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Living in a touristic area can be a bit challenging. While postcards are easy enough to find, they’re usually über-touristy, featuring the beaches and little else. It gets boring after a while… which is why I was delighted to discover Rosa’s postcards on our way back from a trip to the market in Olhão. Turns out, her mom has a little store by the waterfront that showcases local art and products — including Rosa’s gorgeous postcards and art.

We thought it was time we had another post on our stationery makers’ series, and reached out to Rosa and ask her a few questions. Turns out, she’s been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil, and makes more than just postcards! :)

Joana Rosa Bragança
Could you introduce yourself briefly?

I’m Joana Rosa Bragança (but you can call me just Rosa!) and I’m an artist & illustrator based in Olhão, a fishing town in the Algarve region. I love living near the sea! Besides drawing and painting, I also like to spend my time photographing with film cameras, walking in nature, reading, sewing and trying cake recipes. I love mornings, cats, artisanal ice creams, fresh figs and old books.

What inspires you?

I get a lot of inspiration from the people I see, not only the people of my hometown, with their strong characters and looks, but also the foreigners who pass by, who are a lot these days. One of my favorite themes is the beach and bathers, and here I have plenty of “models” to observe! Still, not all my characters are inspired by real people, some of them happen to be really bizarre and come directly from my imagination. I also love to draw all sorts of animals and plants.

Joana Rosa Bragança
Are you a postcard or letter writer yourself?

I used to be, I even had pen friends when I was a teenager… then the internet appeared and made me forget it a little. Nevertheless, I love sending the orders of my online shop inside envelopes full of doodles and postage stamps. Postage stamps are awesome! My favorites are the ones with illustrations or photos of fauna and flora.

If you could define your style in 3 words, what would they be?

Dreamy, joyful, ironic.

And could you show us your workspace, the place where magic happens?
Joana Rosa Bragança Joana Rosa Bragança

Thank you so much, Rosa! You can check these and other postcards and art on her online shop. And if you know of other stationery makers we should check out, let us know in the comments!

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Sommersprossen, Germany

These are absolutely great, love your style! :)

zomertje, Netherlands

Really love your drawings, Hope to get one , one day!!!

petitecamlea, Canada

Very beautiful cards!! :)

beesknees, United States of America

very nice.

DianeM, United States of America

I love the people and plant combinations!

Goldfish9, Russia

sooo nice cards!:)

Artygirl, New Zealand

Your people are so full of character, I love the beach ones so full of humourus reality.

jm1122, United States of America

Awesome postcards! I really like the plant people cards! Thank for sharing.

Miselka81, Canada

These are great!

rosenbusch, Germany

I love the postcards....

Luciano, Brazil

Beautiful drawings Joana!

mounten, Italy

Beautiful cards, I like all of them. Compliments from Italy!!!!

Barlena, Austria


MeggieW, Australia

I love them. It would be very special to receive one. My suggestion Olga at Lets Cats.

Elin_me, Russia

Oh, I want one of these amazing cards!!)
I'll wait may be one of the next cards will be from Romania:)

Nana805, France

Bravo Rosa. I like very much her work.

PilotOne, Portugal

Great cards, Rosa!
Congratulations to all who are lucky to receive one of these cards!