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We assume everyone has heard of Wes Anderson’s movies by now. From The Grand Budapest Hotel to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, his delightfully quirky visuals and unique storytelling perspective have made him a beloved filmmaker and a cinema icon. You can always immediately tell when you’re watching one of his movies, sometimes by a single frame! There are places out there in the real world that look a lot like a scene from one of his movies, often a single peculiar house, an ornate façade or just a color scheme that evokes another era…

A big red AWA logo, with Est 2017 around it, and the tagline Accidentally Wes Anderson underneath it

Enter the Accidentally Wes Anderson project (or AWA for short). They’re a community of adventurers with an appreciation for these fine idiosyncratic sceneries that play out all over the world, collecting them and displaying them on the AWA website and Instagram account. The result is a carefully curated map and galleries featuring hundreds of delightful travel-worthy locations. Anyone can submit a new location to the map, so it’s a good idea to always keep an eye out for any structure, façade or surroundings with a special symmetry that moves the imagination.

A picture of North Hobart's Post Office colorful façade Photo by Madeleine Ryan

As fans of trips to unusual places, we love browsing these and bookmark spots for a future vacation or roadtrip. In particular, we like discovering new mail-related places, and the nice people at AWA have put together a snail mail collection that makes us very excited indeed! Check out North Hobart Post Office, Saigon’s Central Post Office, or the Post Office at the end of the world… Don’t those look like they’re all worth a visit?

The AWA community has been going strong for 5 years, and in the meantime, a book featuring the best of these locations has been published, with 500,000 copies sold around the world in 7 languages. Now, a cool postcard book joins the collection as well, featuring 26 of these special places. We’re super excited about it, and have thus partnered with them to offer a few of these to postcrossers! 🎉

There are 20 prizes in total to be won: 3 books, 2 super special copies of the postcard book signed by Wes Anderson himself, and 15 standard postcard books! There are 2 ways to participate in this fantastic giveaway, and you can choose one or both of them:

  • You can explore the AWA map, and then leave a comment on this blog post to let us know which place there you’d like to travel to the most;
  • The AWA postcard book on a background of blue tiles
  • If you have a postcard of a place that you think would fit right into one of Wes Anderson’s movies, send it to the AWA with a message and your Postcrossing username (written clearly)! The address is:
    Accidentally Wes Anderson
    442 Lorimer Street
    Ste D #224
    Brooklyn, NY 11206
    For this raffle, postcards entries will count double.

Because this giveaway involves postcard submissions, we’re giving it an extended deadline, so that everyone has time to dig around for nice postcards and mail them. The deadline for their arrival is January 15, and which point we’ll pick the winners and announce them on a separate blog post. Good luck everyone! We can’t wait to see the locations you share! 😍


We first saw Kehvola's cards on a pop-up postcard fair organised by the Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association in Tampere, and I confess I was instantly smitten! It’s no secret I have a sweet spot for illustration, but their playful style and daring colour palette was what got me hooked.

At the time, I sent the postcard on the right to a booklover friend, and stocked on others… though I’ve been very reluctant to part with them!

At the time, we talked a bit with the owners, Veera and Timo, who were staffing their booth at the fair, and Timo agreed to answer a few questions for the blog. So ladies and gentlemen, here he is to tell us more about Kehvola!

How did Kehvola get started? Could you tell us a bit of the story behind it?

Veera (my wife) had previously worked as a store manager in the Finnish National Gallery’s museum shops. There she noticed that there are no nice Helsinki cards available. She started the company and asked the nearest and the cheapest illustrator (me!) to draw a set of Helsinki postcards. This was just four years ago.

We’re fascinated by how coherent your collection is — despite being illustrated by different people. How did this group of illustrators get together? And how do you choose the themes for your pieces?

We are illustration fans and we’ve been very lucky with our artists. So far everybody we’ve asked to join us had said yes. I think our illustrators all have something in common yet they all have their own distinct style. Our illustrators have all illustrated children’s books and are capable of creating narrative pictures with strong sense of atmosphere.

Illustrators are free to offer their own ideas but most of them prefer clear orders from us. I myself think what I would like to draw (this could be an old bike or a rubber boot, a big bookshelves, elvis, tiger or an apple pie) and then consider with Veera would somebody be interested in such a card. If we like the idea enough we print it anyway.

Kehvola good times
If you could define Kehvola’s style in 3 words, what would they be?

Narrative, colorful, warm.

Are you letter or postcard writers too?

Always when travelling. I love bookshops and museum shops and browsing through their postcard selection. Writing a postcards in a cosy pub or cafe after a long day of walking is an essential part of my traveling.

Could you show us your studio, or the place where the magic happens?

