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You might have heard the name PostEurop before, most likely because they organise the yearly EUROPA stamps competition. What you perhaps don’t know is that their functions go well beyond this task: through their several forums and groups, PostEurop oversees the cooperation between 52 public postal services in the European continent, in a variety of topics such as social responsibility, best practices or quality of service.

Last week, PostEurop celebrated its 20th anniversary with a Plenary Assembly and several other events. Since Postcrossing is very active in Europe, PostEurop invited the attending delegations to take part in an exhibition about Postcrossing – by sharing what the project was like in their country.

Sixteen countries accepted the challenge and made a stand with general information and statistics, and shared some postcards sent and received. Other PostEurop countries that didn’t know about Postcrossing yet, had the opportunity to learn about the project. Here are some photos from the event:

PostEurop exhibition PostEurop exhibition PostEurop exhibition

Belgian postcrossers were also invited to come around and check out the stands, and despite the inconvenient schedule in the middle of the week, some did come! There was even a tiny post office where cards and stamps could be purchased and stamped with a special anniversary cancellation stamp.

Oh, by the way, the winners of this year’s EUROPA stamps competition were announced during the plenary: Finland and Turkey took home the big honours!

Winners EUROPA stamps 2013

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abbyaguas, Philippines

It's cool to hear that's plenary assembly like this. I hope there's also a picture of the anniversary cancellation stamp.

BxlPoster, United Arab Emirates

Indeed, as a Belgian postcrosser I had received an invitation, but as said, because it was on the afternoon of a business day, I couldn't attend. Who went? Any other photos to share?

meiadeleite, Portugal

@abbyaguas & @BxlPoster: czarrymarry took a few more photos, including one of the cancellation mark (which we forgot to photograph!):

nugget, United States of America

Love the stamps!

rosenbusch, Germany

An interesting challenge and congratulations for the winners Turkey and Finland. Nice stamps...

juliaclaire, United States of America

Congrats to Turkey and Finland on winning the contest...

MiamMioum, Belgium

I was there! Fortunately, it was my holiday time. That was interesting and I got 2 special postcrossing postcards!

krishnaraosridhar, India


BxlPoster, United Arab Emirates

Hello Ana,
Thank you for the tip.

Hello czarrymarry,
Thank you for the photos.

vonxblood, United States of America

I love both of those stamps. This is so cool!

Vagabond_Trader, United States of America

I cant get over how amazing that carpet is! I want that!

paw_luck, Belgium

Hello all :)
Thank you Ana for posting a link to my blog. I'm happy to share my postcrossing experience with you :)

Seesternchen, Germany

love the stamps!!! and Postcrossing are so wonderfull concept!! Postcards the winners!!!

Daggimaus, Germany

I love this wonderful concept! The exchange of cards with the most beautiful stamps and connectedness with nice people around the world, a wonderful idea.
Thank you dear inventor!!

loops, Belgium

I was also there (with MiamMioum) :-)
It was interesting but I wish I could have met more other belgian postcrossers...

wxl-one, China

The stamps are really beautiful!I love them~

louloute, Belgium

I was also there.

vlaanderen, Belgium

I was there and liked it very much ! Paulo & Ana = true ambassadors of worldwide friendship !!