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Languages: English, Macedonian, Serbian/Croatian, German, Spanish
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About Ana...

PLEASE if possible don't send cards from countries other than your original ID (when you're on holidays or the cards you brought back with you from your holidays).

*private swaps- do have in mind that I am not able to respond immediately, and I do not appreciate the generic kind of messages :)

***my blogs on postcards and stamps: ; ***

* more about me here *

Hello all :)

I prefer single-view cards, written and stamped.

As for some particular wishes, in case u wonder what to send:

- show me where you live; your city, your area, your neighbourhood, your country

- if there are lighthouses in your country, share some with me and add something new to my collection:

- a train or a railway! Trains are a passion I've inherited from my father, so my heart gets an extra beat when I find a new train card in my mailbox :) You can see my collection so far here, I am very proud of it :)

I love travelling by train and one of my dreams is to take a ride on the Trans-Siberian railway one day :)

- I would also love to see some of your cemeteries and memorial centres, churches and monasteries, street/wall art, volcanoes, beaches, traditional clothes/food/recipes/events, local markets, animals or plants specific for your country or region,

I love cards with Absolut Vodka, bicycles, abandoned cities, Sarah Kay, Oscar Wilde, Haruki Murakami, tennis courts, cards with Rafael Nadal, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, A-HA, Placebo, Kimi Raikkonen, Formula 1 circuits (I have Interlagos, Singapore, Imola, Monza, А1 and Spa)

or maybe you have something regarding the following:
* The Big Bang Theory!!!
* Alphonse Mucha!
* Dewey, the library cat
* Photography/art by Frank Uyttenhove, Joan Gamell Farre, Koen Demuynck, Vladimir Kush, Marius Jovaisa, Al Magnus, M.C. Escher,Anne-Julie, Solveig Muren Sanden, Erik Johansson, Pawel Kuczynski,Francesco Bongiorni
* Grafiti by Banksy
* Illustrations by Boris Artzybasheff
* LGP postcards series
* Nordic Mythology
* characters from the old USSR, Polish or Czechoslovakian cartoons

my favourites :)

I also collect mint FDCs and whole set covers :)

when writing your card, tell me more than just Happy Postcrossing, share something about yourself or your country, a concert you've been to, a book you've read, a place you have visited, something interesting you've eaten, whatever comes to your mind :)

I am NOT really a fan of Kaj Stenvall, Moomin, Hello Kitty, Anne Geddes, Miffy, Bunny Suicides, Diddl, Jetoy, Disney, Harrie Potter, Anime/Manga or Twilight, so save these for someone who would really appreciate them :)

please, don't send me ad/free/self-printed cards, Christmas/Easter/folded cards or cards which are obscene/vulgar/showing nudity or in any kind offending a race/religion/belief.

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