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For the second post of the Stationery makers series, we’ve talked with Liz, from dicky bird. We found her online shop by accident, but were immediately drawn to her fresh and eye-catching illustrations. Her collection of greeting cards put a big smile so big on our face, so we knew we had to feature her on the blog :)

Liz started her stationery business a year ago, but says that it was years in the planning in her head! She creates the illustrations on her Mac and then the cards are printed in heavy uncoated paper, for a muted and slightly textured feeling.

Below are her answers to our interview.

dicky bird cards
How did you get started doing stationery design?
I worked in Graphics for 10 years, so I knew a fair bit about print production, design and marketing. My love of bold colours and simple shapes led me to illustration and, later, the creation of ‘dicky bird’.
dicky bird cards
Where do you find your inspiration?
Oh, in so many things – nature, 50s and 60s patterns and textiles, Dick Bruna, Japanese life, Mid-century design and all things Scandinavian. I take a lot of photos and sometimes I get ideas that way. I also love living in London – there are so many interesting things to see and do – odd little museums, galleries (huge public ones and small independent ones), beautiful parks and quirky shops.
dicky bird cards
If you could define your style in 3 words, what would they be?
simple / graphic / positive
Are you a postcard or letter writer yourself?
I’m definitely a card writer. Not keen on the phone at all! I still love to send and receive things in the post – it’s so much nicer.
Can you show us a picture of your studio or workspace?
dicky bird dining table
I work from home on a laptop, so my workplace can be the kitchen table or the sofa!

You can find dicky bird’s greeting cards at Liz also writes and shows bits of inspiration at

10 comments so far

Zmrzlina, United States of America

Love the bird cards. And the zoo bus :-) Thank you for another wonderful stationery spotlight!

FemkeDorien, Netherlands

Nice cards hope to find them in holland some time.

KeeksWanderer, United States of America

These are so beautiful! Crisp and well done. :) Hope I can find them one day to use!

isagv, Germany

I like the cards. :)

volvomom, United States of America

Love the bold colors! And, um...can you trade your workspace for mine? ;)

Tetsuko, Germany

very cute cards, quite simple but very special. Like especially the cards with the birds :)

ecprmb, Portugal

Beautiful! ;)

Tallia, United States of America

I love the art work on the cards. Are they for sale? I would like to purchase some if they are. Keep up the great work

meiadeleite, Portugal

@Tallia: they sure are! here's the link to her shop:

Melitjari, Australia

I ordered some cards after finding them on this blog. They have arrived today and I absolutely love them. Liz even wrote a postcard with the order saying Thank you, it was such a nice touch!