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“I love getting post in general, but a pretty postcard always makes my day. I display and collect the cards. Every single card equals a smile on my face.”

oswin42, Netherlands

“It's like Twitter for snail mail, it lets me interact with people all over the world, it gives me a taste of other cultures, it gives me something to look forward to in the mailbox everyday. Surprise! A postcard from Germany! :)”

Dixie, USA

“it gives people new hobbies and there are surprises that awaits in your mailbox. Different postcards from different people around the globe. Instead of burying yourself in time-wasting activities, Postcrossing gives a brand, new meaning to leisure and hobby!”

Lorenzo, Philippines

“I've been a member of Postcrossing for nearly a year... I feel like I've explored the whole world!”


“Postcrossing is a part of my life.I always became so surprised and happy when I got a new postcard in my box, all of them are so warm, sunny, full of the happiness and love, so I want to share somebody with it.
Best wishes to everybody and happy postcrossing!:)”

Jelena, Latvia

“Everyday when I open my mailbox, it's like taking a vacation some place far away.”

Craig, Michigan, USA

“I live in what is said to be the most dangerous city in the world. Postcrossing and the people I meet here make me forget the violence and ruthlessness I witness every day in my beloved city. The cards I receive and the friendly messages I get make me realize the world is a wonderful place full of awesome places and caring people I may see in person one day. Postcrossing gives me faith that my city will also be some day a beautiful and safe place and I will be there to see it.”

Jambo_sana, Carlos, Mexico

“It helps me connect with people not only around the world but also within my own country. It's also great seeing the effort everyone puts into finding something you like and writing a lovely message.”

Fernanda, Mexico

“I like to think that when I send a postcard I send a part of me with it. So, even though I'm living my life in my home town, parts of me are all over the world touching other people's lifes. And every time I receive a postcard, part of someone else touches my life. Every postcard is a new little friend.”

Anna, Finland

“Postcrossing made my life better! My all family loves to watch box and looking for a card :) I never expected that one day I'll sent card so USA, Argentina or somewhere else in the world! Now I can find pen-pals and write to someone! Postcrossing showed to my that our world is very friendly! Postcrossing united all world! People you don't know very well can be so funny, friendly and good to you!
Postcrossing I LOVE YOU!!! :)”

Gintare, Lithuania

“I've just moved to a small island for work, where there's no family and close friends. I feel like the world has left me behind. I'm so happy when I got postcards from postcrossers; because that someone actually took time to prepare a postcard, just for me. I feel special, I feel like I exist in this world. Thank you Postcrossing! :)”

Zwesty, Indonesia

“Being stuck in a small town it gives me great pleasure to open my mailbox each day and find pictures of far-away places. I always imagine myself jumping right into the motives! I like that i never write or read anything negative. Postcrossing makes people focus in the positive side of life. Thank you! To the moon and all the way back.

Atlascrash, dreamer, Denmark

“I have to admit that I joined at first out of boredom and to bug the pedagogue who has to deliver my post (I'm on a boarding school).
But I soon found out that it was really calming to write something. It's like a piece of your diary traveling through the world. It's refreshing and nice to know that none of your friends will be able to read what has been on your mind, because someone has pinned it up at home. <3”

Carina (17), Germany

“I can't wait for next card,
It's random person of life part.
People stay at home, sit tight,
have in their hands a world sight.
Somebody send a card from place lived,
later I finally card for me received!
When I see in my mailbox a new one,
I always have so much fun!
It's like a toy,
brings so much joy!
I always want to see all countries,
now my vision of world is much lightness.
And came true my dream,
thanks to you, postcrossing team.”

Emilia from Bydgoszcz, Poland

“I was waiting to stumble upon a project like postcrossing! I just got my first postcard and that alone made my day very exciting!”

Gigi91, Puerto Rico

“I just love postcrossing...being a part of something so unique is wonderful. I am known as the "Queen of Snail Mail" among my friends and I thoroughly embrace it. I enjoy sending postcards across the world and definitely enjoy receiving them..I have learned new things, encountered wonderful people, and seen truly beautiful things being a part of postcrossing.. I plan on staying a part of this unique community.”

Crystal, U.S.A.

“Postcrossing has given me a chance to be creative and expressive with such a little piece of paper. It is a form of art and I want to share my art with the whole world.”

अमांडा, U.S.A.

“It's a big surprise everytime I open the mailbox. I already received so many beautiful postcards from many countries around the world I haven't dreamt of before. Even the postman loves to deliver those lovely postcards, as we live in the world of computers and people rarely send postcards anymore!”

