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Sometime ago, I noticed people posting photos of their cute postboxes on Twitter, under the hashtag #PostboxSaturday, and I immediately wanted in too! :D Saturday is my favourite postcard-writing day, and a visit to the postbox is part of the weekend ritual. Turns out Dinah, from the wonderful Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society, started the whole #PostboxSaturday movement with this tweet:

Postbox Saturday inaugural tweet Dinah in her red postbox

She says she almost deleted it at the time, but we’re really glad she didn’t, because on Saturday our social feeds are now overflowing with postbox loveliness. 😍 Surely, there isn’t a better way to start the weekend!

She later wrote on her website:

“I’ve always loved the romance of a postbox but a postbox in a rural or remote or picturesque setting really does pull on my heart strings. Perhaps it’s the result of reading Rosamund Pilcher novels, or years spent on trips to the mountains, or working in the outdoors, and of course the backdrop of always writing letters that collided to make #PostboxSaturday, but it’s just the loveliest feeling being transported off to a little red postbox some place else. Maybe even more so these days.”

So your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to take a photo of your postbox and share it with others on social media this Saturday, using the hashtag #PostboxSaturday! Bonus points if you’re mailing some postcards too. 📮

Let’s spread some postal charm around, and make sure that postboxes from all around the world are featured in this nice initiative!


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This holiday-themed post comes a bit late in the season, but the idea was so nice that we didn’t want it to go unreported!

Late last year, Gabi (aka Paulinchen60) from Germany, had an idea to decorate her shop with a garland made of Christmas cards, written with many greetings from all over the world. She made a bet with a colleague, who was sceptical that she could receive 100 postcards for the garland…

So Gabi posted a thread on the forum, asking for help to reach this goal… for each card received that had an address, she promised to send one back. And lo and behold, a few weeks later, the mailbox at her shop was flooded with Christmas greetings! The response was amazing and she ended up receiving over 200 cards, thus winning the bet! :)

Gabi sent us a few photos:

Receiving the postcards

Every day, Gabi and her co-workers would receive a batch of postcards from the hands of the postwoman.

Showing the cards

Here are Gabi, Katrin and Beate, the 3 co-workers in front of the shop, showing off their lovely Christmas cards!

Setting up the garland

Setting up the garland…

Christmas garland

And here is the end result! Pretty, isn’t it?

Christmas garland

Gabi tells us the customers were thrilled by the sight of the garland, and had fun trying to read the cards in several languages (with moderate success!).

Well done, Gabi! To see more of the garland, and the postcards that they’ve received, check out Gabi’s gallery.



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