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Graceful Envelope Contest

Another year, another chance to participate on the Graceful Envelope Contest!

This year, the theme is “Pushing the envelope”, which is very exciting as it leaves room for all kinds of artistic interpretations. The organizers explain how this motto embraces two concepts at the heart of the contest:

The first meaning dares you to take your creativity beyond your comfort zone. “Push the envelope” and find new ways to use graphic design, hand lettering and postage stamps to enhance your entry. It may be a small canvas, but you are capable of big ideas.

The Graceful Envelope Contest also celebrates the significance of writing, sending and receiving letters. In this era of email, tweets and emojis, seeing a hand-addressed envelope in your mailbox can make any day special. So your entry should “push the envelope” in the sense of promoting the exchange of letters. Depict the joy of letter writing. Or salute an American tradition as old as the U.S. Constitution, which empowered Congress “to establish post offices and post roads."

One of the previous contest’s judges revealed that they’re not simply looking for the best calligraphy or painter… in the end, what really matters is the winning combination of all elements in the envelope (ie, design, calligraphy and stamps) and how they work together to reflect the year’s theme. The contest is open to entries from all around the world (as long as they arrive before March 27th 2017) and there are separate categories for children too, so do encourage your little ones to participate!

You can read the contest rules and how to participate on the Washington Calligraphers Guild website, and check out all of last year’s winners on their Flickr page for some inspiration.

11 comments so far

Sommersprossen, Germany

Love this! You only need to keep in mind the individual regulations of your local post with your design, e.g. leave enough space for the machine markings etc. :)

CP729SR, Taiwan

Feeling is a great game
Unfortunately, I am not a child now ..........

teamug, Germany

@ CP729SR
quote from the website: "The contest is open to all ages, with separate categories for children. "
So you can also participate.

Geminiscp, Portugal

When everyone questions my handwritting, I think I'll pass this contest or may win the medal for the worst envelope. :D But it's a very cool idea, I hope a lot of people participates. :)

beesknees, United States of America

beautiful artwork

DenverPromise, United States of America

I think this is a wonderful idea...and welcome a new way for me, to step out of my comfort zone!
Wish me well!

leelulumpkin, United Kingdom

As an average run of the Postcrosser this isn't the comp for me sorry. Just one look at the previous winning entries made me realise this is aimed at design experts and artists.

leelulumpkin, United Kingdom

Sorry the above should read "run of the mill!"

jm1122, United States of America

I love to see the entries of The Graceful Envelope Contest and have always thought it would be nice to try...maybe this will be the year!

Su_May, Germany

Good luck, DenverPromise! I've entered, too.

atmaja, Indonesia

Nice... may i know, what the winner get in this contest...?