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Submissions are now open on the World Postcard Day design contest that we’re running together with our friends at Finepaper, and interested designers can upload their designs! So, if you’re artistically inclined, it’s time to come up with ideas that represent this year’s theme “Across the world on a postcard”, and submit them on the contest page. I’m sure postcrossers know better than anyone the feeling of traveling to another place through a postcard… so it should be an easy task to represent this idea trough an image, right? 😇

And let’s talk prizes! Although only one postcard will be the official postcard of this year’s World Postcard Day, the best three designs will all receive prizes:

World Postcard Day prizes: Wacom Tablets and Pantone products

Each winner will be awarded a bluetooth Wacom drawing tablet, plus some neat Pantone products as well! These Pantone goodies were kindly sponsored by Tecnimprensa (the company that represents Pantone in Portugal), and I’m sure they’ll come in handy.

You have until the end of July 15th (UTC) to submit your proposals digitally, and the winners will be announced in mid-August, which should then give everyone plenty of time to download and print the official postcard locally, like last year.

Even if you’re not very artistically inclined, make sure to spread the word about the contest to any talented friends. We are super curious about this year’s designs, and can’t wait to see which postcard will be the official World Postcard Day postcard of 2021! 🎉

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ned44440, Ireland

Wonderful competition. Good luck to everybody. Looking forward to seeing some wonderful designs and of course, most importantly, using the winner when the time comes.

Lies76, Belgium

a 'peace-dove' delivering mail all around the world ❤ because postcrossing is bringing people together, sending out love, friendship, compassion, is about caring & sharing, getting to know another and seeing the beauty in the world. (but I can't draw it. so anyone feel free to do it in my place 😉 )

greenskull, Russia

I ❤❤❤ Postcrossing!

emoffdayz, United States of America

Postcrossing ! Is addictive when you send postcards around the world and get smile and see how awesome it exciting!! Yay I ♡♡♡♡♡ postcrossing! Good luck with everyone to create awesome designs looking forward to see woooo :)

Flippie, Canada

Good Luck everyone!

gRapEsAndLemons, United States of America

im going to try, but i dont have professional materials. I just use cardstock and my ideas with different paint stickers, colored paper. ok any help for me to make mine extra special thank you and yeah!!!!

Sandristica, Spain

I'm looking forward to seeing the winning postcard.

DJGaskin, United States of America

This looks like a really fun contest, with possible exception to copyright and attribution issues. I can accept their stipulation that an artist must give up copyright/fair use if our postcard is chosen, but I'm hoping the plan is to at least credit the artist on any promotional materials, postcard printings, etc., so that we would at least somehow retain a sense of ownership of our original art and so that people viewing the winning art will know who the winning artist is. If we are expected to give up all attribution rights, that seems to diminish the motivation for many of us. Basically, it would mean we've lost all connection to our own original art. I hope this is not the case.

paulo, Portugal

@DJGaskin: The author of the postcard will certainly be credited on the back side of the postcard as its original author and will be announced as the designer of the official postcard for the World Postcard Day 2021 — just like we did last year:

Last year's contest page showed (until very recently) the names of the authors of all the best designs. Last year's edition was only for Portuguese students, so the contest page was in Portuguese which is why we didn't highlight it much here.

You can still see last year's winner design where the author's name is mentioned on the writing side of the postcard:

MissJulia, Indonesia

I'm so excited and really want to join this competition 😆🎨👍🏻

Secretarygirl, United States of America

This is so exciting!! I'm already thinking of what to submit.

beesknees, United States of America

Cant wait to see the submissions

DJGaskin, United States of America

@paulo, thank you for the clarifications. I'm new to Postcrossing since last contest.

RainWang, China

I hope there have some from China.

SweetYankeeTea, United States of America

I am a mixed media artist, would I be able to use those items ( think parts of labels/ads/etc)

MeisterAlice, United States of America

Are we allowed to enter more than 1 design?

MythOwney, United States of America

Do we get to see any before mid-August and/or vote?

ChevyColoradoGirl, United States of America

is it mid-August yet!?!?! I am so excited to see the winning design(s)!