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Postcrossing Spotlight: Lucy156 from the UK!

We met Lucy (aka Lucy156) a couple of years ago in Oxford, and we were immediately struck by her cheerfulness and sense of humor! Plus, she informed us which magazine had free Doctor Who postcards... we were instant friends! :) Here's her interview:

Sending postcards at the London Meetup 2014
How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

I discovered Postcrossing in June 2006, quite by accident! I was searching for new penpals to exchange letters and postcards with and found this site! I immediately liked the idea of sending postcards to many different people across the world, from different cultures, to share views of where I live and have visited but also to learn more about where they live and places that they have visited.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

My other interests, besides Postcrossing of course, are penpalling, listening to a wide range of music from classical to jazz and blues to rock, watching various drama and sci-fi programmes, going to the cinema and taking weekends away with my partner Mark in out red VW campervan called Babs.

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

My local post office and post box is just a short trip into town for me. The staff at the office know me well and always save a sheet of new stamps when they are issued for me to collect, which makes me very happy!

My mailbox is in the communal area in the block of apartments where I live... my postman enjoy seeing all the different kinds of cards I get and has admitted to looking through them before dropping them into my box!

Lucy at the post office

I file all my received cards into boxes by country, which I really enjoy organising. My available cards are also sorted into boxes by theme so that I can easily find them! PC Interview   boxes of postcards

What is it your favorite part of the Postcrossing process?

I love being surprised when I open my mail box to find a new postcard in there and getting online to register it and find out more about the area where the card has come from or discover more about the theme that it relates to! I enjoy updating my flickr page with received postcards and ones that I have ready to send...I like to try and find a special one for each person that I get details of and enjoy taking the time to do this. I have a Blogger page too which is fun to keep, when I find time between sending postcards and penpal letters!

I also enjoy taking part in the Round Robins and tags on the forum, where I get to meet so many more people and get lots of great postcards on the themes I enjoy!

Have you been surprised by any place that you have received a postcard from or sent a postcard to?

One of my earliest postcards was from Nicaragua, which I am sorry to say I did not know where it was at the time when I received it! At least my knowledge of geography has hopefully improved with the help from Postcrossing!

Have you met any other members in real life?

I have been luckily enough to attend 2 International Postcrossing Meetup's in Oxford in 2013 and London in 2014! I met Ana and Paulo, founders of Postcrossing, who are two of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met along with many others who attended from across the UK, Europe and beyond! Oxford 2013 Meetup  Group Oxford 2013 Meetup  Ana & Paulo

Is there anything that you are passionate about?

I love watching Strictly Come Dancing, having been a ballroom and latin american dancer prior to an accident in 2011 which resulted in partial paralysis. I have been lucky enough to dance with one of the professionals on the UK show, Anton du Beke. I enjoy exploring the UK and Europe either as a driving holiday or on a cruise ship, particularly to places with history, museums, galleries and places which has unusual features to photography!

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Making Mail: a documentary

Making Mail, the movie about mail art that was started by a Kickstarted campaign last year, has just been released and you can watch it online! It's one hour long, and filled with mailart loveliness and inspiration.

Don't you feel like grabbing your crafty supplies and some old magazines to dress up that plain envelope? Go for it! :)

Posted by on 4 Dec, 2014
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Postcrossing & Deutsche Post: Postcards for a good cause!

Once again, Postcrossing is dressing up for the holidays, and in the spirit of the season, we're partnering up once more with Deutsche Post to make your postcards work for a good cause! Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we're proud to announce that...

For every postcard sent from Germany through Postcrossing during the month of December, Deutsche Post will make a donation of €0.10 to the non-profit organization Stiftung Lesen (Reading Foundation).

Doesn't that sound nice? If you're in Germany, all you have to do is keep sending postcards! If your December postcards are registered before the end of February 2015, you'll be contributing to this cause.

And though only postcards sent from Germany count, there's always a receiver in every postcard exchange - so each time a card from Germany is registered, the recipient will be indirectly contributing to this donation as well!

To make things even more interesting, there will also be some nice prizes for the participants:

The winners will be picked up by Paulo's random number generator in early March 2015, when we will also announce the value raised by the German postcrossers to Stiftung Lesen here on the blog. Last year, a very impressive total of 7845 euros were raised... can we do the same this year?

