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2 million received postcards! YAY! Can you believe it?

Postcrossing headquarters is cheerfully celebrating this incredible milestone of 2 million received postcards! :) Thank you so much for making this possible through your lovely postcards!

Of course you're all itching to know who were the lucky members that exchanged this special postcard, so here's the screenshot of the action:

Postcard 2 million travelled from Muffins in Germany, to coveralls1 in Norway!

Congratulations to these 2 members! And despite the many tries nobody guessed the countries. We'll be organizing another contest soon to give that prize away.

ana & paulo

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Posted by on 26 Feb, 2009
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85 comments so far

geminiscp, Portugal
Posted by geminiscp on 26 Feb, 2009

titogarcez3, Brazil
Congratulations! :D
Posted by titogarcez3 on 26 Feb, 2009

yiphinwai, Malaysia
It is unbelievable, so fast, the number count down ...
Posted by yiphinwai on 26 Feb, 2009

yvi-1, United States of America
Woohoo! Congratulations!
Posted by yvi-1 on 26 Feb, 2009

Mundoo, Australia
Congratulations and a great achievement. I hope we are able to see a pic of the postcard on the Wall.
Posted by Mundoo on 26 Feb, 2009

ShirleyCR, Costa Rica
It was so fast at the end ^__^
Posted by ShirleyCR on 26 Feb, 2009

titogarcez, Brazil
Joey (Coveralls1) and Muffins you are very lucky! :P

Congratulations to all postcrossers for this victory! :D
Posted by titogarcez on 26 Feb, 2009

Helmyne, Germany
Congratulations to Paulo and to us ;-) !!
Posted by Helmyne on 26 Feb, 2009

Jetske, Netherlands
Posted by Jetske on 26 Feb, 2009

SusanaPortugal, Portugal
Congratulations to all that made this possible but in special to Paulo :)
Posted by SusanaPortugal on 26 Feb, 2009

ICELANCE, Philippines

Congratulations to all postcrossers and also to the postcrossing team for this milestone. =)
Posted by ICELANCE on 26 Feb, 2009

wildernesscat, Israel
Thanks Paulo, for making it all possible.
Posted by wildernesscat on 26 Feb, 2009

Rafal, Germany
Ohh, it is so wonderful. We all love Postcrossing;)

Congratulations !!!
Posted by Rafal on 26 Feb, 2009

swan, United States of America
Oh, two of my favorite postcrossers did it. That makes this even more wonderful. Congratulations!
Posted by swan on 26 Feb, 2009

MrsTaavi, Germany
Congratulations! Unbelievable! I think two weeks ago there were still 82,000 left.... time and the postcards are running :-)

My suggestion: Why don't you give the price two both of them who were "involved" in postcard # 2,000,000 - to coveralls1 and muffin?
Posted by MrsTaavi on 26 Feb, 2009

bumbum, Malaysia
Congratulations! I can't believe it! Yesterday there's still about 3000++
Posted by bumbum on 26 Feb, 2009

Wyando, Germany
Congrats! Up to the next million!
Posted by Wyando on 26 Feb, 2009

sxdpeter, China
Congratulations! More such kind of celebrations!
Posted by sxdpeter on 26 Feb, 2009

masito, Switzerland
Congrats! And thank you so much Paulo!
Posted by masito on 26 Feb, 2009

exscout, Finland
Cool! :) Postcrossing has really made my life more interesting, so thank you all very much! And a special "thank you" for Paulo for making this possible!
Posted by exscout on 26 Feb, 2009

clione, Thailand
Posted by clione on 26 Feb, 2009

coveralls1, Norway
Dear Creators of Postcrossing & Postcrossing Friends around the World!
WOW - I am all over the place - I'm so happy!! I'll never forget this day! I'm down with the flu this week, but this calls for a celebration - so I have opened a bottle of the kind of stuff Vikings like to drink :-) I have been sending and receiving postcards for almost 40 years - so I'm going down memory lane, saluting the little girl in Northern Ireland who sent me the first cards I ever received from abroad and got me hooked on this hobby way back in time and space. Congrats to Muffins who I have known via postcrossing for years already - this is a day you'll never forget :-) I don't have a scanner, but I would like to tell all of you that Muffins sent me 4 BEAUTIFUL cards and a special stamp. Last but not least for today: Congrats to all Postcrossers for making this world a better place with your wonderful cards and words!
Big hugs from Joey in Stavanger, Norway.
Posted by coveralls1 on 26 Feb, 2009

