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Remember the Typographic cards we enthusiastically gushed about last year? Harald is expanding his already fantastic set of 26 cards with a special new one, and launching it with a bang on Kickstarter! He explains it better:

So far, 127 backers from 20 different countries have pitched in, adding 4 extra “sticker-cards” to everyone’s pack… and I’m about to add Portugal to that list!

So join us if you can, and spread the word to your friends in other countries. We hope many people will choose to back the project, so that everyone can receive as many cards as possible! 😀


Remember the Typographic Postcards’ Kickstarter project we mentioned back in June? The project was a big success and Harald ended up printing and shipping tons of postcards! We received our backer’s reward last week, and can confirm that the postcards are gorgeous, printed on high-quality paper with a very smooth finishing. The words on them are simple yet so versatile… there really seems to be a card for every occasion!

Harald's Typographic postcards

Harald kindly included a few extra packs on our reward, which we’re struggling happy to give away to 2 lucky postcrossers! :)

For a chance to win one of two packs of 26 postcards, leave a comment below and let us know of a word or very short sentence you think would be a good fit for these cards! Here are some that have already been printed:

Typographic postcards

Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to check back on this post around this time week to know whether your name was picked by Paulo’s random number generator.

PS – For fans of Harald’s work, he’s currently crowdfunding the 5th edition of his typographic wall calendar, which is entirely made of the same keyboard keys as these postcards… perfect present for a designer friend? :)

And the lucky postcrossers, as chosen by Paulo’s random number generator are… hkappespc and Alenta! Congratulations and thank you everyone for the comments! :)


Today we’re really excited to tell you about Typographic Postcards, a fantastic Kickstarter project by Frankfurt-based typographer Harald Geisler!

Typographic postcards

Inspired by the design of his now famous wall calendar (which he has been producing since 2009), Harold decided to apply the same concept to postcards. On his website, he explains:

The first THANK YOU Card I printed in 2012. I wanted a simple card to give to friends. (…) The card was received well so I designed a HAPPY NEW YEAR’s card. As a friend of mine went to hospital I felt the need for an original GET WELL card. With the next birthday coming up, I thought how great it would be to have a typographic birthday card, which eventually became this simple CAKE on pink background card.

He did more and more of them as the need arose, until he ended up with a set of 15 postcards:

Typographic postcards

The themes are an interesting mix of all-purpose words and expressions, some straightforward and other more intriguing. He bundled them all together on a Kickstarter project, in order to gather funding for printing the set.

Being IT geeks ourselves, the minimalist vintage-yet-techie feel of these postcards appealed to us immediately! But Harold decided to sweeten up the deal even further, by adding one new postcard to the set every time the total of pledges crosses a multiple of €300. Yup, you read that right! :)

It goes like this: if the project reaches just €300, everyone gets fifteen postcards plus one extra. If it reaches €600, pledgers get an extra two cards (total 17), three extra postcards when it reaches €900, and so on. Right now, the total amount is just over €1000, so all backers are already counting on 15+3 postcards… and the more people join, the more postcards everyone receives. Win-win!

Typographic postcards

So if you decide to back Typographic Postcards, do spread the word! We’re hoping many people will choose to join us, so that everyone can receive as many of postcards as possible! :)


Last week, stampraider emailed us with a couple of tips about some postcard-themed Kickstarter projects. We’re big fans of Kickstarter (and postcards, obviously), so we thought we should share these two projects with you!

First up, Wise Words – Inspiration through design by Michael, Josh & Jordan, a trio of graphic design and business students from Toronto, Canada. They’ve put together a neat collection of 40 postcards, with quotes from some of the biggest thinkers, inventors and builders of all time. Here’s their video:

Cool, right? From Nicola Tesla to Coco Chanel, the collection seems inspiring and versatile… just the thing for postcrossers, we’d say! :)

The second project, also from Toronto, is The Mo Project by The Letterpress Shoppe. They’re making postcards (also coasters, prints and stationery) featuring a number of moustaches to celebrate Movember. We do have a soft spot for letterpress, and these seem quite high quality!

The Mo project

So there you go! Have you heard of any interesting projects involving postcards? Do share!


Ever since joining Kickstarter some weeks ago, we’ve been discovering more and more postal related projects. One that caught our eye is called POSTICK, and aims to help transform regular things, like photographs or flyers into postcards. We’ll let Tatjana Buisson, the project creator, explain her vision:

Postcards are “magic little things” indeed and these handy adhesive labels make it easier to turn lots of things into one! The project is quite popular and fully funded already, but until June 19th you can still sponsor it to receive your own pack of POSTICKs. The more people join in and support this project, the easier it will be for Tatjana to get things going – perhaps one day you’ll see these neat labels in a shop near you!

Check out Tatjana’s other postcard related projects on her website, Postcard Happiness.