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About Tamara...

Hi postcrossing friends,

Nice to meet you. :)

My name is Tamara and I'm 28y.o. I'm living in a small town in the east of the Netherlands. Writing en reading are two of my favorite things to do when I'm relaxing, and I think Postcrossing is a wonderful way to write and read about things and people all over the world. So, for over 5 years now, I'm in love with Postcrossing, and since then I've been waiting next to my mailbox everyday (kidding, the postman will be scared to death everyday). But enough about me, and more about you and you stories, I'm waiting for your postcard.

Some postcard tips: ↴↴
✉ Aurora Borealis (Northem Lights)
✉ Meeting Postcard (Only the ones with Postcrossing at the front)
✉ Kontraste
✉ Jetoy
✉ Moomin
✉ Kotovasiya
✉ Guess How Much I Love You (Cartoon/Childerens book)
✉ Gorjuss
✉ Love is ..
✉ Anne Geddes
✉ Disney
✉ Diddl
✉ Picatso
✉ Keep calm and ...
✉ Fauna of Belarus
✉ Soccer Stadiums, Players, Clubs/teams (the known ones)
✉ Animals (Especially: cats, horses, butterflies, birds, penguins etc.)
✉ Viewcards ((also the single view ones) and only postcards with name on it)
✉ Mapcards
✉ Buddha, Ganesh (or other culture)
✉ The culture and traditions of your country
✉ History/Historical things of your country
✉ Flowers
✉ Food (Recepies?)
✉ Hearts
✉ Fairytales
✉ Move related (Like: Twilight)
✉ Color
✉ The Moon (Lune, Mond, Luna) or The Sun (Soleil, Sonne, Sol)
✉ Quotes (in your own language or english)
✉ Horoscope/Horoscoop/starsign; only GEMINI!
✉ Chinese horoscope/starsign; only SNAKE
✉ MAP COVER on Postcard-SERIES" or "MCPS" made by Sumanto Kumar

If there is any postcard with one of these, I would LOVE to receive it: ↴↴
♂ Actors/Singers/Sportman (handsome man) ♂
Sebastian Stan; Adam Levine; Zac Efron; Chace Crawford; Mika; Colin O'Donogue; Josh Dallas; Joseph Lawrance; Steve Lund; Markus Rosenberg; Sean Maguire.
♪ Music ♪
Maroon 5; OneRepublic; (Hardstyle/Hardcore) famous DJ's.
🎞 Tv shows and movies 🎞
Once Upon a Time; New Girl; Gossip Girl; Drop Dead Diva; Pretty little liars; Twilight.
⚽ Sports ⚽
AJAX Amsterdam (AFCA)/FC Barcalona/National teams

It's not bad if you can't find a postcard with one of the things from the listst above, it's all up to you what you want to send. You can also use the lists when you are out of topics to write, you can use them if you want. But also it's an option only.

I love surprises. Or check up my favorites, all of them I never received. You can also check out my Flickr albums, those are the ones I collect » https://www.flickr.com/photos/58426145@N02/albums

I love cards written and stamped, without envelope.

Voor de Nederlanders onder ons, ik hou van (single)viewkaarten van Nederlandse plaatsen. Bekijk hier welke ik al heb:
Single view » https://www.flickr.com/photos/58426145@N02/albums/72157682867786956
View cards » https://www.flickr.com/photos/58426145@N02/albums/72157682784189056

Happy Postcrossing,

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