Melanie, Lustadt, Germany

“I love the surprise of finding postcards from around the world when I open my postbox. I now receive more postcards than bills!
Everywhere I go I look for new postcards and fun stickers to add to my collection to send.”

Rosie, Australia

“I get to see new things and know more people. I don't get a chance to travel much and receiving the postcards allow my curious self to see the world. I love how anyone would write to me about their day and what's happening on the other side of the world.”

Zahidah, Singapore

“In my own country I sometimes find that people are complacent, assuming that there isn't much to learn from other countries and cultures. I love that Postcrossing keeps me globally aware. It keeps me understanding that rich lives are being lived even if they are not like mine or like those in my country. It helps me learn something new with every postcard received. It helps me to be a full person instead of one who is narrow-minded.”

Rita, U.S.A.

“I love finding colourful postcards in my letterbox instead of bills and advertisement. I love to experience the world through postcrossing, to get a glimpse of hopes, dreams and everyday lives from people all over the world. To read a book about a foreign country is not the same as sharing personal experiences. I love the handwriting, I love the unique feeling that someone sat down and chose a card for me and wrote something for me personally. It's heartwarming and exciting.”

Anne, Germany

“I have always felt that postcards have a temperature. Its warmth is more than any chat tool. This gentle power can really free you from the state of "being alive but walking without knowing why".”

Mingtao, China, a high school student

“I love Postcrossing simply because it connects. I love the fact that through it, you can meet people all around the world, you can learn about their culture, and you can introduce them yours. Aside from the truth that writing, sending and receiving postcards, is relaxing and fun, Postcrossing also lets out the creative side of every person. May it be a professional collector, or a student like me, Postcrossing helps in developing personalities and friendship.”

Emil, 17, Philippines

“Altough I travel a lot and visit new places quite often I am so glad that I got to know about Postcrossing. I explore new places in a different, more distinctive way, which brings me happiness every time I get a postcard. It's so amazing to know that there are people around the whole world, who share the same interests as me and I wouldn't know anything about them without this beautiful idea.
Thank you, Postcrossing, for that!”

Annie, Czech Republic

“It's more than just a hobby: it's a therapy, something that helps me deal with the consequences of being socially isolated. It's a wonderful way to stay connected and to keep afloat. And it's definitely my favorite part of the day! :)”

CaptainSamafs (Mafalda), Portugal

“I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing, and meeting new and interesting people, so I thank you for creating this site. I have already in three months made some interesting friends, and at least two who I think will become life-long friends. I enjoy chatting with them and enjoy sending them little things I think might interest them.”

Twanda Royal, Florida, USA

“Letters writing and postcards have always been a hobby for me. What can be more fun than picking up a special postcard for someone and give attention to this person. And of course I also get happy when I get a postcard myself. How great is it to be allowed to see piece of someone's world.
Thank you for setting up postcrossing.”

Corine, Netherlands

“From the moment I entered Postcrossing, my world was opened to new worlds, cultures, knowledge, possibilities, friendships and fun. It's fun and exciting to come home to cards from countries I'll never get near except for the cards. This is fascinating. Every day I share with people about this wonderful project that makes me so happy! I want everyone to have the same opportunity I had. Thanks!”

Katia, Brazil

“There is a magazine in Dutch with the name 'Flow'(about happiness and other choices in life), in which I read about 'Postcrossing'. I am so happy I discovered it! I like to write and to read, so I can't wait to open my mailbox every day, and hope I will find a postcard in it. I love the connection with other people and cultures! If Postcrossing didn't exist, someone had to invent it. Luckily we have Paolo and his team! Thanks for making me feel happy with Postcrossing!!”

Vera, Belgium

“Postcrossing is a beautiful thing that lets us all connect from all around the world! I've personally only been on here for about a month and I've already sent 5 postcards and loved every second of it! This Postcrossing community is amazing, nice, caring, etc. in every way possible! Postcrossing has possibly even made me a better person than I already was.

Thank you Postcrossing creators and community!~”

?, Canada

“It's so nice to send and receive postcards all over the world! I wait so much to receive cards. It's so amazing feeling when I see a postcard in my mailbox.I love to read comments of the postcard I have sent. And it's very exciting to find out which country you are sending the card. I love everything.”


“Postcrossing makes it easy to travel the world cheaply and easily- through the mail! It make dreams wrapped up in paper!”

Lindsey, U.S.A.

“It makes it possible to meet interesting people from all over the world.”

