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It’s the World Post Day, did you know? It’s celebrated every year, on the 9th of October and it commemorates the founding of the UPU (Universal Postal Union) in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland Capital.

So today, across the world, post offices are celebrating this special day in many different ways. This includes: special philatelic exhibitions, free entrance in postal museums, introducing new products and services, special cancellation marks, seminars, workshops and more!

World Post Day LogoActually, in some countries you can even get free goodies (like free postage!) so be sure to check the website for the post offices of your country (hint: if you don’t know the link you can find it in your country page in Postcrossing). Let us know your findings in the comments of this post!

So, go out, buy some postcards or some nice letter paper and write to all your friends and family; remind them that the post is a very important part of our lives.

Happy World Post Day!



11 comments so far

ains, United States of America

moonlessnite, Canada
Nothing special here...we dont even have mail service today as it is saturday.

Twoey, Canada
The Canadian postal museum in Ottawa is awesome...anyone in the area should definatley check it out today!

paulo, Portugal
Polish post issued a special stamp of the world post day -

nediam_nori, Finland
Nothing special in Finland either...

toucans, United Kingdom
Happy Birthday, World Post! But, like the other countries above, there were no celebrations in my local post office, not even a mention that it was World Post Day.

sybones, Singapore

Blackthornhiei, El Salvador
Nothing special in El Salvador.

Post office was decorated with World Post Day posters and banners congratulating the workers. And they were giving away bookmarks with a philatelyst theme.

Sundreamer, Lithuania
In Lithuania on this day there's no entrance fee in Communication Museum :)

AshStaff2016, United States of America
there is nothing going on in the USA either. at least i couldn't find anything on it.

Lorelai, Germany
I'm from Germany, but I find only World Post Day from Tunesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, India + Malta this year.