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8th on most postcards sent from Mexico
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About Rose...

=::= Hi there! Please be patient!! Mexican postal service is not very fast. If your card takes a long time to get here, it is normal. I DO register EVERY card I get... Thank you! =::=

Hi there! I am Rose, a mexican woman, I am a postcard and letter enthusiast since I was a teenager.

I am eager to exchange postcards/letters with other people around the world. I like:
- fun pictures (like funny pets, doing funny things)
- a pretty landscape, a special landmark in your city/country
- whales, dolphins, turtles, the ocean
- vintage or antique looking cards
- castles
- waterfalls
- black and white pictures
- museums
- folk dresses
- quirky, original, creative, different cards (but apt to be seen by my nephews!).
- suicide bunnies (dark or black sense of humor!)
- Please: no ad cards!

Please write down a message on the postcards you send and if it is not too much trouble, can you send it in an envelope? Thank you! I will love to know about you and your country! And can you please share your favorite quote with me?

Let's learn from each other's countries, folklore and ideas!
I travel because of work (consultant, speaker, some administrative work for a non-profit organization) and also because I love looking at new places. I am also part of and have enjoyed hosting people from all over the world in my house.

I believe this type of projects bring people together and help create a better world... Thank you in advance for all your postcards!! ;D

Check out this video with beautiful images from Mexico:

This is the map that shows where I have been!! I hope to visit more countries!

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