Angie, Australia
Congratulations to everyone - at this rate it won't be long to 3 million. Keep it up! :))
Posted by Angie on 26 Feb, 2009

Stephany81, Ireland
Congratulations!!! In these days, I was always here to check the countdown!
Posted by Stephany81 on 26 Feb, 2009

FairyFoot, United Kingdom
I wonder when we'll reach 2,500,000 or even 3 million postcards...
Posted by FairyFoot on 26 Feb, 2009

kela79, Finland
WOW!!Congratulations!!!That was really fast!!!
Thank you Paulo!
Posted by kela79 on 26 Feb, 2009

Ninocas, Portugal
Congratulations to all!!
Posted by Ninocas on 26 Feb, 2009

hadassah, Finland
Congratulations! And thank you Paulo for making my life better:)
Posted by hadassah on 26 Feb, 2009

kaigelee, China
Lucky coveralls1,and we all feel happy!
Posted by kaigelee on 26 Feb, 2009

wangjiayimike, China
I have ever got one card from Muffins~~
Posted by wangjiayimike on 26 Feb, 2009

Juliee, United States of America
Congratulations, thats fantastic :)
Posted by Juliee on 26 Feb, 2009

Caatje-, Netherlands went so fast at the end! On to the next 2 millions ;-P Thanks Paulo for this great website!
Posted by Caatje- on 26 Feb, 2009

kazinhabueno, Brazil
It's a happiness!!! Congratulations to all the postcrossers in the world and specially to coveralls and Muffins, Paulo and Ana ;)
Posted by kazinhabueno on 26 Feb, 2009

sunshiness, Finland
I´m sure we can make it up to the next million :)
Posted by sunshiness on 26 Feb, 2009

TralhasGratis, Portugal
It's nice to be part on it ;)
Keep up!!
Posted by TralhasGratis on 26 Feb, 2009

super-hero, Japan
Congratulations!!!Omedetou Gozaimasu *U*
Posted by super-hero on 26 Feb, 2009

Pimennys, Finland
awsome, congrats and now to the next million! :D
Posted by Pimennys on 26 Feb, 2009

Lady2005, Germany
I am new here, but it is super
someone at this world is thinking of someone and work on it to find the right card to send .i love to dekorate and search for a card that fit the other.
all People dont matter what color rich or pure handycapt or well being..........
yust to care for a little moment ore maby later a frendship.
Nobody is alone
this idee to start Postcrossing is yust mega great
all the passion you Paulo put in it is =Thank you so much:-)

Fantastic job to every one

spread the word

To get in someones live you maid never see ...

yust for a moment is to me fasination

Love Care & Peace all over the World

Yes we Can ;-)))))) (Thanks Obama )
Posted by Lady2005 on 26 Feb, 2009

misterteapot1, Australia
What a wonderful achievement! :)

Posted by misterteapot1 on 26 Feb, 2009

Jodie05, Australia
Wow!!! That's fantastic! Congratulations to postcrossers everywhere. I received my first ever postcrossing card from Joey so I'm delighted for him (and Muffins too). Thanks heaps to the postcrossing team!
Posted by Jodie05 on 26 Feb, 2009

phisseraph, Taiwan
Congratulations to the lucky two postcrossers, Muffins and coveralls1, and to the great team supports this project, of course congratulations to all postcrossers who made this moment possible!
Posted by phisseraph on 26 Feb, 2009

suzeroo, Canada
I stayed up for it...WOW that was exciting!!
Posted by suzeroo on 26 Feb, 2009

dythefly, Canada
That was so great! Congratulations! Even though postcrossing is my hobby, my multi-generational household gets involved everytime something comes in and something goes out. I think my mail lady even is excited to deliver postcards to me! I knew I was out of the run because the mail came yesterday before we were even at about 2000. I gave everyone exciting updates on how close we were, even on Facebook too because most of my friends know about my great hobby! Sadly, it was getting late and the cards weren't ticking away fast enough. I went to bed at 175, knowing it would happen before long. How exciting!!!!!
Happy postcrossing guys!
Posted by dythefly on 26 Feb, 2009

