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A group of Taiwan members is organising the fourth Postcrossing meeting in their country – and they’ve been preparing a special surprise for the event… a Postcrossing cancellation mark!

The meetup will be held on May 26th, in the city of Taichung, in Central Tawain. The group was granted permission to set up a temporary Post Office, and use a custom-made cancellation mark, which was drawn by weital. Here’s how it will look:

taiwan postcrossing cancellation mark

Isn’t it exciting?

Dodd, the meeting organiser, and all the other attendants are happy to have the first special Postcrossing cancellation, and would like to share it with 50 postcrossers around the world!

Thank you to everyone who responded – the 50 postcards have all been assigned!

For more information on this event, please check the meetup’s forum page.


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