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Last week, stampraider emailed us with a couple of tips about some postcard-themed Kickstarter projects. We’re big fans of Kickstarter (and postcards, obviously), so we thought we should share these two projects with you!

First up, Wise Words – Inspiration through design by Michael, Josh & Jordan, a trio of graphic design and business students from Toronto, Canada. They’ve put together a neat collection of 40 postcards, with quotes from some of the biggest thinkers, inventors and builders of all time. Here’s their video:

Cool, right? From Nicola Tesla to Coco Chanel, the collection seems inspiring and versatile… just the thing for postcrossers, we’d say! :)

The second project, also from Toronto, is The Mo Project by The Letterpress Shoppe. They’re making postcards (also coasters, prints and stationery) featuring a number of moustaches to celebrate Movember. We do have a soft spot for letterpress, and these seem quite high quality!

The Mo project

So there you go! Have you heard of any interesting projects involving postcards? Do share!


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kav2k, Switzerland
There are a couple of finished projects I participated in and am quite happy with the results:

1) Animal Alphabet postcards. I think the author still sells some packs.

2) Gorgeous double-exposure photographic postcards.

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Kickstarter is so brilliant! Thanks for sharing these projects, can you make it a regular thing? Would love to hear about more postcard/mail related projects needing support!

maud560, Netherlands
Love Kickstarter and postcards. This combines the two, so awesome! Like lucymonty I would like to see more postcard related projects here on the blog :)

meiadeleite, Portugal
@lucymonty & @maud560: duly noted! I'll keep an eye out for them :)

Tera_Ecau, Germany
it is not related to kickstarter but i think it is worth sharing:
there you´ll find postcards about a fruitfly but also fish and sheep by an illustrator from Dresden. they are so cute ;)

Jetske, Netherlands
Very nice and I'd love to see more projects here too. I sometimes browse there but might miss some, maybe. :)

apignata, Brazil
Very nice!

Here in Brasília, DF, Brazil, there is a group called "Aqui em BSB" and they're doing fine postcards from this city.

Blogger, United States of America
Thanks for letting us know! I backed one of them and can not wait for my postcards to arrive :D

Sprinkledonut, Canada
Oooh, love those mustaches! Great post. Thank you!

RianasMum, Philippines
related to the topic being discussed, it was through Postcrossing that I got the inspiration to design a set of postcards for a craft soiree/stationery swap I recently joined. Here are the photos of the postcards I designed (through a friend's facebook account) --

I hope to make more designs in the future. :)

nugget, United States of America
Love the stache cards! I think a card with all 8 designs would be realty cool.

emotis, United States of America
I just pledged on one of the projects.... love it!!

geminiscp, Portugal
Cool, thanks for sharing! :)

pandoraspocks, United States of America
thanks for sharing this. i supported the wise words one!

PilotOne, Portugal
Very nice idea! Thanks!

Emiiclare, Canada
I have a postcard blog where you send a PC, it gets published on my blog AND you get one in return. Please check it out!

Blogger, United States of America
so sad!! I backed the 'Wise Words' to get my set of postcards, and they are not postcards, they are the size of a postcard only. No postcard backs on them at all.