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The power of a postcard

From time to time we get requests to help many different causes by spreading the word about them. While we would like to help them all, that is not always possible. However, today one of our members brought to our attention something particularly touching and we had to share it with you all.

Here's a text about it that explains it much better than we can:

"I am a fifth grade teacher in London, Ohio, and one of my most sincere and joyous students, Reagyn, has a brain tumor. It is now in stage three, and her family is being forced to move to Virginia for a few months so she can receive proton radiation from one of the best doctors in the country. Reagyn remains optimistic and spreads positive energy everywhere she goes. She helps others and puts everyone before herself. In fact, last week she headed a school wide campaign to start saving pop tabs so that Ronald McDonald would visit Children's Hospital in Columbus. Needless to say, there are a few thousand pop tabs already. Recently, we had a conversation about what she collects, and she said nothing, well except for SillyBandz; but what fifth grader doesn't? Then I asked her what she has always wanted to collect but never got the opportunity. She told me she wished she could receive "postcards from all over the world." Let's make this happen!

This is where my favor comes into play. We are asking anybody and everybody to send a little note of support and/or telling her something about your location on a POSTCARD. My entire class and our wonderful secretaries are helping Reagyn fulfill this dream. Please, please pass this email on to everyone you know. It would make a huge difference in Reagyn's life. She received her first postcard today from London, England!

She now has her own website at Feel free to leave her a short blog of support on her website.

All postcards can be sent to London Elementary at:

Reagyn Semler
c/o London Elementary
380 Elm Street
London, Ohio 43140
United States of America

Thank you for your support!
Chad Reeser
5th grade teacher
London Elementary School"

I don't think there's a better match than cards from Postcrossers for someone who wishes to receive postcards from all over the world! Grab a postcard and send her a bold Happy Postcrossing! Tell her about you location and make her smile! That's it! As simple as a postcard.

Note: We want to underline that this is a request for postcards only. Please do not send any money - only postcards are being asked for. They also request for postcards to not be on envelopes so that it's easier for Reagyn to go through all of them.

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Posted by on 16 Oct, 2010
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116 comments so far

Rozlinda, Malaysia
I'll definitely send a postcard from Malaysia! Hope she likes it. =)
Posted by Rozlinda on 16 Oct, 2010

NIDUSKA, Finland
Posted by NIDUSKA on 16 Oct, 2010

timur_leng, Germany
This fantastic campaign MUST be supported! Card is written and ready to send :-)
Posted by timur_leng on 16 Oct, 2010

delenn_mir, Poland
Card to Reagyn is written already :)
Posted by delenn_mir on 16 Oct, 2010

Norway_girl, Norway
will for sure send a postcard
Posted by Norway_girl on 16 Oct, 2010

Peertje, Netherlands
Ofcourse I send one!
Posted by Peertje on 16 Oct, 2010

matsretep, Netherlands
We will send a card from Holland
Posted by matsretep on 16 Oct, 2010

redlynx, Russia
I hope she will like a card from Russia :)
Posted by redlynx on 16 Oct, 2010

Willi, Germany
FANTASTIC IDEA ! My card is written and I will sent out on monday.
Posted by Willi on 16 Oct, 2010

PDQCampbell, United States of America
I'm always happy to get involved in opportuities like this. I'm sending a card today!
Posted by PDQCampbell on 16 Oct, 2010

Maaike87, Netherlands
I'm writing a card for her just now!
Posted by Maaike87 on 16 Oct, 2010

Stephany, Netherlands
And another one from Holland is on his way. Great idea from a great teacher.
Posted by Stephany on 16 Oct, 2010

anagahan, Macedonia
Ill send her a card too! thanks for bringing this up!
Posted by anagahan on 16 Oct, 2010

zhaoqianying, China
My postcard is ready.:)
Posted by zhaoqianying on 16 Oct, 2010

amapola11, Spain
Postcard sent from Barcelona, Spain. :)
Posted by amapola11 on 16 Oct, 2010

Susvet, Belarus
Postcard for it is already written. Tell everyone about this wonderful girl. I hope she will like postcards.
Posted by Susvet on 16 Oct, 2010

9teen87, United States of America
mine is going out today.
Posted by 9teen87 on 16 Oct, 2010

abookaday, United States of America
It's in the mail now
Posted by abookaday on 16 Oct, 2010

Pebbles84, Netherlands
I'm going to send one too :)
Posted by Pebbles84 on 16 Oct, 2010

CaramelPorcupine, United Kingdom
Fantastic. I will make a post about this on my own blog, as well. :)
Posted by CaramelPorcupine on 16 Oct, 2010

