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Dixie Solleveld, 1984, Amsterdam shit city. i think it's the ugliest card i've ever received :(
decollage, Poland
decollage said:
posted over 12 years ago

This is the most disgusting postcard I have ever seen ;(

nemezis871, Poland
nemezis871 said:
posted over 12 years ago

Me too I wuldn't register card like this If got it...

anusiagd, Poland
anusiagd said:
posted over 12 years ago

I think that sending shit to somebody is the lack of respect for this person... It looks like you think your country is shit (I wonder what other Dutch people think about it) and it's horrible example of strange sense of humour. Do you want to find the shit in you mailbox? If yes, I think it's not normal... Sorry.

dreamofparadise, Poland
posted over 12 years ago

What a shame... She should be ashamed of herself.

get_me_out, Poland
get_me_out said:
posted over 12 years ago

wtf?! o.O

punky_G, United States of America
punky_G said:
posted over 12 years ago

How rude! My aunt receives many, many postcards from the Netherlands and finds Netherlanders to be very friendly and civilized. The person who sent that shames all of her country. I hope she is not a native. She should be removed from the site.

Mazina, United Kingdom
Mazina said:
posted over 12 years ago

OMG :/

Dziabka, Poland
Dziabka said:
posted over 12 years ago

Hmm... It's very sad - find in mailbox... such... ??? Horrible!

wisnia, Poland
wisnia said:
posted over 12 years ago

This card is horrible! I've always thought that postcrossing is about receiving nice postcards and when I see that somebody sent something like THAT... This sense od humour is too weird for me, and for most people probably. And the sender should think about it.

menu_velho, Finland
menu_velho said:
posted over 12 years ago

Well, people are different and like different things. I would love to get this postcard!

HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 12 years ago

not everybody has the same sense of humor.

what is realy strange that some people say they would not register it, just because they do not like it..... that is the most disgusting of this card and comments!

HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 12 years ago

Here is another one I have sent
To understand these cards you must know a bit about the dogshithistory in Amsterdam and the rest of Netherlands. In the 1980's Amsterdam was a very dirty city for all pedestrians (tourist, inhabitants, forensics, etc.). Because of the sliding in dogshit. In NL are almost 2,000,000 dogs and 3,600,000 cats. The shitbusiness was one of the main issues why Amsterdam had a bad score as touristic city. There was a lot to do about it in the news, newspapers and ... in the art - as a protest.
Now in most part of NL is an 'opruimplicht' clearingduty (?) of dogshit.
So the shown postcard is based on history!

I can imagine that one will not upload the picture on his/her received wall -
but again:

I am realy shocked to read that postcrossers (forummembers??) say they will not register a postcard like this.
Embarissing and I hope those people have realised what they have posted!

HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 12 years ago

...and no-one of you noticed this is the first card sent by this member!

shocking selfish people!

dianaf, Netherlands
dianaf Postcrossing Supporter said:
posted over 11 years ago

I wouldn't put this one on my wishlist, but I actually have to smile about it. People here are writing things like that the sender must think the Netherlands is shit. Well, actually sometimes it is, but I doubt that is the point.
You can also see it as: even when things are shitty, we try to make it fun anyway. So a very positive outlook on life.

And for the ones claiming they wouldn't register such card. A. it is the rules and B. how would you feel if one of your cards, sent because you think it is fun or nice, would not be registrated just because the receiver doesn't like it. There are a lot of topics about that on the forum...

InTheDoghouse, United States of America
posted over 11 years ago

This made me laugh. It's certainly not for everyone, and I wouldn't send it to a Postcrosser unless they explicitly requested scatological cards, but it just proves there's a card for every kind of person.

LadyLazarus, Portugal
LadyLazarus said:
posted over 11 years ago

This is one of the most bizarre and hilarious cards i've seen on postcrossing! I don't understand some comments here. Cheer up and smile! I receive one like this today and i laughed so hard!!
Oh and i love the Netherlands, it's a beautiful country, there's no need to be upset.

Nervous_Julie, Russia
posted over 11 years ago

Haha! It's funny :)

isby, Germany
isby said:
posted over 9 years ago

Lol. The comments are even better than the card itself :-D

Ljubomora, Germany
Ljubomora said:
posted over 8 years ago

Jezu, współczuję... :(

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