Stiftung Lesen

Stiftung Lesen is a German non-profit organization, working to increase literacy - especially among children and adolescents. They promote reading through several different activities, such as the "My first letter" contest.


So... what are you waiting for? If you're in Germany, grab a pen and your stack of postcards and stamps, and start writing! The more cards you send, the more you'll contribute to this cause - and the more chances you'll have of winning a nice prize! :)

PS - As always, we respect your private information and will not share it with any company without your express permission. The full details of this campaign can be read here (German only).

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Letters to Santa!

I still remember sending my first letter to Santa. I was in kindergarten and hadn't learnt how to write yet... so I decided to draw my wishlist instead! And, lo and behold, Santa did reply a few weeks later, letting me know he had gotten my letter and would see what he could do about it — I was beyond myself with excitement! :)

I stopped writing letters to Santa some time ago, but remained quite fond of these traditions that make holidays special. So today I wanted to pass along the links to Christmas Post Offices around the world, which many of you have been sharing with us on our Facebook page.

Letters to Santa

So far, we've heard of special services in:

Pass them on to parents of small children — or help the little ones write/draw their own letter to Santa!

If your country has a special service for the holidays which isn't featured here, just post the link in the comments and we'll add it.

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Meet Postwoman Deb!

Since Postman Pieter's post last month was so popular, we've decided to officially open the blog to more postal workers. We want to know about the trustworthy men and women who sort and deliver your mail! What is it like for them, to work for the post office? How different is the job these days? And do they enjoy postcards as much as we do?

Deb (aka iphoto) from Australia asked all of these questions to her postwoman — who is also called Deb! :) Postwoman Deb

Postwoman Deb has worked for Australia Post for 32 years. She has been sorting the mail at the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre for the past 4 and before that Deb was a "postie" (delivering mail on a push-bike and walking with a backpack), a night sorter, a retail shop counter officer and a delivery centre admin. She and our Deb (iphoto) share many morning smiles while going over the quips and quotes on the many treasured postcards that go "down under"!

How has your job changed since you first started? Did it get easier, or just different, and in what ways?

When I first started with Australia Post all mail procedures were a lot more manual, there were very few female posties and many more people were still sending letters and postcards. Things are more automated now with most people emailing each other instead.

What do you think about all the postcards the Deb (iphoto) receives?

When I first noticed that Deb (iphoto) was receiving frequent amounts of postcards I actually confirmed with her that it was ok for me to read them... they often bring a smile to my day and I find them interesting and insightful!

Postwoman Deb
Do you ever receive snail mail/ postcards yourself?

When Deb (iphoto) and her treasure Wayne travel they send me a postcard for my office wall. Occasionally when friends travel overseas, I find a joyful account of their travels in my letterbox at home when I get home from work — always a pleasant surprise!

Do you enjoy looking at the postcards that you sort each day?

YES! Postcards have always provided an insight into other countries with their scenic snapshots & candid descriptions from travelers. Postcrossing postcards are a little different in that the sender actually lives in the country of origin, so they give a first-hand report of life in their country.

Postwoman Deb
What are some of the funnier things people complain to you about problems with the mail service?

Over the three decades I've worked for Australia Post I've heard all manner of complaints and compliments...

As a postie, the most common catch cry from customers was " I don't want it if it's got a window" (here in Australia, envelopes with "windows" are probably bills) usually followed by a chuckle!

And when I worked in administration at a delivery centre we often received phone calls from customers complaining that their postie was riding across their lawn (on the council nature strip) and they'd like them to get off their motorbikes and walk to the letter boxes. Most posties were delivering to over 1,000 letterboxes, on their designated runs, so getting on and off their motorbikes was an unreasonable and impractical request!

However I would like you to know the majority are grateful for the service and as a postie in particular I would return from my daily delivery rounds at Christmas with gifts of gratitude which included chocolates, wine and many home made delights :D

That you Deb & Deb, that was really nice!

Do you know a postal worked who deserves to be featured on the blog? Send us a message and we'll send you a list of questions for you to use! :)

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