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Hurray! The Belarusian Postcrossing stamp was officially launched and is now out and about! While we haven’t set our eyes on a real specimen yet, postcrossers of all ages met at Minsk’s post office yesterday to use the first stamps and maxicards. Victor sent us some photos of the event:

Belarus stamp launch Belarus stamp launch Belarus stamp launch Belarus stamp launch Belarus stamp launch

Brilliant! Victor tells us hundreds of cards were signed and sent, and lots of mailboxes all around the world will be happy soon! :)

Happy Postcrossing!

PS – If you’re curious, you can see many more photos here.


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Oh happy day! Today, four new Postcrossing stamps have officially entered circulation in Finland, and are now being sold in post offices as well as Posti’s online shop. Here’s how they look:

Finnish Postcrossing stamp

It’s really nice to finally hold a stamp so eagerly awaited in our hands! Plus they look so cheerful! We can’t wait for the next Finnish postcard to arrive on our mailbox! :)

PS – Posti’s shop is available in Finnish and English (check the link on the top right corner), and they also have a cute First Day Cover available!


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We’ve been biting our tongue for the past few months, but now it’s official: we’re thrilled to announce that Posti, the Finnish Postal Services, will publish not one or two… but four different Postcrossing stamps this year! :)

The colorful stamps were created by design agency Kokoro & Moi, and will be available on a folded stamp sheet from September 9th onwards, both on post offices and online.

Postcrossing Finnish stamp

Which means, Finnish postcrossers will soon be able to send their postcards using these playful stamps! How cool is that?

It is for us an extraordinary honour to have Postcrossing featured in a stamp, and we’d like to thank not only Posti, who thought the project worth of such recognition, but also all the postcrossers who over the years persistently asked for a Finnish Postcrossing stamp! On 9th September, their dream (and ours) will come true! :)


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On the last post, we mentioned the new stamp from the Dutch postal service featuring Postcrossing, which was launched this past Saturday on the Postex event.

Paulo gave a short presentation about the project, and received the first sheet of stamps from the hands of Berend Dorgelo, from PostNL.

Paulo receiving the first stamp sheet

Designer Garech Stone, from the Stone Twins, also gave the audience some insights about the design process, and shared some “easter eggs” hidden in the stamps! For instance, can you find the suited monkey with a gun? :)

As part of the stamp launch, PostNL is organising a contest where Dutch postcrossers can win a travel voucher of 500 euros, if they use the stamps on their Postcrossing cards. To participate, have a look at the contest page.

Once again, our heartfelt thank you to PostNL, Raymond68 and all the people who were involved in the process of making this dream come true!

This was a big step in our postcard revolution, and we look forward to collaborating with other postal services in the future! :)


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Yes, you read that right! On October 14th, PostNL will launch a real stamp, featuring Postcrossing! How awesome is that?

For us, it’s a huge honour that the project was deemed worthy of being featured in a stamp, and we’re very grateful to PostNL (the Dutch postal service) for making this dream come true. We’d also like to thank postcrosser Raymond68 – the Postcrossing stamp exists because of his efforts and persistence.

The stamp was designed by Garech and Declan Stone, and features all kinds of traditional postcards strewn about, as if scattered on your doormat. Here is what the stamp sheet looks like:


Neat, right? There are several different stamps, both for Europe and the rest of the world, featuring the traditional postcard motives.

The first stamps will be delivered to Paulo on October 15th, during the Postex event in Apeldoorn. Postex is an annual event for philatelic collectors, featuring celebrating associations, youth philately, traders from home and abroad, foreign postal administration(s), Day of the Stamp, exhibitions and much more.

If you’re in the area, come and say hi! There will be plenty of stamps for sale, and we’ll have a small presentation about Postcrossing around 10:30am.

We’ll be back on the weekend with more information about the stamp, and also to give away a few sheets! :)


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