help the Red Cross and their efforts.
Thank you for allowing us to contribute Ana and Paulo
icitaiwan, Netherlands
Thanks a lot for organizing this postcrossing donation project.
I was happy to be able to contribute this way and hopefully we've been able to help some of the people their with our money.
I have received the postcards, too, wonderful...thanks!
isabetta, Italy
Thank you for doing this and thanks to all the PostCrossers who sent their contributes :)
mundoo, Australia
Excellent. My postcards arrived today. Thank you must go to Phoebe for donating the postcards. They are very nice and special. I am amazed at how quickly the postcards have arrived in Australia from China.
Vre, Switzerland
Thanks a lot for the nice postcards - I never dreamt that I am one of the happy ones to get them. - And thank you very much to all who make Postcrossing possible - its great!
zeituni, United States of America
Wow, that's a lot of money! Thanks for giving us the opportunity and incentive to donate :)
AllSerene, United Kingdom
Thanks a lot for organising this - and thanks for my postcards, which have arrived safely. I was amazed to find I was one of the people lucky enough to get some!
schwan272, United States of America
What a pleasant surprise. Thank you, Phoebe, for the set of lovely photo postcards. I didn't expect to be one of the lucky recipients.
freshwater, United States of America
I just read the notice yesterday about the cards being sent out, then checked my mail and there was an envelope for me! Quite a lovely surprise! The postcards are really will be fun choosing who to send them to. Well done to all who contributed, and to those who worked to make this possible.
MuX, China
I'm living in sichuan and i just want to say thanks,i haven't another words to say!Just thanks all the nice people and!
swan, United States of America
Thanks for organizing this. And thanks for the postcards which arrived in my pile of after-vacation mail today! I will keep some for myself and share some with others who weren't so fortunate to receive a set.
cinciong, United States of America
I received my postcards and they are lovely! Thank you so much to Postcrossing for organizing this effort to help the earthquake victims.
jean-mimi, France
Nice idea, really happy to help & thanks for the PC !