Olechka13, Russia
I'll send a postcard from Novosibirsk :)
Posted by Olechka13 on 16 Oct, 2010

ASALIM, Brazil
There's no need to ask it twice...I'm picking a card for Reagyn right now. And I must say... Don't you agree that teachers can make it happen? Ms. Reeser you make me proud of being a teacher!
Posted by ASALIM on 16 Oct, 2010

SolitariaVita, Russia
I'll send a postcard..)
Posted by SolitariaVita on 16 Oct, 2010

moonlessnite, Canada
You are most definatley correct about the effect of a surprise and positive message...double goes if it is on a postcard...something magical...and this is a misty, magicla time of year (nearly Halloween) come on gang lets sock it to Reagyn with loving, positive postcard magic.
Posted by moonlessnite on 16 Oct, 2010

pinattina, Turkey
A postcard from Turkey will start travelling shortly :)
Posted by pinattina on 16 Oct, 2010

fire_maggie, United States of America
My card goes in the mail today. I hope she likes it!
Posted by fire_maggie on 16 Oct, 2010

grayowl, Canada
Sending one off today
Posted by grayowl on 16 Oct, 2010

CvtV, Netherlands
What a lovely idea! I will also send a card, from the Netherlands.
Posted by CvtV on 16 Oct, 2010

KanneKerstin, Germany
I will send her one too! I picked a fairy tale theme:
Little Red Riding Hood. I hope she will like it!! Poor Girl.
Posted by KanneKerstin on 16 Oct, 2010

janitalima, Portugal
Me and my class wil send her a lot of beautiful postcards from Portugal...

Hope she'll enjoy them...
Posted by janitalima on 16 Oct, 2010

Faruk1959, United States of America
Postcard from Chicago for sure!
Posted by Faruk1959 on 16 Oct, 2010

phuleshouse, Canada
I will send her one with my support
Posted by phuleshouse on 16 Oct, 2010

Maria_dos_postais, Portugal
And a card from Portugal will be on its way!
Posted by Maria_dos_postais on 17 Oct, 2010

Mama-Bear, United States of America
This girl is going to be smiling from ear to ear! Nothing like a good old fashioned card shower!
Posted by Mama-Bear on 17 Oct, 2010

ericdeng, Taiwan
OOPS! I will send one, too.
Posted by ericdeng on 17 Oct, 2010

PA9, Germany
Send a postcard, too!
Posted by PA9 on 17 Oct, 2010

Sundreamer, Lithuania
A posctard from Lithuania tomorrow is flying to Reagyn! What a wonderful project!
Posted by Sundreamer on 17 Oct, 2010

rach2705, United Kingdom
We've written one too. Great idea
Posted by rach2705 on 17 Oct, 2010

BubbleGum, Slovenia
Postcard from Slovenia comming on it's way! :)
Posted by BubbleGum on 17 Oct, 2010

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Thanks for letting us know about this, of course I'll send a postcard :-D
Posted by lucymonty on 17 Oct, 2010

Norfolkadam, United Kingdom
Aw super, I'll send my favourite postcard of London, UK that I've been saving for a special occasion.
Posted by Norfolkadam on 17 Oct, 2010

jolly_postcards, Russia
I'm sending her a Russian fairy tale illustration! Magic carpet, to believe in wonders:))
Posted by jolly_postcards on 17 Oct, 2010

LoZsjako, Netherlands
I have posted a card it is on its way.
Posted by LoZsjako on 17 Oct, 2010

anitawang, Taiwan
My postcard is on its way:)
Posted by anitawang on 17 Oct, 2010

moonchild13, Germany
Such a great idea! My postcard is on its way...
Posted by moonchild13 on 17 Oct, 2010

Corydoras, Austria
a postcard from Austria from a fellow teacher is on the way :)
Posted by Corydoras on 17 Oct, 2010

gabis, Germany
Thanks for sharing it! My card is written and will go out tomorrow morning.
Posted by gabis on 17 Oct, 2010

FemkeDorien, Netherlands
Posted by FemkeDorien on 17 Oct, 2010

Gillipeg, United Kingdom
A postcard from England will be on its way tomorrow
Posted by Gillipeg on 17 Oct, 2010

mowalker, United States of America
card from st louis will be mailed on Monday
Posted by mowalker on 17 Oct, 2010

Paolin, Ecuador
A postcard from Ecuador will be on its way tomorrow :)
Posted by Paolin on 17 Oct, 2010

