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Postcrossing received this wonderful article written by Markus (aspen), who recently interviewed Geoffrey (misterteapot, from Australia) and Kati (kilona, from Finland).
If you haven’t heard the good news yet, Geoffrey and Kati met through Postcrossing, after which they fell in love and got married. They’re now living in Finland. Here’s the story:

Start postcrossing. You might get married

Postcrossing is responsable of this, laughs Geoffrey meaning his marriage with a Finn, Kati. It would not have happened if they both hadn’t been postcrossers. But what are postcrossers? Postcrossing means sending postcards to all over the world. If you send a card to Germany, you might receive one from a Brazilian postcrosser. Why? Because people want to receive real mail. This kind of hobby brought the Reynolds together. “How else could we have met? I can’t think of any other way!” says Geoffrey who has moved to Finland. The couple is crazy about postcards and Geoffrey has to close his eyes everytime there’s a post office or a card shop near. Otherwise he would go shopping.

Thousands of addresses

I have hundreds of addresses of postcrossers tells Kati and shows her black address book. Geoffrey has saved thousands of addresses to his computer. They send cards every here and there just to make other postcrossers happy. You can do postcrossing with smaller contribution also. Geoffrey joined Postcrossing after he had heard of it from his friends. It sounded a fun idea and I was curious. I noticed soon how nice people are! I noticed also how little I know about the world. In the USA some families even teach geography to their children via postcrossing. A genious idea, praises Geoffrey.

Translation done by Soili (soili). For those of you that read Finnish, the original version can be viewed in this scan of the article.

Once again, congratulations Geoffrey and Kati! :)

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27 comments so far

geminiscp, Portugal
CONGRATULATIONS MisterTeaPot and Kilona! : )And to those who are thinking how an Australian survives in Finland, check this thread at the forum: : ) : ) : )

Giulia_cardieri, Brazil
Congratulations :)
misterteapot and kilona!

Zmrzlina, United States of America
Oh... reading the forum thread and it is delightful! Congratulations to MisterTeaPot and Kilona!

adrianneposts, United States of America
Congrats!! My husband and I met on an internet forum as well :D

zhaoqianying, China
Woo,great! Congratulations Geoffrey and Kati! ^_^

Tanjakoo, Finland
WAU! Onnitteluni...congratulations:-)

maymak, Russia
CONGRATULATIONS! I didn't know about the marriage!

I met my husband in FIDO - it's another worldwide computer network. Computers help us to find our love and happiness!

m_maya, Hungary
Congratulations! My boyfriend and me met on the internet. :)

judamore, Brazil
Congratulations Geoffrey and Kati! I love you!!! I'm very happy for you!!!!! Best wishes!!!!

judamore, Brazil
Ah! Me and my husband met on the internet too!!! 10 years ago :D

SoulProvider, Poland
Congratulations from Poland!!:-)
Beautiful story:)

titogarcez, Brazil
Congratulations! :D

MsGumbo, United States of America
Ah, HRH MrTeapot has found a princess! Congratulations to both of you. May you have a long and happy life together... complete with thousands and thousands of postcards!

Mangon, Germany
Hello you both, I extend congratulations to your wedding. I wish you a long life in happiness and joy and all time happy postcrossing

DivotedDiva, Finland
Congratulations Geoffrey and Kati! Paljon onnea! Lycka till! That was indeed a beautiful story. Isn't postcrossing wonderful...

Loucke, United States of America
What a sweet story! Congratulations to the happy couple!

kellyt, New Zealand
Congratulations to both of you

Blogger, United States of America
Here's to the happy couple!

Tealona - you guys are awesome ;-)
great article too

menu_velho, Finland
Congratulations on Tealona :D But I am not happy... advertising postcrossing in Finland is not a good idea. There are already too many postcrossers in Finland.

Hexentrio, Germany
Congratulations to Kati and Geoffrey,
how lucky you are as you have been able to follow your dreams and to make them come true.
Keep on being happy and keep on postcrossing!
All the best to you.

illah, Estonia
Congratulations, so sweet :)

luso, Portugal
Congratulations! PARABENS

Moono, United Kingdom

Esteparia, Spain
My deepest congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Teapot! I love the article and the picture of you two together surrounded by postcards is just adorable! I can picture myself like you both a few years from now. ^_^

I would also like to stress a couple of things Geoffrey says in the article about Postcrossing: It, too, has made me realize how little I knew about the world, and it also has renewed my faith in people's generosity and willingness to give, give, give. My life is all the richer and all the better for it.

I wish the 'Pots a long and happy marriage, and thousands of cards from all the corners of the world!

stinkerbell, Canada
Congratulations, you two! That's great! (I hope I have a lot of postcards like you, someday!)

Elize, Netherlands
THIS is news that makes me smile!

mamamanon, Netherlands
What a wonderful news this is! I wish you both all the best in life. And I totaly agree with Esteparia; the world seems to be filled with lovely, generous people that like to give and share with others! Especialy my three oldest children learn very much (socialy, geographical and even artistical) from postcrossing.Thank you all dear postcrossers for making our lives so much more beautiful!

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