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Chieusa, United States of America


(or Chie) is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 9 years (3,526 days).
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Lat: 47.67, Lon: -122.12 | Google Maps

About Chie...

Hi, thank you for checking out my profile :)

I'm close to 50 yrs old, married with 2 children, working part-time. I don't own a rabbit (うさ=usa) but wild rabbits, dear, raccoon, owls...and bears occasionally...visit my backyard in a rural suburb of Seattle, USA.

Here are my general wishes. I hope I do not sound picky or demanding here.

* a hand-written postcard - meaning a postcard (not a folded/cut greeting card).

* a "regular" postcard - meaning I prefer to receive store-bought cards than self-printed, hand-made, recycled, or randomly chosen AD/free cards. But I love Etegami's and AD cards that fall in the categories on the list below.

* a "beyond the border" card - Not much interested in USA cards.

* a "naked" postcard - meaning a postcard sent without an envelope. Doesn't mean a hetero/homo-sexual card.

* a fully written card - I scan all cards and add descriptions to received cards on my Postcard wall. So, could you write what your postcard is about? (location, artist, culture, significance, etc) If you don't know what else to write, I'd love to know today's weather forecast & temperature in your area.

* an Airmail label and a nice stamp(s) - I love postage stamps, air mail labels and postmarks as much as postcards! I prefer authentic stamps (officially issued by your postal service), not personalized/custom-made stamps.

* Because I value the authenticity of your card, and for privacy reasons, please do not send me a card via Touchnote, iPostal, Postkortet, Mobile apps and other third parties.

* Japanese native speakers/learners: 日本語で書いてくださると嬉しいです。Write me in Japanese!

Thank you!!!

===== THE LIST of the themes I Like the most =================
>>> The "Favourites" (which I haven't received yet) on my Postcard Wall will show you WHAT KINDS of cards I love the most. Your card doesn't have to be the perfect match to be appreciated :D

Everyday life, local markets, street scenes, people at work/leisure, uniforms; Country borders; All kinds of Maps; Libraries & Archives; Tools, kits, machinery, factories; Airplanes, trains, railway platforms; Astronomy observatories, Telescopes, Earth, Moon and Stars;

Something local from you area; Beautiful scenery, sky and ocean, famous or historic places, wild animals from land & sea; Football(=men's soccer); Non-English messages, Bible quotes; Ethnic food, recipes; Carnivals and Festivals;

Steampunk, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dr.Who 10th&11th; Tintin, Peter Rabbit, Jip en Janneke, Pingu, Krtek, Linux Tux, Cheburashka, Bande-Dessinée, Japanese comics & anime; Console Games; Owl City, Stromae; Geocaching;

>>> For view cards (landscape, city view, street scenes) I prefer real photo image to illustration.
Thank you so much for having read my profile all the way through!