DIM1, Russia
Great idea! Reagyn will have a lot of friends from all around the world! My card from the Far East of Russia starts on a journey.
Posted by DIM1 on 18 Oct, 2010

rino_k, Japan
I will send a postcard too.
Posted by rino_k on 18 Oct, 2010

Amovitam, United States of America
The postcard is written and stamped. I hope Reagyn will like it!
Posted by Amovitam on 18 Oct, 2010

phisseraph, Taiwan
My postcard with Taiwanese greetings has been on its way!
Posted by phisseraph on 18 Oct, 2010

DianaWood, United States of America
I am a Special Education Teacher's assistant. This is exactly why this is my profession. A card from California is on it's way. Thank you Paolo, for passing this on.
Posted by DianaWood on 18 Oct, 2010

palespectre, Philippines
will send her a postcard from the Philippines! :)
Posted by palespectre on 18 Oct, 2010

mooseonthetable, United Kingdom
One more from the UK on it's way :)
Posted by mooseonthetable on 18 Oct, 2010

Fernando_and_Susana, Portugal
One more from Portugal on it's way :)
A big smile to you!
Posted by Fernando_and_Susana on 18 Oct, 2010

Annabella13, Finland
Postcard from Finland is coming :)
Posted by Annabella13 on 18 Oct, 2010

honeybee, Austria
Another postcard from Austria will be sent :)
Posted by honeybee on 18 Oct, 2010

scrutiny, Hong Kong
Count Hong Kong in, too :) Thanks for posting this! :)
Posted by scrutiny on 18 Oct, 2010

Luziaceleste, Brazil
my card in on its way to share power and hope!
Posted by Luziaceleste on 18 Oct, 2010

glaesmann, Germany
Done :o)
Posted by glaesmann on 18 Oct, 2010

13_february, Russia
I sent. =)
Posted by 13_february on 18 Oct, 2010

NJW, United Kingdom
One from me too :)
Posted by NJW on 18 Oct, 2010

hakolb, United States of America
I'm in the USA but I will still send to her, and also share this on my blog!
Posted by hakolb on 18 Oct, 2010

Twanda, United States of America
Our thoughts and prayers are for you, Reagyn. We would be honored to send you a postcard, and wish you and your family all the best. Stay strong dear. Sincerely, Twanda (Florida)
Posted by Twanda on 18 Oct, 2010

decowoman, Germany
a card from germany on its way....
Posted by decowoman on 19 Oct, 2010

rousita, Mexico
I confirm once again why I love Postcrossing and the spirit all postcrossers share... It's not only about writing something on a card, it's about connecting as human beings and what a wonderful opportunity to send good energy to Reagyn. I love this, thank you Paolo for sharing this and a card from Mexico is on its way!! Big hug to all the postcrossing family!
Posted by rousita on 19 Oct, 2010

jkbear, Hong Kong
another postcard from Hong Kong is on its way:D
Posted by jkbear on 19 Oct, 2010

ina_d, Romania
a postcard from Romania it's on its way. best wishes!
Posted by ina_d on 19 Oct, 2010

sassefrass, Netherlands
Just wrote the card and it's going to be send tomorrow!
Posted by sassefrass on 19 Oct, 2010

juytters2, Belgium
I have just written my card and it will leave tomorrow!
Posted by juytters2 on 19 Oct, 2010

Kattys, Czech Republic
A postcard from Czech Republic too...
Posted by Kattys on 19 Oct, 2010

scrapbookartist, Canada
Sending a postcard or two from Canada.
Posted by scrapbookartist on 20 Oct, 2010

yourfriendmary, United States of America
Yes, one or more are on their way from Wisconsin!
Posted by yourfriendmary on 20 Oct, 2010

rocknbead, Israel
Sending a card from Colorado!
Posted by rocknbead on 20 Oct, 2010

Em_Becs, New Zealand
Will be in the mail first thing 2moro for Reagyn from New Zealand :-)
Posted by Em_Becs on 20 Oct, 2010

Dagnefur, France
I've sent one from St-Petersburg, Russia. Best wishes to Reagyn!
Posted by Dagnefur on 20 Oct, 2010

Hotaru, Norway
one from Italy on the way to UK^^
Posted by Hotaru on 20 Oct, 2010

Hotaru, Norway
sorry, I meant US!!
Posted by Hotaru on 20 Oct, 2010

libra25, Taiwan
Postcard from Taiwan is coming :)
Posted by libra25 on 20 Oct, 2010

Oi, Netherlands
This is also very sad:

But a great project! These children all have a very serious illness and most of them will die sooner than their parents want :(
Posted by Oi on 20 Oct, 2010