Here’s a picture of Kehvola’s "headquarters”, where I also do the drawing:


Thank you Timo, that was lovely! Besides their shop, you can also find Kehvola on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Oh! And now for the best part: Timo kindly offered a set of postcards to give away to one lucky postcrosser! For a chance to win it, check out Kehvola’s shop, and leave a comment below, telling us which design or designs were your favourites. We’ll randomly pick a winner by this time next week, and announce it on this post. Good luck! :)

And the winner of this giveaway, as chosen by Paulo’s random number generator is… LesCheris, from France! Congratulations, and thanks everyone for playing along! :)


Living in a touristic area can be a bit challenging. While postcards are easy enough to find, they’re usually über-touristy, featuring the beaches and little else. It gets boring after a while… which is why I was delighted to discover Rosa’s postcards on our way back from a trip to the market in Olhão. Turns out, her mom has a little store by the waterfront that showcases local art and products — including Rosa’s gorgeous postcards and art.

We thought it was time we had another post on our stationery makers’ series, and reached out to Rosa and ask her a few questions. Turns out, she’s been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil, and makes more than just postcards! :)

Joana Rosa Bragança
Could you introduce yourself briefly?

I’m Joana Rosa Bragança (but you can call me just Rosa!) and I’m an artist & illustrator based in Olhão, a fishing town in the Algarve region. I love living near the sea! Besides drawing and painting, I also like to spend my time photographing with film cameras, walking in nature, reading, sewing and trying cake recipes. I love mornings, cats, artisanal ice creams, fresh figs and old books.

What inspires you?

I get a lot of inspiration from the people I see, not only the people of my hometown, with their strong characters and looks, but also the foreigners who pass by, who are a lot these days. One of my favorite themes is the beach and bathers, and here I have plenty of “models” to observe! Still, not all my characters are inspired by real people, some of them happen to be really bizarre and come directly from my imagination. I also love to draw all sorts of animals and plants.

Joana Rosa Bragança
Are you a postcard or letter writer yourself?

I used to be, I even had pen friends when I was a teenager… then the internet appeared and made me forget it a little. Nevertheless, I love sending the orders of my online shop inside envelopes full of doodles and postage stamps. Postage stamps are awesome! My favorites are the ones with illustrations or photos of fauna and flora.

If you could define your style in 3 words, what would they be?

Dreamy, joyful, ironic.

And could you show us your workspace, the place where magic happens?
Joana Rosa Bragança Joana Rosa Bragança

Thank you so much, Rosa! You can check these and other postcards and art on her online shop. And if you know of other stationery makers we should check out, let us know in the comments!


To say I’m a big fan of stationery would be the understatement of the year. Things like labels, washi tape, rubber stamps, or stickers just make me go all starry-eyed, sighing in delight… I treasure (read: hoard) all the bits and pieces that can turn postcards into mini-works of art.

Sadly, living in a small town does present some challenges, like the lack of nice stationery shops in a radius of 200km… which is why I’ve recently fallen in love with subscription services! They’re a godsend for those of us in rural areas, as the goodies come to us, pre-selected and nicely wrapped. Bliss!

Enter Pipsticks, a monthly sticker subscription club, offering an eclectic mix of sourced and self-designed stickers in two flavours: kids or grown-ups.


The kids pack (above) features animals, monsters, robots and funny puns in all their sparkly and puffy glory, while the grown-up pack (below) is a little less exuberant and more versatile, but just as much fun.


I quite like how their selection has a bit of everything: backgrounds, cartoons, labels, a white postcard, and of course both tiny stickers and bigger pieces, all ready to bring a pop of excitement to any postcard or occasion. Some people might prefer to pick and choose what they buy… but I for one, am quite happy to be surprised and not overwhelmed with choice. Also, it’s nice to have a selection of different things available instead of 3–4 sheets of the same designs.


To help you bring your postcards to the next level, Pipsticks is offering one lucky postcrosser a “Studio Sticker box”, which is a box loaded with washi tape, blank postcards and stickers. Sounds amazing, right?! 😍

Pipsticks sticker box

For a chance to win all these goodies, leave a comment below letting us know one cool thing you’d like to see pictured in stickers more often! (Me? I’d vote for eggs. 🍳 The world needs more egg-citing stickers!)

Don’t forget to check out their website for more details on their fun subscriptions — or you can have a look at their Instagram for a peek of their previous and future packs.

As always, come back this time next week to find out which lucky postcrosser was chosen by Paulo’s random number generator!

And the winner is… terrimik! YAY! Thank you everyone for sharing your favourite sticker ideas — so interesting! :)


Remember the Typographic cards we enthusiastically gushed about last year? Harald is expanding his already fantastic set of 26 cards with a special new one, and launching it with a bang on Kickstarter! He explains it better:

So far, 127 backers from 20 different countries have pitched in, adding 4 extra “sticker-cards” to everyone’s pack… and I’m about to add Portugal to that list!

So join us if you can, and spread the word to your friends in other countries. We hope many people will choose to back the project, so that everyone can receive as many cards as possible! 😀