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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

This month’s writing prompt is all about your favourite outfit, a prompt suggested by Meliora's on the forum! Whether you prefer style or function, your clothes can say so much about you…

In September, write about your favourite outfit.
Hedgehog print pyjamas

It’s September, so I’m starting to look forward to colder nights after a scorcher of a summer here in the UK. That means it’s time for my favourite pair of pyjamas! Okay, the beginning of September might be a little soon for them… but perhaps by the end of September I’ll be snuggling into them…

I do have some great outfits for lounging around the house, going out, and fancy occasions, of course. But none of them beat out my hedgehog pyjamas, which are slightly fuzzy to the touch, very cosy, and really adorably cute. My wife got them for me the Christmas before last, and I promptly got a couple of extra pairs for when they wear out—I’ve been burned by that before, and greatly miss my rainbow-coloured giraffe pyjamas!

So how about everyone else? Are you joining my pyjama party, or are you too fond of your hiking gear? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget that you can use this as a prompt when writing your postcards this month!

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Solo1959, United States of America
Ohhhh this is such a great writing prompt especially in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I love my flannels.
Susana13, Portugal
Love black clothes. 🖤
mdmsamm, Canada
Ahhhhh comfort and simplicity, for me has to be white cotton nighties, I have a few…the best come from England.
ruthkepler, United States of America
Some of my favorite wearables also involve suede! My mom let me take her tall dusty-pink suede boots whenever I wanted to wear them. My great aunt gave me a beautiful red wine-colored suede jacket. I got too drunk at a wedding reception and never saw it again. Very grateful for all these gifts.
Irina_G007, Russia
I love red pumps, pumps, moccasins and ugg boots. They don't even match the clothes. Pajamas same love from cotton jersey with Disney
oksleto, Russia
like my cozy dresses that I can wear in autumn and a warm cardigan and a scarf around my neck
Bookworm72, United States of America
Well there is how I WANT to dress (think 1940's Katherine Hepburn) which is highly impractical, and how I actually dress. I moved a year ago from the Midwest (sweaters and jeans). to the south. Now my daily uniform is sundresses or capris and tanks with sandals 10 months out of the year.
Neelanjana, United Kingdom
well i want to dress how ever i want (layers and crazy colourful stuff etc) but i dress in subdued colours in real life :/ i’d love to switch it up some day though!
at61, Italy
A really interesting topic to tell!
I read with interest @Mamaduke's clothing items, which awakened memories of youth in me: I too grew up in the 60s and 70s, and even here in Italy they used clothing that today might seem ridiculous (such as those of today will probably be for future generations)
Personally today I love a type of comfortable and informal clothing even at work, unlike in the past where a certain elegance was a must, and I always wore a jacket and tie.
Reading the comments of my Postcrosser friends I can travel with my mind to distant places that I imagine fascinating, and I see suede, cardigans and scarves, sundresses and tank tops, colorful pajamas and a thousand smiles ...
Here in Rome it is still summer, and the high temperature does not yet allow you to think about comfortable cashmere sweaters; I therefore love to walk in my free time among the ruins of antiquity and the Baroque fountains, wearing Bermuda shorts and Polo shirts.
A big hug to all Postcrossers from Italy
muhmachtdiekuh, Germany
Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️, I have collected some themes for the next writing prompts.
Whom can I send my suggestions, is anyone interested?
@shanaqui @paolo @meiadeleite ? ❤️
paulo, Portugal
@muhmachtdiekuh: The best way is to post them on the forum at 👉
Lies76, Belgium
I luv wearing my Spanish slippers after summertemperatures drop, those suede / leather ones with soft fabric inside. And my dressing gown in the evening. ❤️
Kristi-D, United States of America
Enjoyed the post and the hedgehogs! Right now during the heatwave in southern California, I don't want to think about flannels!
thedbb, United States of America
If I can be wearing short sleeves & shorts, I'm probably someplace warm, which is heaven to me ;) Aside from that, as you can see in my profile image, I often wear bandanas on my head. I do this not for fashion as much as for practical use - it helps keep my curls out of my eyes!

I probably have about 50-75 different bandanas. My favorites are plain (blue, black, white...) but I do have some fun ones from various events and brands (sour patch kids made a silly one that I found at their flagship store in NYC).

