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February is a busy month in the mail calendar, and we can’t wait for it to start! Are you ready?

Letter Month

We love a good mail challenge around here, and since February is the Month of Letters, it is time to dust off all that special stationery and put pen to paper! It’s the perfect opportunity for reconnecting with family and friends in these socially-distanced times, sending a Valentine card to your special someone, saying thank you to the helpful people in your life… or simply surprising strangers across the world with postcards! 😉

The rules of the Month of Letters challenge are simple:

  • Mail at least one item through the post every day it runs. Write a postcard, a letter, send a picture or a cutting from a newspaper… anything goes!
  • Write back to everyone who writes to you. This can count as one of your mailed items.

That’s it! The challenge started back in 2012, after American writer Mary Robinette Kowal decided it was time for a break from the internet. She spent a month offline, and asked her friends to communicate with her through letters. The results were relaxing and intimate, so she decided to invite others to join, sparking a yearly flurry of correspondence.
If you’re planning to join this year, you’re welcome to share your progress with us on this forum topic.

Mail Carrier Appreciation Day

Another happy mail-related event coming up is Mail Carrier Appreciation Day, which happens every year on February 4th. This is the day to celebrate our trusty mail carriers, who make it possible for this hobby to exist by delivering all our postcards!

The date falls on a Thursday this year, so make sure to prepare something nice for your mail carrier and give them a smile — for instance, pour your gratitude into a thank you note that you’ll deliver (or affix to your mailbox) for them to discover on their rounds. I’m sure it’ll be the highlight of their day week!

If you can, take a photo of what you did to celebrate this special day, and share a link to it in the comments! 😊

25 comments so far

kaila123, United States of America

I love this!!! I was a mail carrier for over 20 years so know that they are ignored by alot of people.

greenskull, Russia

I ❤❤❤ Postcrossing!

SuziH, Canada

I do not have a mail carrier at this time because my mailbox is in a post office so I am guessing a number of workers "deliver" to my mail box.
On February 4th I will be sure to tape a "thank you" postcard of appreciation to them/

chasingkites, Russia

I wish we lived without messages on Internet. Just handwritten notes, you know. Letters always warm my heart.

Nique, Canada

Come on February!
It is going to be so! much FuN!!!!

emotis, United States of America

This is year #4 for me with LetterMo! It's such fun! There's a Facebook group too. :)

Cathygg, United States of America

I was a letter carrier for 15 years ! Now when I see my letter carrier I give him a hot chocolate to keep him warm in these winter months! I am going to have to figure out something else to give him on February4th!

Ira14, Russia

I hope that everything is fine with my postman because I have not received postcards for two months !!!
Probably soon I'll go to the post office to deal with this.

Talal90Ahmed, Iraq


LavenderL, United States of America

This sure would be a fun challenge to do!!

Flippie, Canada

Time is flying, it's already February soon. I'm ready, can't wait to start sending mail and make my mail man Happy!

Toma2020, Canada

I'm planning to give our mail carrier a gift card for "Tim Hortons" as my application for great job and bringing me around 100 postcards for last 2 months. :-)

Iguanna, Russia

February is full of surprises:)

sangaria88, United States of America

I have written thank you notes to my mail carrier, Post Master General and everyone that I know that is affiliated with the Post Office. I sincerely appreciate them!

teamug, Germany

I have gotten some of my dearest penpals through this round. Will difinitely write a letter each day.

And I tell my postman and sometimes postwoman quite often how much I appreciate their work!!!
In our area they bring the mail by bike in any weather.

pinklilypad, United Kingdom

I wish I could send a lot of postcards and letters, but right now the prices are way too high! £1.70 for 1 postcard is just too much :(

Fluidity, United States of America

Mailed 2 items today, one was a letter in response to another letter !!!

Geeve, Australia

We are in lockdown in Perth,WA, so I am a bit worried about possible contagion. Is it still ok to send and receive postcards overseas? I am waiting to send another stack. Our postie enjoys my unusual cards and says it brightens his delivery round.

dougmv214, United States of America

All the employees at the Post Office are heroes, but especially the city carriers and rural carriers at the United States Postal Service and postal carriers around the world. I am leaving another gift with a card on Thursday in the mailbox for the great lady carrier. Most do not know about this day. Thank you for your service.

alexina, Germany

Yeah - I left a little nice decorated paperbag with a gift and a thank you note at my mailbox today for the mail-carrier. He rang the door-bell and as I am in HomeOffice today he reached me. He was so surprised and pleased by receiving this little gift. He didn't know about that special day, but now he knows ;-).
And now he knows my face and the person he has something to carry to almost every day. Normally I am at work and in a house with more families also receiving mail is more anonymous. But I think he now doesn't wonder anymore about the woman receiving so many cards.
Thanks for reminding us of that great day!

Chaos-Drea, Germany

Today I gave a little present (chocolate) with a postcard to my mailcarrier. She didn´t know this special day. She was surprised and thanked me with a smile. That´s a great thing!

Demmi, Romania

Happy Mail Carrier Day! Thank you for your service!

adriennefriend, United States of America

We were lucky and got to see our mail carrier smile as she opened the mailbox and discovered what I had left for her. A small paper gift bag with a box of tea and two sealed chocolate chip bars. A big envelope with mail-themed postcards and a letter thanking her for her work. And, since COVID is still really bad in the US, I left a big, unused of course container of Lysol wipes. She was really happy about that! She works very hard, I hope she feels appreciated today!

Nique, Canada

So much happiness each one of you made happen today!!

Nique, Canada

I woke up early to blow up and fill our mailbox with many many balloons, along with a THANK YOU postcard courtesy of @judohelen and her Fun Friday Lottery last month!
Later in the day I arrived home from work to find all the balloons gone replaced by a lovely note that read, "You made me laugh and smile!"


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