Anna, student

“I haven't been a member for a long time, but I'm already addicted... My sister became a member only 4 days before me and when I saw how good this looks I just had to join!
I go to the mailbox every day and hope I'll find a new postcard. Postcrossing is a great way to meet people from all around the world, learn a lot about different cultures and see things and places you probably wouldn't get to see. It's just a perfect hobby! Thank you, dear Postcrossing team! :)”

Martina, Croatia

“Every day, every morning I open my mailbox in the hopes that there will be treasured card there. Each day, the mailbox is for me a box with a present. You never know whether there will be a card there or not. I ♥ postcrossing, this is the best project ever made.”

Maxim, Belarus

“... because keeping in touch is more important than many other things in life! I would like to greet everyone with a quote from Wilhelm von Humbold:

"Basically it is the connections with people that give life its value, and the deeper they are, the more one feels, which is ultimately where the real enjoyment lies, the individuality."

A particularly thoughtful saying in the Corona year 2020, as practically all people are dispersed. One more reason for me to write all over the world.”

Simone, Germany

“It has been seven years since I started Postcrossing but even today I feel excited and alive to plan around the kind of postcards and stationery to use to send mail. I look forward to my received cards and smile wide at every 'Hurray!' email in my inbox. I cherish the connections I made through this project. Postcrossing has made life more meaningful and happy.”

Namrata, India

“I learn a lot from different people all round the world.I can travel to different places through postcards.I really love this programme!That is fantastic!”

Amy, China

“Postcrossing allows me to get to know other cultures and other people without having to leave my hometown. We're all looking for the same cultural enrichment and we all share the love for postcards. If you haven't joined yet, you're missing out on a lot of fun.”

Maria, Portugal

“When I receive a postcard a new part of the world comes to my door and a hand of friendship has been extended to me - that makes me feel special! I hope that my cards make other people think that way too.”

Atlaspix, Scotland

“The joy of sending and sharing your stories with someone who is sitting at the other side of the world and not knowing when your words will reach them or when or whom you will receive your next card is an experience worth taking.

Postcrossing has introduced me to new friendships which I intend to cherish for a long time. I am immensely grateful to be a part of this and I give out my love to all the other fellow postcrossers from around the world.

Make this world a better place. Spread love ♥♥♥”

Harsh, India

“You just do not get any better start to your day than by making your morning coffee, eating a fresh croissant and checking your mailbox for new Postcrossing postcards.”

Rafal, Germany

“It gives me the feeling I am connected to people all over the world and it suffice my desire to travel in a special way.”

Daniëlle from The Netherlands

“When my 4 year daughter asked why her 2 year brother does not receive a card showed that what a hobby can do if ingrained at an early age! Me, my wife and my daughter are all postcrossers - simply because we like to see the world, this is one of the cheapest ways, numerous stories to know and learn, numerous stories about yourself and country to share, your thoughts to share, to know how the world is perceived by others, to draw & paint for my daughter and 3-D cards to enjoy. A great pleasure!”

Sunil, Inspector Posts, India

“I want to tell you how much i LOVE Postcrossing. It's a change to my normal life and you know what a joy and happiness is it to come home from school (after a very busy day) open the postbox and actually see that YOU have got something from somewhere from the world where you never thought you would go to? Another nice thing about Postcrossing is actually sending the cards. It's so nice to write about yourself and choose the special card that the receiver would like. I LOVE POSTCROSSING!”


“My mother language is German, but now I start to think in English. All the media like TV or Radio or last but not least Internet shows only the bad things which happens on our World. But now I receive nice an beautiful messages and smiles from people all over the world. That shows me that the world is not as bad as TV or Internet want to make us believe. I like exchanging my thoughts with people and now I keep my eyes on my mailbox because there could be a nice message in it.”

Lucia, Germany

“Two words: simple happiness”

Valeria, Argentina

“I never knew about this but when I got to I was so engrossed that I started it from that day itself! That happiness on my face when I receive a postcard is just precious! Thank you to the Postcrossing team:)”

Rutvika, India

“Postcrossing gives me a sense of global community. Before, I never really thought much about people in other countries. After receiving my first few postcards, I discovered how many interesting cultures, places and people are out there. Also, when I read the backs of the cards, I realize how similar I am to the other people in the world, and I feel a connection with them. Through Postcrossing, we can all share with and talk to each other across the globe.”

Anna, U.S.A.

“If there was postcrossing when I was in high school in the mid 1960's, I would have gotten an A in geography and world history. Postcrossing and the stamps have opened my eyes to so much more of the world and it's history.”

Diane, U.S.A.

