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LeishaCamden, Norway


is a member in Norway . She has been a member for over 8 years (3,154 days).
1,415 sent 1,413 received

  • Distance sent: 3,008,407 miles
  • Last seen: 25 minutes ago
  • Website:
  • Languages: Norwegian, English, Swedish, Danish, a little French, a little Spanish, a little Esperanto
  • Birthday: 14th October
  • Interested in direct swaps: Yes Click to learn more about direct swaps
  • 18th on most postcards sent from Norway
  • 20th on longest distance sent from Norway
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Lat: 59.91, Lon: 10.75 | Google Maps

About LeishaCamden...

I love opening my mailbox and finding a Postcrossing card. You never know what you'll find. :-) Any card is appreciated - if you read my profile and look at my favorites and think you have the right card for me, I'm sure I'll be thrilled with it. :-)

I do have a wish list though. ;-) Not in any particular order.

- Reptiles and amphibians, especially turtles (I have three - two reeves and one red eared slider) and chameleons, but all kinds of herptiles. I'd love to see any reptiles that are native to your country
- the Eurovision Song Contest
- Elephants! :-) They are my favorite animals.
- Dragonflies, butterflies, ladybirds
- Books, reading, literature, BookCrossing
- Jane Austen
- Dragons and other fantasy creatures
- "Greetings from ..." cards from Postallove (I have none :-)
- Board games and card games
- Moomin (Snufkin is my favorite)
- Postage stamps
- Maxicards
- Nouvelles Images (or any cards with lots of tiny things :-)
- Unesco WHS
- Map cards
- "ElfQuest" (a brilliant comic book :-)
- Wild animals (especially bats, sharks, rhinos, pandas)
- Colorful birds (especially peacocks, macaws, kingfishers)
- Unusual landscapes
- Northern lights (or southern, I'm not picky :-)
- My favorite actors: Keanu Reeves and Zachary Quinto
- Moo cards! I love Moo cards!
- Chocolate and cocoa/hot chocolate drinks, tea
- Royal families
- Postcrossing meetup cards
- Postcrossing themed generally
- Edward Gorey
- Twinflowers (Linneae borealis)
- Aerial views
- Sandra Vargas
- Discworld
- Pettson & Findus
- Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars
- Nudibranchia (sea slugs)
- Elvis Presley
- Hot air balloons
- Fruits and berries
- Studio Ghibli, especially Totoro
- "The Phantom of the Opera"
- Koi
- Japanese woodcut art
- Batman
- Mosaic art
- Doors and windows
- Bonsai trees
- Libraries and bookshelves
- Vintage scientific illustrations of animals and plants
- Public transport maps

But again, any card is appreciated. Please write me a personal message. I'd love to hear about your home town and country and what it's like there. :-) If you like, you can answer this question: What are the top three things that any visitor to your town ought to see? I'd love to see your answer! :-)

(For my home town Oslo, the answer is the Viking Ship House, Gol stave church at the Folk Museum and the Vigeland Park. :-)

We have regular Postcrossing meetups here in Oslo, usually once a month. I have created an "official" meetup card for us which I'm happy to swap for, although I can normally only send them at the end of the month, after meetup. :-)

Please *don't* send the card in an envelope, and please use a real postage stamp if possible. :-)

Please write the date on the card. :-)

To get to know me a little more, check out my Youtube channel: or visit me on Pinterest:

I also have a Zazzle store where I sell some postcards made from my own photos: