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Earlier this week, RTÉ (Ireland’s national broadcaster) aired part two of a six-part documentary about the Dublin’s General Post Office. The series, told in weekly episodes, revolves around the iconic building and includes stories from many of the people who use it on a daily basis. Here’s the synopsis:

“Best known as the headquarters of the 1916 Rising, the GPO has been at the heart of Irish life for 200 years. Inside the GPO goes behind the scenes at Ireland’s busiest post office; home to 950 staff, a microcosm of Irish society, and caretaker of letters, parcels, hopes and stories.”

Well… postcrossers do visit post offices rather often, so it’s only natural that a group of enthusiastic Irish postcrossers were picked to be featured on the documentary!

Inside the GPO

Sitting down in a café with their stamps and postcards, Nora (aka ned44440), John (aka jr11577), Claudia (aka chrissybaby) and Kodzos (aka kodzos) braved the cameras and did an excellent job representing the Irish Postcrossing community. Well done guys!

Inside the GPO

You can see the segment (until April 21st) at This is the second part of this series — the first one can be seen here.
If you like it so far, do follow RTÉ's website for the next episodes!


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Postal related videos have a soft spot in our mail-loving hearts… bonus points if they feature postcards and envelopes whizzing by at the speed of light! 😀

So we were happy to discover another of these videos, which Ana (aka ninocas) from Portugal shared with us. Some details are specific to the USA, but in our experience, this is how mail is processed in most countries as well. Have a look:

The video is part of Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum’s permanent exhibition Systems at Work, where you can learn how the postal service works and has evolved over the past 200 years.

If you’re not in the US, you can still “visit” this exhibition (and the whole museum in fact!) on their virtual tours — it’s super interesting!


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Making Mail, the movie about mail art that was started by a Kickstarter campaign last year, has just been released and you can watch it online! It’s one hour long, and filled with mailart loveliness and inspiration.

Don’t you feel like grabbing your crafty supplies and some old magazines to dress up that plain envelope? Go for it! :)


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Happy Birthday Postcrossing!
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Postcrossing,
Happy birthday to you!

Hurray! It’s Postcrossing’s 9th birthday today! That’s quite a lot for an internet project, isn’t it? :)

A few exciting things happened in this past year. Here are some of the highlights:

What a great year! :D

And since it’s a special day, we wanted to share something special with you…

Remember back in March, when we asked you to send us postcards for an event – and you responded in a spectacular fashion, sending us over 1000 postcards in a week? Well, the postcards were all delivered at TEDxOporto, and we thought we’d share the talk I gave that day, as it has just been translated into English! Here it goes:

I was so nervous that when I stepped off the stage that I couldn’t remember a single word I had said… but it was truly an honor to be able to spread the message and play “mail carrier” to all your nice postcards! The people loved them and were thrilled to take them home. Some joined the project immediately, others signed up their classes… and a few were already postcrossers and came to say Hi! in the end!

So, our heartfelt thank you to all of you, for making Postcrossing what it is today. Enjoy the day… and send a postcard… or nine! ;-)


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Eight years ago, Paulo launched Postcrossing to fix the problem of his empty mailbox. He recruited his friends, which told their friends, and they told their friends… and what do you know – it seems like lots of other people had the same eagerness to fill their mailboxes with postcards from around the world! :)

Today, on Postcrossing’s birthday’s, we would like to thank each and every single postcrosser out there, for your enthusiasm and continued support throughout these 8 years! This postcard revolution wouldn’t be possible without you.


Marichie, atb and UnaHora in Spain also sent us this fantastic video and Agger and auszra1 in Lithuania wrote a Postcrossing song!

We couldn’t pick a single best entry… or even three… so a lot of people are going to receive a little something from Postcrossing’s HQ! Turtles, heymma, Frogglin, kelpie, nomadic_gypsy, kugusch & linabella and Marichie, atb & UnaHora – keep an eye on your mailboxes!

Happy Postcrossing! Have a piece of your favourite cake today! :)


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