“Postcrossing is such a great idea! One of the best ways to share your love with others. It doesn't matter how many postcards you send, it's important that you can brighten up someone's day :))”

Indrė, Lithuania

“It brings my family together. I've gotten my 83 year old grandmother and my mother to join me in Postcrossing. They love it just as much as I do! It gives us something to talk about together. It also provides us with joy and a way to "destress", which is something we all need in these tough time!”

Angela, United States

“I always loved postcards, both sending and recieving. Postcrossing.com made a childhood dream come true!
Thanks so much ❤”

Lionhill, Germany

“I have been postcrossing since 2016 and I had to take a break since I was hospitalized for a while. I missed penning postcards while I was away, I've always traveled in my life and never had anyone to send postcards to, although I always bought some because I love paper and stationery. Now I dip into my little collection of memories and send them to someone else, and other days I am surprised with one of my own from far away. It makes me feel happy other people love mail too.”

Tomoe, Traveler

“I love getting post! But now it is like an adventure. My kids cannot wait to see where the next one comes from. The hunting for nice postcards is also adding to the fun. It is like a little geography lesson every time you go to your postbox! Happy postcrossing!”

Elma, South Africa

“It's been over 3 years since I joined Postcrossing and I can't imagine life without it. I was only 12 and my English wasn't the best, now I have no problems. I'm glad I can communicate with people who don't speak my native language and get to know foreign cultures. I love choosing postcards, writing and receiving them. It's mine and my aunt's addiction.”

Julia, a teenager from Poland

“I think is such a noble idea and something that bring a smile to me every time I receive a post card from someone...”


“Dearest Postctossing People, I can't thank you all enough for the love and support I have received from strangers around the world, who have sent such beautiful cards, messages and stamps. I have made new mail friends of all ages (the youngest 10 months!!) and have a few favourites (no names mentioned.) All this has helped through a terrible time so thanks for the surprise smiles during dark days and I hope when I try to find the perfect card for you it makes you smile too. Love, Leigh”

Leigh, South Africa

“I always wanted to find a service to exchange postcards with people from all over the world, learn about other customs and practice writing other languages and when I discovered postcrossing I was very happy finally found what I had been hoping to exchange postcards this is the maximum.”

Xóchitl, Mexico

“Being a member of Postcrossing, bring me back my memories of childhood at that time. I used to love writing letters. But now...for every single day, I cant wait to see my mailbox. Its AWESOME !”

Neny, Indonesia

“If I could, I would want to travel the world and see everything in it. I know that's not even a reality, but with Postcrossing, I can see many little pieces and meet the wonderful people behind those pieces. It may not be traveling the whole world, but thanks to fellow Postcrossers, I can see a little of the world I had always hoped I could see.”

Jodi, U.S.A.

“Postcrossing is the community where people of the world can connect instead of becoming divided. Honestly - it should get the medal of peace! Every day is a special day when there is a postcard in the mailbox from someone who cared enough to write to me. So many special, caring, wise and friendly people! And trying to please another human being with just the "perfect" card and writing a personal message is at least as pleasant as receiving a card myself. Thank you for lighten up our world.”

Martina, Germany

“Postcrossing showed me, that we all share the same wishes and dreams. It doesn’t matter where we live. We are not that different!
Postcrossing is like building a bridge: It becomes much easier to understand other cultures when you know the people.
The best thing I ever started!”

Stefanie, Germany

“Postcrossing means so much to me. As a senior high school student, it is PC that brightens my life. Earlier this year, I asked members sending cards to me to leave some inspiring words for my friend's birthday who left home in a young age and studied with students from different ethics. We all felt so touched to receive so many warm greetings from various people. He said that it was just impossible to forget the feeling when he saw the cards and he surely burst into tears that time.
Thank you PC”

Kristina, China

“I get to be part of the world again. Last year, I was an exchange student in Portugal. This year, I'm back home in the USA and all of my friends are away at college. Through Postcrossing, I've felt connected to people again, and I've loved learning bits of people's languages and cultures. I <3 PC!”

hurricanechelsea, Maine, USA

“A beautiful platform that allows me to share my love in the form of postcards sent to an unknown person. Imagine the joy of giving and receiving! In this platform, it happens all the time - not restricting to only festive season. Everyday is a beautiful moment in the world of Postcrossing! Thank you!”

Esther, Singapore

“I do not travel much nor do I fly anywhere! So, PostCrossing has opened up the world to me via all the nice people who have sent me cards from their countries and through the descriptions of where they live. I am so happy: I have found my perfect hobby! And what a thrill to find such a gift in my mailbox when a card arrives. Totally makes my day! Thank you, postcrossers!”

