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Yay! Can you hear the fireworks outside?! It’s true, we have now reached the exciting milestone of a million received cards. Congratulations everybody, we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you! :-)

The millionth card travelled from ebalci, in Turkey to s13 in Romania.

Nobody guessed on which countries the card would travel from and to… but don’t worry, you still have till the end of the month to participate in our “a million cards’ contest” and win one of the 10 packs of free MOO postcards we have to offer!

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sweet_memories, Canada
yayyy! way to go, postcrossers!!
mundoo, Australia
Congratulations to the s13 and ebalci the lucky winners and congratulations to Paulo for touching 1 million lives with his brilliant postcrossing project.
Nordbaer, Germany
I am sorry, this cannot be true. I guessed from Finland to Germany (or was it the other way round?), so we cannot have a million cards received yet...
But if it is really true:
meiadeleite, Portugal
and i was so sure the postcard would go from Laos to Micronesia! :P
judamore, Brazil
Congratulations Postcrossing!!!! Congratulations Paulo!!!! Congratulations postcrossers!!!!
I thinks that some Country would can make a stamp to commemorate!!!!!
JEM, United States of America
Wow! Wonder how long it will take to get to 2 million?! Who would have thought the card would have been from Turkey to Romania, what are the odds? is random and which card is registered at the precise very cool it was such an interesting transit. Hooray Postcrossing, for showing how the world is so connected! And how many people can have fun being connected!
outsa, Finland
Great! Let´s go on postcrossing! Kind regards to everyone, and especially to rtuomi, siik, Tiia-Maria and Iina.
mamamanon, Netherlands
Lets go for the second million people!
Jetske, Netherlands
Congratulations!! :)
adobe, United States of America
Fantastic! And may the 2 millionth card arrive even faster!
Geminiscp, Portugal
HAPPY POSTCROSSING to all!!!! Come on, let's work for the 2.000.000!
isagv, Germany
Congratulations. This really was a rare to rare country. ;-)
Angie, Australia
Congratulations to everyone, but especially Paulo for the idea of making the world a better place. Look forward to the next second million!!!
empty_mailbox, Germany
Congratulations Postcrossing! Let's do the next million! Happy postcrossing to all members around the world!
Milly91, France
Congratulations Postcrossers, especialy Paulo and Ana. Let's go for 2 millions.
glenasena, Australia
Congratulations Paulo and Ana for this incredible achievement. Long Live Postcrossing.
menthe, Chile
There's still many postcards to be send, I can imagine when the countdown to the 2 or 3 million is coming :D
That'd be exciting too!
I think I missed the countdown but it is exciting anyway^^
menthe, Chile

dandilion, Netherlands
Congrats to all my fellow postcrossers!Lets go for a billion cards!
ebalci, Türkiye
Hello to all postcrossers!
I'm the sender 1000000th postcard !!
I did not believe all the messages coming to my e-mail account congratulating me for the 1000000th card. I thought they were spam!! :))
Now I just saw my name on and I cannot believe my eyes!!
Wow, that is really one in a million!
Thanks for all the messages.
Love you all..
Happy postcrossing! :))
postcardiva81, United States of America
Congratulations postcrossing!!! I am very happy that I am part of this exciting milestone! Being part of postcrossing is amazing! Congrats Paulo! Congrats to ebalci for sending that 1.000.000th card!!!
guipost, Brazil
When I applied to postcrossing, the site was in the previous version. At the top we could read "more than 800K" postcards registered. Well, I work with computers and I read 800K like 800*1024. This equals to 819200 and not 800000. I am trying to suggest a new number to celebrate: 1000K postcards!
What about? 1024000 postcards!
Hugs for all!

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