Spanishliz, Canada
Card from Canada ready to post to Reagyn.
Posted by Spanishliz on 20 Oct, 2010

joanb24, Canada
An "Anne of Green Gables" postcard was sent to Reagyn on October 20, 2010. I hope she enjoys receiving it.
Posted by joanb24 on 21 Oct, 2010

sherri57jones, United States of America
One from IDAHO is on the way....God Bless Reagyn! :)
Posted by sherri57jones on 22 Oct, 2010

kleinemoek, Netherlands
I hope my Ladybug card will be there soon.
Posted by kleinemoek on 22 Oct, 2010

JulieMary, Canada
A Venezuelan postcard is on its way. :D
Posted by JulieMary on 22 Oct, 2010

Taruza, Finland
Another card from Finland will be mailed on Monday! :)
Posted by Taruza on 22 Oct, 2010

ipuenktchen, Iran
I saw this posting today and my card is written!
and the posting is forwarded to some others.
Posted by ipuenktchen on 23 Oct, 2010

CamJP, Australia
One on its way from Australia! Good luck and thanks for the blog post! :)
Posted by CamJP on 24 Oct, 2010

Nata_Oleg, Ukraine
I send card from Ukraine
Posted by Nata_Oleg on 24 Oct, 2010

ivana26, Czech Republic
I send card from Czech Republic
Posted by ivana26 on 24 Oct, 2010

SonjaIceland, Germany
A card from Iceland is on the way!
Posted by SonjaIceland on 24 Oct, 2010

victorianerababe, United States of America
A postcard from Los Angeles was sent. I hope it will help in some small way to bring a smile to Reagyn's face. God Bless Reagyn.

Posted by victorianerababe on 24 Oct, 2010

Briarcliff, United States of America
A postcard of Washington's Mt.St.Helens volcano will be in the mail tomorrow.
Posted by Briarcliff on 25 Oct, 2010

melaniaf, United States of America
a postcard from Pennsylvania is on its way!
Posted by melaniaf on 25 Oct, 2010

katilaik, Estonia
A card from Tartu, Estonia is on the way!
Posted by katilaik on 25 Oct, 2010

estromberg, United States of America
A special Halloween postcard on the way :)

PS- That's Betty Grable. She was a huge movie star in the 1940's.

Stay Sweet, E
Posted by estromberg on 26 Oct, 2010

nunnubella, Estonia
A postcard from Tallinn, Estonia, is on the way!
Posted by nunnubella on 26 Oct, 2010

saffron55, Canada
a card from Canada is ready to be mailed..
Posted by saffron55 on 26 Oct, 2010

SimplyMe, Singapore
sent one from singapore. :)
Posted by SimplyMe on 27 Oct, 2010

Tiiayaah, Brazil
My card is on the way, I'm sending from Brazil
Posted by Tiiayaah on 27 Oct, 2010

Seou, United Kingdom
One on its way from England ! =D
Posted by Seou on 28 Oct, 2010

Maismatilda, Canada
my card soon coming from Finland!! thinking of Reagyn...
Posted by Maismatilda on 29 Oct, 2010

SarahF, Germany
First thing tomorrow is heading downtown and picking a postcard that will soon be on it's mission to send a smile from Germany. :)
Posted by SarahF on 29 Oct, 2010

janabell, Canada
I am happy to send Reagyn a postcard - thanks for asking :-)
Posted by janabell on 31 Oct, 2010

cvankreel, Greece
A card full of sunshine is coming from Greece!
Posted by cvankreel on 31 Oct, 2010

kbrinu, Brazil
A postcard from Brazil is coming soon xD
Posted by kbrinu on 31 Oct, 2010

letterparade, United States of America
I've got one showing world renowned landmarks in Southern California in fun illustration, I hope she'll like this!
Posted by letterparade on 1 Nov, 2010

Crizle, Australia
Posting today. A wonderful idea. I am a cancer survivor and the almost 200 pink cards postcrossers sent when I was ill bought many many smiles and alot of hope. Get well soon Reagyn.
Posted by Crizle on 4 Nov, 2010

Boerdefloh, Germany
Post card from germany is coming. Best wishes to you, for this wonderful idea!
Posted by Boerdefloh on 4 Nov, 2010

TotallyClone, Canada
This is amazing I'm going to send one! :D
Posted by TotallyClone on 10 Nov, 2010

shiauchin, Malaysia
I'll send you a postcard too. Get well soon.
Posted by shiauchin on 24 Nov, 2010

icdamoon, United States of America
I work in an Elementary School in NM and we will be sending her a post card from each 5th grade student in one of our classes. It is a great classroom project!
Posted by icdamoon on 2 Dec, 2010

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