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Lat: 43.25, Lon: -79.85 | Google Maps

About Lionel...

Hello :)

I am a playful fellow and you can see some of my randomness and silliness on you tube ... address is on my profile only if curious

On a more serious note ... ;)

I like to go on road trips and explore small towns on the way. Love water of all sorts: rivers, lakes & oceans. Saab's, Mountains, nature and cities are all interesting as well. Generally any card is great as it carries with it energy. I also enjoy writing poetry / thoughts, hiking, listening to music and laughing. I am new at this (since Sept 2010) and look forward to the adventure.

I treat the cards I receive as an open window to see what other countries and places in the world look like. Thanks for sharing a slice of your world with me. I enjoy sharing them with my kids as well.

I am 49 as my b-day was just in August. I am divorced and have a daughter of 18 and a son of 23. I have enjoyed telling them about where in the world my cards have travelled so far. As well I enjoy sharing my postcard albums with them. I even let people at work know about the cool cards I receive.

I am very grateful that you have read my cards or have been open to send me some so thank you.

I know I have always enjoyed sending post cards and this sounds like a great way to communicate and to spread peace, joy & harmony.

Cheers :)


P.S. I am not adverse to swaps just mindful of the new postal rates in Canada that are making it more expensive to just send normal cards ... peace