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About hkappespc...

Here is a little about me:
I love to travel and collect postcards.
I am always curious about everything.
I love to organize small things (Legos, buttons, postcards, etc.)
I have an artists imagination and a scientists curiosity.
I love food, especially sweets.
I love my Fiat 500.
I believe in peace, equality, and kindness.

Please send me a postcard that makes you smile 😀 or make me one with your original art. If you need ideas, see below.

I appreciate vintage and beautiful stamps.

If you need something to write about:
- tell me about your postcard collection - how/why/when you started it, how you store it, your favorite postcard
- how do you celebrate April 1st in your country (or is it not a holiday there)?
- draw me a picture on the back
- write me a quote or saying

2018 - I am focusing this year on my mail themed collection - mailboxes, stamps, airmail, mail carriers, letter writing, etc. If you can add to this, I would be delighted :)
Here are some ideas for those wanting more direction:
* I prefer cards that are 4" x 6" (10.8cm x 15.2 cm) or smaller so that they fit in my albums
* My "Favorites" on my postcard wall are just examples of what I like - you can send anything similar.
* Ad, handmade & vintage are fine if they fit into one of these categories.

Anytime of year:
* Poisson d'Avril / April Fools' Day / April 1st
* Lunar New Year (from any year)

* lovebirds (the parrots) like these

* Mail theme - mailboxes stamps, post office, mail carrier, airmail, etc.
* series cards (like Greetings from..., WOW, FOTW, WT, Icons, etc.)
* multiples like these
* sewing machines
* skulls & skeletons
* carnivorous plants
* chess or playing cards (the games or people playing them)
* cards that say HEIDI on them (signs, sayings, etc)
* functional cards (cut outs, beer deckles, flaps that open, things that move, etc)

* Eiffel Tower
* subway map cards
* fantasy maps
* artistic / drawn maps

* Girl Scouts (also called Girl Guides)
* Royalty
* Lucille Ball
* Shakespeare related
* Sherlock Holmes related
* Hercule Poirot (Agatha Christie) related
* Nasreddin Hodja (Hoca, Goja)
* Harry Potter related

* dressed animals - like these
* Inge Löök Aunties
* Illustrations like Moomin, Smurfs, Sanrio characters, Jetoy, etc.
* Mecki, Micki, Macki & Mucki like these

If you would like to check my collections:

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