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Ever found yourself looking at a postcard and thinking how life must be in that place? Or ever got curious about a country or a city and went online to find more about it? We know we do. Postcards allows us to travel to different places even without leaving our home.

Sandy (Shaneez) lives in South Africa and she decided to take traveling through postcards to a new level: go around the world in 80 days, through her postcards. The result of it is interesting blog very appropriately called Sandy, the Armchair Traveller.

In it, Sandy takes us through an imaginary trip around the world visiting the places where she has postcards from! All the stops include tons of details about them: photos, videos, links, curiosities, even local cuisine. But most importantly, plenty of imagination. And there’s even a map of the trip!

Sandy's trip map

If you enjoy traveling through postcards, then make sure to stop by at Sandy, the Armchair Traveller.

Bon voyage!


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18 comments so far

glaesmann, Germany
This is amazing!
What a brilliant blog!

Blogger, United States of America
love it! I sent her the Virgin Island postcards :D

Yep, you picked a great blog to spotlight!

Stephany, Netherlands
Very great blog.

Marti_k, Czech Republic
Wow, Sandy's blog! It's really great. Her tour around the world with the postcards was amazing and I'm looking forward to other amazing tour with Sandy and her blog :)

TakeTheBox, Netherlands
Nice ^^

Lori45P, Canada
Wow! Fabulous blog Sandy! What a great idea! I'll be sure to tag along with you on your journey and keep reading...


geminiscp, Portugal
Cool... when will you "visit" Southern Europe? ;)

Shaneez, South Africa
Thanks for the compliments fellow postcrossers.
I had so much fun with this blog:-))...
and Paulo, this is such a wonderful surprise!!! Thank you!

kazinhabueno, Brazil
Dear Sandy, congrats for the blog!!!!
I am a loyal reader :)

KLMircea, Romania
Such a great blog. Love the stories :)

indianfriendszone, India
Congrats Sandy for your ARMCHAIR TRAVEL
It was really great to travel along with the GREAT COLLECTOR - SANDY ... i m happy to be part of your tour.
Looking forward for many such tour in life.

honeybee, Austria
What an unique journey around the world, Sandy. I was wonderful to read about it and I am happy that I was able to join you on your way through Africa. Thanks so much. What will be your next trip?

Mama-Bear, United States of America
Wow! The blog is amazing!

rrawls123, United States of America
It's great to be able to travel around the world with you. Looking forward to more adventures with you.

rkneo11, India
Hmmm... I've received only 3 cards till now... hope I'll have an equally confusing and complicated trip map soon...
BTW I just bought 160 different postcards depicting various aspects of life in India.... Just cant wait to send out more cards...

Shaneez, South Africa
I am so overwhelmed by the response to my blog:-)
I am so touched by all the personal messages- they are greatly appreciated.
Of course all contributions to enhance the blog are always welcome:-)

Happy postcrossing everybody:-)


azzucoloto, Brazil
That's a great idea! I'll visit the blog =)

bradpete, Philippines
Very awesome postcard voyage. Congratulation!