phuleshouse, Canada
Posted by phuleshouse on 26 Feb, 2009

Becki_G, United States of America
Congratulations to everyone! It seemed so fast! I can't wait for the 3 million now! :-)
Posted by Becki_G on 26 Feb, 2009

faustyna, Poland
Posted by faustyna on 26 Feb, 2009

naturegirl, Estonia
Joey realy deserves it! He once registered my postcard that had actually got lost, which was really nice of him. And come to think of it, if he hadn't, he wouldn't have got the lucky 2 million card. So here's one example how little acts of random kindness pay off!

Congratulations to everyone! It's time to celebrate!!!
And BIIIG thanks to Paulo!
Posted by naturegirl on 26 Feb, 2009

Ollychen, Belarus
Congratulations! It happened so quickly!:)
Posted by Ollychen on 26 Feb, 2009

WEPESQ, United States of America
Great! But I'm going to be the person who sends or receives postcard number THREE million. You'll see!
Posted by WEPESQ on 26 Feb, 2009

mylifeasadog, Thailand
2 Million Postcards
Chai Yoooooooooo :D
Posted by mylifeasadog on 26 Feb, 2009

abhishek_b4u, India
Many congratulations. Its a gr8 achievement.
Happy postcrossing to everybody and May we touch the 3 million mark soon.
Posted by abhishek_b4u on 26 Feb, 2009

krbradford, United States of America
Many warm congratulations to Paulo and Anna on creating such a special place for people around the world. I can't say how much your terrific website has broadened my horizons and helped me to make great new friends. So - thank you for sharing your idea with us and making it happen! Hope you are out having a celebratory cocktail!
Posted by krbradford on 26 Feb, 2009

Alexil, Germany
Congratulations to everybody...

I am so happy for postcrossing. This is great. Keep going everybody!!
Posted by Alexil on 26 Feb, 2009

suegathman, United States of America
Oh, how wonderful! :)

I tried to stay up for it but I had to go to bed when the countdown was at 74 ... and the first thing I did when I got up this morning was check Postcrossing! :)

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, either. :)

Can't wait for the next million!
Posted by suegathman on 26 Feb, 2009

empty_mailbox, Germany
Congrats Joey and Muffins! And congrats to all of us that we are part of something very special! And a big thank you to the great Postcrossing team! What a milestone! Let's go to the next million!
Posted by empty_mailbox on 26 Feb, 2009

wennycheung, Hong Kong

congrats congrat congrats

and thank you everyone for all the postcard. It brighten my days :D:D:D

Thank you!!!!
Posted by wennycheung on 26 Feb, 2009

pimu, Finland
Congratulations to everybody!! two million postcards, wow!! :)
Posted by pimu on 26 Feb, 2009

chansooyeng, Malaysia
Posted by chansooyeng on 26 Feb, 2009

mebertram, United States of America
Congratulations, Muffins and Coveralls! Thank you, Paulo, for Postcrossing.
Posted by mebertram on 26 Feb, 2009

GypsyPostcardWorld, United States of America
Congratulations...I am looking forward to the countdown for THREE MILLION :-)
Posted by GypsyPostcardWorld on 26 Feb, 2009

GermanIndianPrincess, Germany
Congratulations ..... up to the next millions, and thanks to you ana & paulo for this great project.
Posted by GermanIndianPrincess on 26 Feb, 2009

cumlaudemagnum, Malta
I believe that we'll celebrate the 3 million postcards received this year maybe in October or November.
Posted by cumlaudemagnum on 26 Feb, 2009

bassenav, United States of America
This is a fantastic milestone! Too bad they haven't uploaded an image of the card. I wonder what it looked like?
Posted by bassenav on 26 Feb, 2009

