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postcrossing moldova2018

Good news from Moldova, the most recent country to issue a Postcrossing-themed stamp!

Isn’t it a cute one? We love how the postcards zoom all around the world, taking a happy Moldovan postcrosser with them.

The stamp was drawn by Lilian Iaţco, and 120,000 stamps have been printed, as well as postcards and first-day covers to mark the occasion. Sadly, we believe these will only be available in local post offices for now, as Moldova Post doesn’t have a philatelic online shop yet.

As is becoming a tradition, a meetup is taking place today to celebrate the launch of the stamp and use the cancellation mark made for the occasion. The event will take place in Chisinau’s Central Post Office, which might be familiar to some from last year’s event that brought together Moldovan and Romanian postcrossers.

We look forward to seeing this new stamp make its way around the world on many future postcards!


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Sometimes people ask why don’t we organize meetups in their area, or why don’t we spread the word so that Postcrossing can have more members in country X… and we would really love to coordinate all the things in all the places… but until they invent 100-hour days (or perhaps a way to multiply ourselves!), I’m afraid our tiny team can only do so much. 😅

So we’re always glad when members reach out to ask what can they do to help. Sometimes they do so by becoming Postcrossing supporters, and other times, by doing things for the community in their own towns or countries. The most organized group of members doing this is from Finland 🇫🇮, where they got together to create an association of “Postcrossing friends”.

Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association
Photo by Marko Kulmala

So what does the Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association do? Mainly, they organize big events in Finland that bring the community together, so that everyone can meet to talk, exchange postcards and be friends. For instance, every year, they go to the Åland Islands, where they participate in meetup activities including visiting the local sorting center or meeting well-known illustrators.

Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association - Anne Ahola
Photo by Anne Ahola

As an association, they also participate in other events, like stamp exhibitions or postcard fairs, handing out fliers about Postcrossing to spread the word. Last year, they even had their very own little booth on the Finlandia 2017 exhibition…

Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association

… and put together a postcard fair for all postcard lovers to enjoy!

Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association

They also talk about all-things postcards and stamps on their website, and sometimes even get articles published in magazines or newspapers that help spread the word about Postcrossing in their country.

All of these activities are brilliant, but we would not be able to put them in place ourselves, as they require a local knowledge of the country’s culture, as well as people on the ground to take care of contacts and logistics, for which the association is a perfect match. Since the early days of their group, they have also been in close contact with the Postcrossing team, keeping us posted on their activities and exchanging ideas and feedback, which has been very helpful.

Check their website for more information about their activities and about the association itself.

PS – Have you done something that has helped Postcrossing grow in your country? If so, share it in the comments, so that you can inspire others into action! 😊



Aaaaaaah… June is here at last! 😍 This is the start of the holiday season in the northern hemisphere, when school is out for the summer and many families are packing for their yearly vacations. So it’s time for our regularly scheduled post to remind everyone that the Inactive Status and the new Travel Mode are here to help!

Going on holidays?

If you know you’re going to be away from your address for a while or simply need a break from Postcrossing, we recommend that you switch your account to inactive a few weeks in advance. You can still send postcards if you’d like, but you won’t be sent any until you’re ready to receive them.

In addition to using the Inactive state, if you’re going on holidays somewhere and would like to send postcards from that location, then the Travel Mode is for you! Just set it on for your destination, connect to a local internet connection when you get there, grab some local postcards and stamps, and enjoy sending postcards with the right Postcard IDs, maps and statistics.

While you’re using either of these modes (which you can easily switch on and off on your Account Settings), Postcrossing does not to give your address to other members. Don’t worry though — we’ll still keep track of all your due postcards, and send them all to you when you’re home again and your account is back to active.

Got questions? Feel free to reach out on the comments or through the forum — as always, we’re here to help.

Enjoy your holidays!


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Written postcard The writing prompts are an ongoing experiment that invites postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcard’s messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

We’re big fans of the “Think global, act local” motto, and though we don’t usually read newspapers these days, we still keep an eye on our local news online or through the town’s radio station. While the local headlines are definitely small-scale in the national or global context, the issues covered are interesting and offer a glimpse into the life of the region.

June’s writing prompt comes from Jetske's suggestion on the forum, which resonated with us:

In June, write about a recent interesting subject from your local news.

So let’s see… at the time I’m writing this post, the headlines are focused on the prevention of forest fires before summer starts, a controversial new offshore drill off the coast of Algarve, as well as the local soccer team being promoted to the second tier championship over the weekend. Not terribly exciting stuff, but a mix of environmental concerns and entertainment which seems characteristic of our region. I could easily write a bit more about these topics.

What is concerning the people in your area at the moment? Let’s make the world a little smaller by sharing some of the local stories on our postcards this month!



We know, we know… the blog has been a bit slow lately, as we’ve been busy with other tasks. In the meantime, here’s a brilliant giveaway to make up for it — enjoy!

Do these postcards look familiar? 😍


If so, you’ve probably heard about Papersisters! Although the company only started a couple of years ago, its eye-catching designs have swiftly conquered the hearts of many postcrossers around the world.

Sisters Wiebke (aka Namibia13) and Maike (aka jofemapa) are both enthusiastic postcrossers, and this passion turned into the creation of postcards and the opening of their own shop. Their range includes nicely illustrated postcards about different regions of Germany and their typical things, the country series featured above, stamp collages (my favorite!), and others for special occasions. They also do cute Postcard IDs or weather-themed rubberstamps to personalize your cards, as well as a few other goodies!


And now, for the best part! Papersisters is offering a pack of 12 postcards to 4 lucky postcrossers, plus one rubberstamp prize for an extra winner! Pretty cool, right? For a chance to receive one of these prizes, visit their website and leave a comment below, telling us which postcard (or series of postcards) is your absolute favorite!

But be warned, choosing from so much goodness will not be an easy task…

papersisters Airmail

Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to check back here next Saturday for the winners (randomly picked by Paulo’s number generator, as always).

And the winners of this giveaway, as chosen by Paulo’s random number generator are… amandam718, tandrj, Tufta, Allison_b216 and svoboda999! Congratulations — and thank you everyone for your enthusiastic participation on this giveaway!


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