Louise, Canada

“My mother and I came across Postcrossing in 2014 when she read about it on a local magazine article promoting postcard-writing. I had always sent postcards to my family and friends while on the road, so I decided to have a go. Mum and I are now active members in Postcrossing. This project keeps me motivated when facing stress from my studies, especially when I'm thousands of miles away from home. I have encouraged a few friends to join us and everyone has enjoyed it so far!”

Erica, Hong Kong/United Kingdom

“I especially like sending and receiving postcards.Every time I open my mailbox,I get excited about postcards.It takes a long time to send a postcard.But I really enjoyed it.It calms me when I look at postcards.I wanted to say thank you to postcrossing!”

LeilaZhou, China

“It gives me a good reason to check my mailbox! I get to travel the world through my mailbox. And I get to allow people to see where I live through theirs. I hope my postcards give people an idea to come to Canada for a vacation sometime. If not, at least it gives them a reason to dream.”


“When COVID-19 hit, I was at my all-time low. No longer was I able to travel as freely as I once did with my family, and it felt as if the four walls of my room were my own prison. With Postcrossing, I'm able to "travel" from the safety of home and learn about other's cultures, backgrounds, walks of life, and whatever makes them smile. I'm excited to look inside my mailbox for a postcard, and I have a newfound appreciation for them. Postcrossing has opened my eyes and made me a better person. :)”

Arlene, U.S.A.

“I like postcrossing because it promotes peace, love and joy. It gives me hope and makes this world a better place to live in. There are no prejudice opinions on postcrossing. I have met so many nice individuals from around the world through postcards. I am thankful to be part of this project.”

Balachander, Malaysia

“It feeds my addiction to sending and receiving handwritten postcards. I also like being given the name of a stranger and trying to fulfill that person's request for particular cards. Although I'm happy to receive any cards, it's a special treat to find in my mailbox those that I've requested.”

Stephanie, USA

“Since I am writing postcards, I emproved my English very much! I've also met so many beautiful people of all ages! Thanks POSTCROSSING~~”

Martin, 12 y.o., Slovenia

“It is so much fun and addictive. I started a little over a year ago when a pen pal told me about it. Now my daughter had joined shortly after I began the project. Now my class that I work in has joined the project. The kids love it and show it off to visitors. Happy Postcrossing everyone.”


“I love it when I open the mailbox and find a postcard with a lovely message, it always brings a smile on my face. I also enjoy it when people love the postcard received from me and share their story with me. We live all over the world, it's amazing how far a card sometimes has to travel to find its destination, so beautiful. And the best thing is, Postcrossing gave me a new friend, living on the other side of the world, which I never would have met if I didn't receive his postcard...thank you!”

Miranda, Netherlands

“It makes going to the community mailboxes in the cold Canadian winter much more fun to receive a postcard instead of the usual junk and bills. I love the way we can connect with people from all over the world and learn about each other's countries and cultures. We're different and yet we're all the same deep down. I've been with Postcrossing two years now and enjoy it so much. It has helped rekindle my love for snail mail that I've had since I was a kid.”

Cathy, Ottawa, Canada

“it opens the world to me. I love connecting to people of other cultures and believe it makes me a better person. Picking out a special card for my new "friend" gives me great joy. I have shared this program with three people in the post office as I was mailing a card. I hope they join also. And my friend at school may register so her second graders can "travel" through her cards.”

GrandmaCharlie, U.S.A.

“I continue my uncle's heritage. He collected stamps and postcards. Since my grandfather's death, I have taken care of his collection - and I don't want to send any card from it. Iooked through the collection of cards and stamps when I was a child. So I thank a friend for introducing me to Postcrossing and I think my uncle would like it, too.
And there are two other reasons I'm thankful for being a part of this community: I've met many nice people at meet-ups and got to know new friends.”

Manuela, Germany

“I receive a small piece of different countries around the world with each postcard! Thanks for making this possible! Any time I receive one postcard, I feel like a child opening a gift =0)”

Richie, Guatemala

“I used to be fascinated by people in different cultures, but lately I've been too dedicated to my comfort zone, and have even developed a touch of American arrogance. Not cool! The world still has so much to offer, and I remember that every time I get a postcard from around the world. Thank you all!”

Tara, Virginia, USA

“I appreciate all kinds of art, but mostly the simple ones heading straight into your heart. And that's what postcards written with love from completely strangers are, aren't they? The thought that someone you don't know made the effort to pick up a card, get a lovely stamp for it and took their time to write a message just for you is incredible. It makes me feel special and happy - and the best thing is it's happening regularly. See you on the flipside!”

Vivien, Musician (Germany)

“It's really fun and exciting. I always wake up and rush to the mailbox to find my surprises!”


