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We’ve discovered Irwin Terry’s wonderful blog by accident, but were instantly captivated by his passion and dedication to illustrator Edward Gorey. As his works are featured in so many postcards, we invited Irwin to write a post about this famous American artist. :) So tell us Irwin, who was Edward Gorey?

Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey (1925 – 2000) was an American illustrator, writer and humorist who lived in New York City and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Mr. Gorey wrote and illustrated over 100 books, illustrated hundreds of books for other authors, provided the animation for Mystery! on PBS, and won a Tony Award for the 1979 Broadway production of Dracula. He was also a postcard aficionado, promoter, and a postcard collector. From an early age, Mr. Gorey created and sent interesting correspondence to friends and family, much of which was embellished by hand.

A postcard by Edward Gorey

In 1976 he created his first set of postcard images titled The Broken Spoke which appeared in Sports Illustrated and was also published in book form. He went on to create and publish sets of postcards with themes ranging from Neglected Murderesses to Scene de Ballet. From 1984 to 1996, Mr. Gorey created a special annual post card for National Post Card Week. When designing postcards, Edward Gorey took the nom de plume of Dogear Wyrde, one of the many anagram names he created.

A postcard by Edward Gorey

Due to his signature style of drawing and amusing images, many of his illustrations have been used as postcard images. Today, the best place to find/purchase Edward Gorey – illustrated postcards is The Edward Gorey House museum in Yarmouthport, MA. The gift shop at the museum sells over 50 different postcard images as well as books of postcards created by Mr. Gorey.

A postcard by Edward Goreyold possum

For more information on Mr. Gorey, his postcard images and his work, you can visit my Edward Gorey collecting blog.

18 comments so far

Vagabond_Trader, United States of America

I have 2 postcards from the "Edward Gorey Cats and Dogs" postcards set.

If anyone wants them I can do a swap for something related to my favorites

Kanthi, India

what a nice post this was!!!! Had fun reading. Thank you :)

bellesouth, United States of America

Love Love Love Edward Gorey!!!!!! Thanks for this blog post!!!

tamstertje1989, Netherlands

Nice images, but I haven't received a card of his work, maybe in the future on postcrossing. :)

kitty_xo, Canada
meiadeleite, Portugal

@mairigold: yes! we've seen it a couple of times:

Vagabond_Trader, United States of America

OK I just remembered I also have 2 more Edward Gorey cards for trade besides the one I posted the link to at the top

I have this one


in addition to the "cats" card I have left (I just sent out the dogs one to a postcrosser)

Edmonds, United States of America

I, too, am an Edward Gorey fan & have sent many, many of his fanciful postcards. To view my collection -- just log into my wall & check them out.

Thank you Irwin Terry!

Jan (in Edmonds)

YiliLoh, Malaysia

Thanx for the sharing! wish i would have the chance to receive his work someday! :)

bandia, United States of America

Thank you for this post! I am familiar with his work but did not know about the museum, which I now want to visit. I have several cards left from this book: - I love it because the images reminded me of Postcrossers sending cards to one another. :) If anyone would like to trade please let me know!

ladybug513, United States of America

I always laughed at the intro to Mystery! on PBS, and we actually saw the 1979 Broadway production of Dracula. Loved it! Putting the museum on my list of things to do!

bodrumlu, Türkiye

It was great to read the post. made my day, thanks!

Romkje, Netherlands

Thank you for this blog! I will surely add Edward Gorey postcards to my favourites and hope one day I will receive one.

arasmi, United States of America

I bought myself a book of his postcards without even knowing who he was. I just love his style of illustration! I bought this book at a museum here in NY

suzeroo, Canada

My very first Edward Gorey was so special as it was a guy falling off a cliff to catch what looked like a "postcard" with a "dog" looking at him. Since I love dogs and Postcrossing this one was like my theme postcard...

NancyBT, United States of America

The first card I sent was that one pictured above on the bottom left - the woman sitting on a post. I don't think it was appreciated - I was thanked, but the image I had loaded was deleted. So, now I'm unsure about sending them again. I have a lot of interesting cards - but there just really aren't any scenic cards of my town (a individual buildings, but that's all), and that's what is most requested.

kala, United States of America

Thank you for the post! Mr. Gorey is another favorite of mine. The first time I learned about his work was the beginning titles to "mystery" on PBS.