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dollart, Finland
dollart said:
posted over 11 years ago
Ich will!
MichelleW, United States of America
MichelleW Postcrossing Supporter said:
posted over 10 years ago
Classic card and one of my favorite Coca Cola campaigns. Love this!
vyl87, United States of America
vyl87 said:
posted over 10 years ago
a-b-c, United Kingdom
a-b-c said:
posted over 10 years ago
GREAT CARD, shame member not partaking in the postcrossing membership club, i would sooooooooooooooooooooooooo love to swap card for this one, anyone out there with same card ,for swap? GILLY
shawxx, China
shawxx said:
posted over 10 years ago
NocturnalVeil, Sweden
posted over 10 years ago
Always coca cola XD I like this card and I love coca cola!
Lastivka, Russia
Lastivka said:
posted over 10 years ago
yea, nice postcard)
kikkatuu, Finland
kikkatuu said:
posted over 9 years ago
Oh, how lovely! I'd like to have this card.
gilamonster2000, Germany
posted over 7 years ago
DE-1, great!
jinasensei, United States of America
jinasensei said:
posted over 5 years ago
graugans, Germany
graugans said:
posted over 4 years ago
"Fave" to save :)
gabrieltozarin, Portugal
posted over 4 years ago
first card :) sent to postcrossing founder
L_uis, Germany
L_uis said:
posted over 2 years ago
coca cola simpli clever
Darcey1, South Africa
Darcey1 said:
posted over 1 year ago
Nice card
flowerdogs, United States of America
flowerdogs said:
posted 10 months ago
Nice!!! What a great first card from DE :)
Gen24, United States of America
Gen24 said:
posted 9 months ago
This is actually really pretty and the art is stunning me right now. :)
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