“Postcrossing makes it possible to get greetings from all over the world! I love that and it's a great idea! Thank you a lot for generating this!”

Florian, Germany

“Postcrossing builds bridges between cultures. Builds friendships. Nothing is better than Postcards that you found in your postbox. Thank you Postcrossing!”

Ceyda, 14, Turkey

“I get such a great feeling when I receive lovely colourful snail mail - not boring bills.
The thrill of excitement I experience when I'm waiting for the site to select a recipient for my next card and then reading about that person, rummaging through my box of cards to find one that is perfect to send to them plus selecting suitable stamps, is beyond comparison - there really is nothing else like Postcrossing.
My 9 yo son has now joined me on this adventure - now it's a shared experience!”

Virginia, United Kingdom

“It is a fleeting moment of connection with a stranger, trying to give them a smile. It is feeling your heart-rate pick up at the sound of post dropping onto your doormat. In a fast-moving world, it reminds us to be patient and accept there are things beyond our control.”

Antic, UK

“Because of Postcrossing, I start to check mailbox day and night.

Because of Postcrossing, I can practice English with others.

Because of Postcrossing, I notice postcards on the street all the time.

Because of Postcrossing, I wanna share my country to the world.

Because of Postcrossing, I wear the big smile every single day!”

Medusa Lu, Taiwan :)

“I really love to send and receive postcards. I still remember the thrill of that first card in my mail box so clearly but have come to realize that sending them is just as much fun. As a hobby, it does not require much space like some. It costs very little also, which is great! Totally addicted!!”

Canadian Postal Worker

“I love to read what my fellow postcrossers write on the cards. I appreciate the time they take to write to me - a stranger. This is something very unique: Taking time to send joy and happiness through the world. Its a little piece of making the world a better place.”

Kat, Germany

“I like sending and receiving postcards. It's always a pleasure opening my mail box and finding a new postcard from someone around the world!!! .”

Sabrina, Italy

“My mother started my postcard collection when I was only 3 and a half months old. Postcrossing is the perfect way to continue this collection without needing to find someone who is travelling.”

Nathalie Griffiths, Calgary

“It's not about receiving and collecting cards-It's about sharing a part of yourself with the world. Influencing people and leaving your mark in a place you may not ever get to visit. It's about connecting. It's putting a smile on someone face you may never get to meet. It makes my day better.”

Kelly, USA

“Having been a Post Office clerk for 28 years, this project, and it's runaway success, surprises even me.
I wonder if the founder envisaged the sending of almost half a million cards a month.
One thing that I do know, however, is that almost everyone loves to receive personal mail, and this is mentioned by my customers almost daily.
Postcrossing, for those of us lucky enough to have found it, allows us to receive the personal touch in an increasingly digitised world.”

Simon, post office clerk,UK

“I have only met friendly people on postcrossing that`s part of the magic about it!”

Sisimis, Germany

“It's so great when you return to home, open your mailbox and find there postcards with friendly words. It doesn't matter in which mood you are: sad, tired or something else; Postcrossing always brings happiness to people! I'm glad to be a member of Postcrossing:)”

Kate, Russia

“I'm just new to Postcrossing and am already addicted. I have yet to receive my first card but every time someone receives one from me and I can get a new name, I do! What a great way to brighten my day and know I'm going to make someone's day better too. I'm eagerly anticipating that first postcard. No more dreading that walk to the mailbox expecting only a pile of bills.”

rileybear, Canada

“It has enriched my life more than I ever imagined it could !! Postcrossing seems to be a brilliant synthesis of old and new styles of interchange in a world that seems too often to move too quickly. It is never as fantastic as receving a postcard from somewhere in the world. No communication method can give such a happiness of receiving a postcard !!”

gzf, China

“I really do love to know people from all over the world. I met so many people with warm and kind hearts via postcrossing..... and i will tell you a funny thing..... i have just been in a rehab hospital..... can you all imagine.... there was a therapist (28 and female) who found i am a bit strange... because "I am writing postcards to strangers"... Hahahah.... so be honest: I guess, she was just jealous. What do you think? I love to write strangers and become friends. Be happy!”

Ute, Germany

“I love Postcrossing because it connects people from all over the world. It can also be really informative and even educative as you get to know people from different countries. I think Poscrossing helps to make our planet a much better, nicer place. I always feel so happy whenever I receive a postcard or when I send it myself. It’s so important to share love and not hate. That’s why I’ve joined Postcrossing. And now I can’t imagine my life without it.”

