What is the Travel Mode?

The Travel Mode is a setting that members can use when they're traveling and would like to send postcards from their travel destination.

To use it, simply set your account to Travel Mode on your Account Settings, choosing your destination country and city. Then, just use the website as normal! All the postcards you send while in this mode will have your travel country/city as their origin, so that their maps and statistics are correct. If you're traveling abroad, the Postcard IDs will also be from your travel country — but you'll need to physically be in that country in order to request addresses, so that we can check that your location is a match.

Please note that while you're in Travel Mode, your account will not be selected to receive postcards (since you're not home to receive them). All your due postcards will be sent to you when you are back home and set your account back to Active.

If you're using your mobile's data to access the internet abroad, please be aware that your traffic may be routed through your home country's servers... thus making it impossible for Postcrossing to verify your location. If this is the case, we suggest connecting to a local wi-fi instead (for instance from your hotel, or a nearby café).

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