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World Post Day!

October 9th is World Post Day! 📮

The anniversary of the Universal Postal Union is the day to celebrate the huge infrastructure that connects the world in tangible ways, allowing things to move from our hands to the waiting hands of another person, often across the world. Where would we be without all these efficient systems in place to make sure our postcards, letters and parcels made it to their recipients?

So we invite you to honor the day that brings us all together! To help you celebrate with postal services worldwide, we’ve asked you to let us know what your own local post office was doing so that we could compile our habitual list of events. Here’s what we were able to find out together:

Even if your postal operator is not doing anything special this day, we encourage everyone to join in and commemorate any way they can. Send a few postcards with extra-nice stamps, high-five your mail carrier, or say a kind word to the person behind the counter at your post office — anything goes!

Hurray for the Post!

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Flippie, Canada
Hi, I live in Canada and on October 9th is also Thanksgiving but the post-office is open for a couple hours and I will send a couple cards away and give the post-office person a flower. Yes, that's what I do on World Post Day,
Cheers, Anneke
mlandman, Netherlands
On Mondays there is no mail delivery in the Netherlands. But I can send mail!
nm_rockhound, United States of America
Columbus Day is the official title and acknowledge by the federal government. Indigenous peoples day is only recognized by a few municipalities.
echan_mchan, Japan
I do not know much about World Post Day(世界郵便の日) in Japan.
Today the second Monday in October is Health-Sports Day (holiday)💃.
Happy Monday🎉
jertee, Malaysia
I am from malaysia and we celebrate the day with one set of postcard and first day covers
kalani, United States of America
Sometimes I have complained about the post office, but honestly, when I think about the fact that when people left Boston or the east coast to come west, knowing they would probably never see their families again, what it must have been like to receive an actual letter.
Kalani Goins USA
KevMorris, United States of America
Couldn't do anything with the Post Office on Oct. 9th. It was the Columbus Day holiday here and the US Postal Serviced was closed.

A fine day to have World Post Day on a day when the US Postal Service that delivers nearly half the world's mail is closed!
Gemini17, Netherlands
I have sent some postcards and when I come home from my holidays I will see the postcards that I have received....😊
_samy_, India
can someone whos country celebrate send me a special cancelled stamps or special cards...??
cmdanne, United States of America
This 2017 year makes celebrating Universal Postal Union Anniversary even more profound.. It's almost like New Years Eve or roasting smores over a campfire the anticipation intensifies as I become eager towards the countdown of postcrossing.
SLLiew, Malaysia
There was a special stamp issue in Singapore on the official opening of the General Post Office of Singapore on World Post Day October 9, 2017. I received these two postcards from Singapore postcard collectors.
SLLiew, Malaysia
On October 9, 2017 - there is a new stamp release entitled in Malaysia for World Post Day - Pos Silang. There are a few postcrossing meetup and even a television news report about postcrossing