Anastasia Maxine, Russia

“I have 'met' people like 'The Tealonas' in Finland, 'House of Secrets' in Belgium, 'Isa' in Germany, and so many other wonderful people that I've swapped several postcards with. My postcard collection has grown to almost 5,000 cards, AND when I open my mailbox, I smile because of what is inside.”

9teen87 in Florida, USA

“Curious how this project works, I soon became more & more fascinated by this awesome combination of suspense & joy. After a period of "taking", I am now happier to "give": I choose the cards I send carefully according to one's profile & am happy to be bound with an unknown person somewhere in the world.”


“Strangers become family members :)”

Genek, Denmark

“it gives me a window of opportunities to get to know people from all around the world. Receiving postcards in my mailbox is akin to unwrapping presents on Christmas day!”

Cheryl, Malaysia

“I have always loved receiving mail, seeing new places, meeting new people and practising languages - and Postcrossing allows me to do all of this at once! I learn something new about the world every day, and getting up in the morning becomes more pleasant with the promise of some nice mail!”

Michaela, Czech Republic

“It gives me an opportunity to 'see' places where I may never be in my life. Every time I receive a card, I'm reminded of how vast this world is, how many different people there are, and how many things I can do as an individual to give a smile to someone else in this world.”

Lyn, Brunei

“Postcrossing connects the world indeed. The excitement of seeing the postman turning around the bend is immeasurable. It needs to be felt to be understood. No two cards are the same, just like two individuals. Each one contains a little beating heart and loads of love. Postcrossing is the embodiment of hope. I simply <3 it!”

Sarah, India

“I get to feel and see the world through native eyes. Its an amazing gesture to be able to share parts of myself and my country with people all over the world!”

Erica, Canada

“It makes me happy in my busyness. A lot of friends with the same hobby ,very precious memories.”

赵玉萍, China

“I am collecting postcards from since I remember, but the truth is, that before I was a Postcrossing member, I didn't have much of them. This is so great! I can see view from countries I didn't even dream visiting! ”

Justyna, Poland

“For someone that is living alone at a foreign country, finding a postcard in my mailbox every evening is like having someone waiting me to get home. It feels so warm and nice to know that some stranger across the world is having nice thought of me. When I'm sad, I would even read through all my postcards, seeking comfort from them. Thank you my fellow Postcrossers.^^”

Rachel, Malaysia

“I think that it's so exciting to come home and find that you received a beautiful postcard from someone who doesn't have the same cultures, language and you can have a small letter with a little description about this person which i find interesting because they are different than us in every way. Thank you Postcrossing for connecting people from all around the world!”

Valeriya Sharypkina, Canada

“Postcrossing is my little secret window to see every corner of this world.”

Khalid PHR, Indonesia

“Postcrossing is like opening the doors to the world.

Every member I meet is someone like me - just someone wanting to share some thoughts and experiences from their little corner of the globe

I think it's the closest thing we have to world peace ♥”

ains, U.S.A.

“I never know where the next card will come from and am always excited when I see the newest one when it arrives. With no mail on Saturdays and Sundays, I can hardly wait for Monday. :)”

Casey, Canada

“I love the surprise factor: finding a postcard among the brown window envelopes containing bills and junk mail and not knowing when and from where on earth a postcard will arrive. Also, because I'm a keen collector of Finnish stamps, it's great to have them on cards from Finland.”

Maggie from Barnet in England

“It's fantastic! I wish I had known much earlier!
It's as if you're traveling around the world without actually traveling. I enjoy every card I receive and send, and every time it's a surprise which country the card comes from. I am now addicted to PostCrossing!”

Nancy, Netherlands

“Every time I get a card it makes me happy and smiling. Because it is exciting to learn something about someone else. Because it has made me see that people really are the same everywhere on the globe. And because Postcrossing is about sending peaceful messages - it earns the Nobel Peace Prize”

Virpi, Finland

“Postcrossing very quickly became one of my hobbies. I can't decide whether I love sending or receiving postcards more! I love the idea of spreading some nice words to random person in the world. And I see I'm not the only one :) Thanks for creating such a great community :)”

Katherine, Poland

“At the moment, I live as an expat in one isolated corner of the world, so often travelling to other places but my homeland is not an option. Postcrossing is an awesome way to virtually travel the world, seeing places that otherwise I would have never visited and, above all, sharing personal anecdotes, memories, local stories and traditions with foreigners, learning every day a bit more and keeping prejudices away...”

