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About Sirpa...


Nice to meet you! I live in Hämeenlinna in the southern part of Finland. The town is beautiful with a castle and plenty of parks and lakes. The castle ("linna") of Häme was founded at the late 13th century.

My hobbies are various including gardening, reading, traveling, history, handicrafts, genealogy etc.

My favourite topics are (in no special order)
- buildings and places, views of nature, countryside, town or city, especially when the time of day or the season is visible
- working people
- folklore and handicraft
- vintage b/w
- Moomins
- the UNESCO sites are always great!
- lynx
- Season´s Greetings - but just in the season

One very special wish: I´d love to get cards showing St. Georg fighting with the dragon!

But don´t worry, all nice cards are very welcome ; )

Have a happy day!

I have received the card with ID RU-4383949 but it was overaged and couldn't be registered anymore, what a pity... Spasiba...

Until now I have got 196 deleted cards (older than one year). Here are the expired ones, still having more or less hope: FI-3092817 sent on 15.10.17 to MTWongfatt, South Africa (2 cards) * FI-3096342 sent on 21.10.17 to shihya013,Taiwan * FI-3109282 sent on 7.11.17 to begallant, Canada * FI-3127148 sent on 1.12.17 to jill242500, Taiwan * FI-3130121 sent on 4.12.17 to oksanasokil, Netherlands * FI-3135438 sent on 12.12.17 to Asheen, China (2 cards) * FI-3138579 sent on 17.12.17 to salma80, Indonesia * FI-3141813 sent on 24.12.17 to Nuralp, Turkey * FI-3143030 sent on 27.12.17 to Mandarinovoel, Russia (2 cards) * FI-3152225 sent on 9.1.18 to gamzova, Russia (2 cards) * FI-3159256 sent on 19.1.18 to dariuszpol66, USA * FI-3161150 sent on 21.1.18 to AlexSue23, Ukraine * FI-3168720 sent on 31.1.18 to pashtetza, Russia * FI-3180722 sent on 16.2.18 to Manjunath-Rajenda, India (2 cards) * FI-3184351 sent on 21.2.18 to judy910511, Taiwan * FI-3185042 sent on 22.2.18 to MM245, Netherlands * FI-3186562 sent on 24.2.18 to danbo119, China (2 cards) * FI-3188218 sent on 26.2.18 to oktupol, Germany (2 cards) * FI-3207202 sent on 23.3.18 to buruboo, Japan (2 cards)