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Don’t you find it amusing to find odd mailboxes while driving down an unfamiliar neighborhood? Most of the time, these interesting mailboxes provide a hint of the owner’s personality and values.

Owning a quirky mailbox can be so much fun as well. What else can complete the whole excitement of the mailing process than getting your mail from a fun and quirky mailbox?

Thanks to Rilda from South Australia who sent us this wonderful blog suggestion about quirky mailboxes. Here are a few examples from her local collection:

funny mailbox

funny mailbox

funny mailbox

Fun, isn’t it?

Most people’s mailboxes are the traditional mail slots that are built-in into their doors or the curbside Joroleman mailboxes that are usually seen in American suburbs. However, several creative individuals have thought of a peculiar way to excite their postman (and themselves) by installing odd-shaped letterboxes.

How do you feel about a letterbox shaped like a mermaid or a fisherman? What about one that looks like a mushroom? Here are a few we found on Flickr that may cause a few giggles and laugh to unsuspecting passersby:

quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes quirky mailboxes

Click on any of these for a full size picture, and to discover who took that picture and where it was taken. There are many more of these on Flickr, just search for funny mailboxes!

Do you have a quirky mailbox too? If so, how quirky is it? Share your quirky mailbox story with your fellow postcrossers!


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16 comments so far

postmuse, United States of America
Love this blog post! My mailbox is my avatar. It isn't really quirky, but it was made in my state (Pennsylvania) by the Amish people, folk who live a very simple life with no modern conveniences, so it is a bit unusual. I also collect postcards of mailboxes, quirky and otherwise.

MarioGV, Spain
Mine is very ussual, I wanna have one of those! Mine is grey, horrible, made with plastic, and with the names of my parents, mine, and my parent's enterprise with silver letters. No more :( I wish I had a garden where I could put one of those creations :)

geminiscp, Portugal
Mine looks so BORING now!!! :D

sonataca, United States of America
Mine also looks boring! A whole bunch of mailboxes all together! If it was seperate maybe I could "customize" it!

is-this-it, New Zealand
There was a NZ stamp issue some years ago with quirky mailboxes :D

Olga, Germany
ha-ha... In Russisa 99.9% mailboxes are soviet style (vintage?-))), ruined with time and people, never closed-)) Guys, believe me, you're still having something decent-)))

ammy, Singapore
I think the first few are very cool - a good way of recycling the barrels too. Only the postie has to be careful not to cut his hands on the sharp edges when he puts in the mail!

Blogger, United States of America
Great Story! Thanks for posting it

menu_velho, Finland
I don't even have a mailbox.

alienstarchild, United States of America
AS a mail carrier, I have to say I like looking at the "quirky" boxes, but I don't like delivering to them. Most are hard to open/close, and many are hard just to drive close enough to put the mail in.

okispice, Japan
I love mailboxes and did a photo expose on them for my photography class when I lived in Florida! I found some in the shape of pelicans and fish, dogs and buffalo, made out of surfboards and machinery and even an old telephone!

azzucoloto, Brazil
Love it!

moonbear, Australia
If I had a quirky mailbox, I'd probably be enticed to check it more than once a day! And then I wouldn't get any study done.

laurasimas, Portugal
My mailbox is quite normal but i have a neigbour back home who make a mailbox that is a miniature of his own house.

butterflycard, Malaysia
Hi Rilda and other readers,
Yes Ms Rilda is an amazing person I meet online via another person called Evan of Australia.Yes many countries and places have different post boxes.Back in 1990 I had an inflight magazine featuring an article on postboxes with marvellous pictures( sadly lost the magazine).There were pictures of an old refridgerator and Old car used as Mail Boxes.The internet has helped letters marvellously.
Kiron Manuel(

dandilion, Netherlands
My mailbox is so boring its not even worth mentioning :)