Muffins, Germany
Wohoo! Perfect timing for registering THAT card, Joey!!
What a honour to have sent the 2 million ;-)
Hugs to you and all who have sent the other 1999999 cards!
But I must say that I don't have a scanner either - sorry guys!
cu & read you - haha!
Posted by Muffins on 26 Feb, 2009

tomsaaristo, United States of America

When does the countdown to 3 million begin?
Posted by tomsaaristo on 26 Feb, 2009

losangelesgirl2, United States of America
Yay for Germany - my homeland! =D
And congrats to you guys!
Posted by losangelesgirl2 on 26 Feb, 2009

naturegirl, Estonia
To Joey and Muffins: if You don't have a scanner, a camera would do as well ;)
Posted by naturegirl on 26 Feb, 2009

sonataca, United States of America
Oh man! This is exciting! I couldn't get enough sleep, i wanted to see it but I fell asleep but I am very very happy that two of my well known fellow postcrossers were the special sender and receiver! I can't wait for 3 million now!

My friends, let's work even harder to make it to 3 million! We didn't take much time to reach 2 million from 1 million!
Posted by sonataca on 26 Feb, 2009

Giulia_cardieri, Brazil
Posted by Giulia_cardieri on 26 Feb, 2009

isagvproject, Germany
WOW, 2 Forum members did it! :D Congratulations to 2 wonderful people and be well soon Joey! :-))
Posted by isagvproject on 26 Feb, 2009

Feiticeira, Finland
Wonderful! It was amazing how quickly it went in the end... Congratulations to all. I´m very proud of being a part of this. Thank you Paulo, this project has brought a smile on my face and brightened my days so many times.
Happy postcrossing to you all! There will soon be a million or two more;)
Posted by Feiticeira on 26 Feb, 2009

Hexentrio, Germany
Congratulations to Joey and muffins, and to Paulo and the entire PC-team as well. You guys gave me goosebumps, it was so exciting! Thank you for all your care about this project.
Keep on Postcrossing!
Posted by Hexentrio on 26 Feb, 2009

indianfriendszone, India
CONGRATS TO POSTCROSSING MEMBERS and Muffins (Germany), coveralls1 (Norway) for making it so special.
Lets Celebrate 26th Feb every year for such remarkable achievement.
Can anyone let me know the date on which 1 Million Mark was achieved?
Thank You

Posted by indianfriendszone on 27 Feb, 2009

dandilion, Netherlands
Congratulations to all of us!!!

happy postcrossing for ever! Lets go to the 3.. 4.. 5 million cards :-)
Posted by dandilion on 27 Feb, 2009

j4eye, China
congratulations to the 2 lucky guys and all of us:D
Posted by j4eye on 27 Feb, 2009

sonataca, United States of America
indianfriendszone, we reached a million last year on May 11 :)
Posted by sonataca on 27 Feb, 2009

iktys, Finland
2 million, wow! Party party partyyy~

And that was a fast million, within nine months?? :D
Posted by iktys on 27 Feb, 2009

mydecemberht, United States of America
Yay!! 2 million postcards!! :) :) It moved so fast at the end..I got Twitter updates to my mobile phone about it! :)
Posted by mydecemberht on 27 Feb, 2009

nagi7, India
Congrats!! Three things that helps us with postcards
1. Generates revenue to Government by stamp purchase
2. Gives us knowledge about people and places
3. Its a written proof or document which can stay with us
for decades unlike Emedia.
congrats all the members for making it possible
Posted by nagi7 on 28 Feb, 2009

gabiserafini, Brazil
Isso é maravilhoso, que cheguemos logo aos 3 milhões
Happy postcrossing for all!!!
Posted by gabiserafini on 28 Feb, 2009

jdmadeira, Portugal
Congratulations! Fico feliz por ver um projecto criado por um português correr tão bem!
Posted by jdmadeira on 1 Mar, 2009

zhaobin, China
Posted by zhaobin on 3 Mar, 2009

Danielle_and_Herbert, Netherlands
Great! Great! Great! Congratulations!
Posted by Danielle_and_Herbert on 3 Mar, 2009

Divxlena, Belarus
Lucky! Now I wait a next million =)
Posted by Divxlena on 12 Mar, 2009

NyteMirage, United States of America
YAY! That's awesome!
Posted by NyteMirage on 17 Mar, 2009

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