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ana and paulo at the photomaton

You did it: 10,000,000 registered postcards! Wow, that is… a lot of postcards! :)

Thank you once again for all the postcards you send, and for your continuing support to this project!

In case you are curious (and we know you are!), lucky postcard 10 million was sent by member maru_jp in Japan, and was registered today, at 16:56 by huckabiene in Germany.

The member who got closer to the correct time was Solkadot! Congratulations, you’re the winner of our 10 million contest, and you will receive a pack of 120 postcards, from MOO!

Both the sender and the receiver of the lucky 10 millionth postcard will also receive a pack of 20 postcards and a stickerbook!

We’d like to give a big thank you to MOO, who sponsored this contest and showered our participants with gifts!

And now… on to the next million, shall we?


Today we’re announcing a different kind of contest! Some of you might have noticed we’re fast approaching the 10 million received postcards milestone. We’re quite excited about it, and to celebrate this achievement, we’re having a guessing game!

moo cards

It goes like this: every member has a chance to bet on the day and time on which the postcard number 10 million will be registered. The user with the closest guess gets the prize: a coupon for 120 postcards, an awesome offer from MOO!

All you have to do is go to the 10 million postcard page, and place your bet!

Each time slot can only be chosen by one person, so the first user to pick that slot gets to keep it. You can change it at a later stage, if you want, but only from the available time slots left. We will close the bets when there are 1,500 postcards left to postcard 10,000,000. There are some more rules, which you can see on the contest page.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a go, and good luck! :)

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