Fun prompt. I will share this story on future postrcrossing cards. Thanks!
storydrops, United States of America
My favorite outfit will always involve a kimono. It's my favorite piece of clothing. They're comfortable, have light material and very versatile. I can wear them with a long dress or pants. I currently have 9 of them, lol.
papillonfox, France
Hello everybody! My favourite outfit is my beautiful Black dress with skulls, my blue biker jacket and my pair of boots.
At home, my favourite pyjamas are 1 short and t-shirt with groot and one other with Jack (nightmare before Christmas).
Mamaduke, Australia
I grew up in the 60's & 70's and will tell my Postcrossers in September about what we wore back then. I even had a pair of "Beatle boots" and the funkiest "stove pipes" slacks. Then I went to "flares" All that material around your ankles. Everyone had a pair of Levi jeans . Of course "body shrts" were all the go at one stage. I can remember buying a pair of suede "desert boots". We thought we looked cool but my daughters said "Dad, they looked rediculous." Remember that fashion is a cycle and that trend will return. Not for me though.
Honey, United States of America
for everyday doing my chores, gardening and such, I like jeans and a lose Jersey top, for going about town, which I haven't done much of since Covid19... I like slacks, a comfortable top and a business jacket.
As I read the comment from Italy, I am on a wonderful boat ride through parts of Venice Italy... love it...
LaurnaH, United States of America
My favorite piece of clothing is my night clothes. I usually wear an oversized Tshirt, and a pair of old navy capri’s that are worn out ( pretty old) around the house. I call them my “comfy clothes “. As soon as I get home they are on, unless I need to go somewhere first
JessicaCMourao, Brazil
Here in Brazil we are at the end of winter, comfortable pajamas, books and many cups of tea, by the way I found an orange tea with carrots 🥕 I also take the opportunity to share my teas, books and postcards on my instagram: @JessicaCristinaMourao
orange_memo, United States of America
Anything in Black, silver or orange :-)
Maybelle, Norway
I live in the middle of Norway; long winters, short spring & autumns, and 1 week of summer. (That’s what it feels like!). So what I WANT to wear does rarely goes with what is practical. But I do like clothes of linen… And stretchy yoga pants, t-shirts & fluffy sweathers. No socks! And my feet only like sneakers, wich goes with everything. :)
But I work in kindergarden so I get away with crazy colorful outfits, and I sometimes go all in there! LOL. But I also spend a lot of time crawling on the floor, the children often «share» whatever they have stuck on their fingers…and we are outside a lot. So I go for practical hiking & whool clothes. And they make nice ones in Norway. Many different colors and patterns <3
BUT, one day in July I wore my favourite trousers… A patrol blue, baggy, bohemian overall with deep pockets! <3 The children asked me what I was supposed to be, thinking I was dressing up as a clown or something! Lol! And the other adults…? They were like «Ooohh! Where did you get that? I want one! It looks soooo comfy!» :)
And tomorrow I’m going to a wedding…
I have no idea of what to wear! Perhaps my baggy pants & pumps?!? With a hat & some jewelery?!
AnnJewel_Chyi, China
I like this subject: now my favorite outfits are leggings and T-shirts.
(I go to the gym to work out everyday. and I jog 3 times a week. Just at noon today, I did the deadlift for 60kg! It's not bad for a woman who weighs 47kg.) Traditionally, Chinese people cannot accept women wearing so tight leggings to show their body shape. But now it's easier for the society to accept it. We can see more women wearing tight leggings on the streets in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities to show their body shape. But inside every Chinese gym, you can see all women wearing leggings or short leggings or sleeveless top or sport bras. For myself there's another thing: I don't like to remove the armpit hair so I don't wear sleeveless top like other women. Some women tell me I don't need to be ashamed with my armpit hair. I can wear sleeveless top whenever I want to.
booboo_babies, United States of America
I don't really have a favorite outfit, but I do have a favorite place to get my clothes. At least 90 percent of my clothing comes from garage sales and thrift shops. Not only is thrifting less expensive, but it is better for the environment. And I get clothes that I would have never seen anyplace else. I wash all of my garments as soon as I thrift them. Occasionally, I have to do a little mending, but this is a small price to pay to have a wide variety of clothing that I really like!
Verabrady, United States of America
My birthday suit. Unfortunately so impractical for most occasions so I’ll have to agree with booboo_babies.
jam570, United States of America
I have to wear a uniform to work. So any dress makes me feel happy! I also like skirts and a simple top. Low top converse are a must!
batyuk1811, Russia
Hello everybody! I really love dresses, I wear linen in the summer! It's so comfortable. And for winter, I have my favorite jeans, fluffy sweaters and ugg boots..
Flippie, Canada
I love my favorite Ralph Lauren jeans. I have 2 pair for years. They're strong, lovely and everything fit on it.
I love also my Blundstone boots. I bought my second pair last year because my first where done after 10 years!
After a shower in the evening my favorite outfit is my soft legging with Winnie The Pooh on it and a hoodie.
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