ECJ, Faroe Islands

“It really makes my day when I find out that I have received postcards besides bills and ads. It's so interesting to read about other postcrossers' life, hopes, dreams etc. At the same time you always learn something about the country or the culture where the card comes from. My heart jumps everytime when I draw a new address. The nicest part is to choose a card and a stamp and if I am lucky, I can write the card in German, Swedish or French. Using your language skills is the best thing in PC. :)”

Regndroppar, Finland

“I read once: "People kill themselves because they receive only advertisements by post". Of course, I decided not to kill myself. Now, most of days my letterbox is full of flowers, hearts, castles, bridges, Smurfs, monsters, snails, people, books, languages and so on. The whole world is inside it!”

Eva, Spain

“Two years ago, I was a senior high school student. School life was so boring. One day, my classmate told me about Postcrossing. From then on, I have become a Postcrossing member. Postcrossing brings surprise to me every week. It makes my boring school life colorful. Sometimes I felt nervous before exams, but I would calm down after reading postcards from other members. They wrote down encouragement and best wishes on the postcards. Thank you, Postcrossing. You give me a nice life.”

Chen, China

“Postcrossing is a phenomena I wouldn't believe is happening in my life until I find postcards lying on my bedside table whenever I come home from school. Yeah, I'm not a typical highschooler after all. Because I collect postcards!!! ^_^”

Moissa, a surreal student, catperson Philippines

“I love going to the mailbox and finding a new postcard with all the beautiful handwriting, stamps, bits of information about the person or their country. Its a wonderful brief connection to someone on the other side of the world but it brings great happiness.”

Stephanie, U.S.A.

“Every time I read the message on every postcards and the message which others told me as they registered my postcards, both of them gave me the energy and courage which can make me keep going on my road in my life. Postcrossing help me catch the world and open the world. Postcrossing help my life, be fulled by the joy. Everyday I wake up and wait some words from another corner in the world to knock my door ,and my heart.
Thank you too much, postcrossing.
You change the world, postcrossers.”

Yi-Jou, Taiwan

“There is such a sweetness to Postcrossing the the world often seems to lack in this busy world of survival. To think that someone shares a part of their world, their time, thoughts and stamps is a true blessing..Thank you..Postcrossers!”

Roberta, U.S.A.

“I miss the days when people sent personal letters. So, it is a thrill to see that someone pick out a card just for me somewhere in another part of the world. And I like to match the card and person as close as I can. Even more of a thrill that sometimes some one in another country may share a birthday have a few things in common. Beautiful!”

MistyDawn, U.S.A.

“It really can brighten up my day! Due to illness I am not able to live my life the way I wanted and Postcrossing is my spot of happiness these days. I am feeling enthusiastic every time I send a card and walking to the mailbox is my daily exercise ^_^
It's like a drug... but a healthy and happy one!”

L., Netherlands

“You leave your unique personal footsteps behind, all over the world!”

Ann66, Netherlands

“Postcrossing is the best project I've ever heard about. I love the feeling when I open a mailbox and I find a new postcard. It's amazing that people from so many countries around the world can share postcards with others. ”

Kubosz, Poland

“A wonderful project, which helped me to find wonderful people!”

vareria, Germany

“In the digital age, it is so easy to keep up with people. You’ve got acquaintances on Facebook, emails with your distant relatives, texting with your grandparents, and tweeting at celebrities and politicians. Something about the act of writing things out by hand on physical paper, sealing it in an envelope, and dropping it in the mail makes the whole message feel much more personal and enjoyable.”

Núria, Spain

“I live in top floor and used to not feel like even get the trash out, but after Postcrossing I've turned into a guy who checks his postbox twice a day.
It's so exciting to receive something that comes from someone who lives thousands of kilometers away. It turned into a passion for me!”

Umutcan, Turkey

“It has brightened my days so many times when i feld really down. I also enjoy it when i find out funnies names of places. Like in Australia there is a town called Gympie which in dutch is the word for sneaker (as in Shoe).
Since last year i also started to use my own personalized
stamps (using my own photo's) because of hem i get great comments on my cards.
In my opinion PostCrossing brings a smile and a lot of joy to the world.”

Staaf-o-man, Netherlands

“Putting that smile on my face every time I send or receive a card, means the world to me...”


“Funnest thing I have encountered!

I enjoy getting many postcards from all over the world in my mailbox.


~Best wishes,


Brandon, U.S.A.

“Postcrossing gave me the ability to travel around the world without even leaving my hometown — I will always be grateful for this!”

Gabriele / Apwohalyptica (Kėdainiai, Lithuania)

“It reminds me that there are kind, generous people all around the globe. I contacted a girl in China about an expired card, and not only did she register the card, but she mailed me a small birthday package with beautiful postcards and other small gifts. I'm grateful to have that experience.”

Katie, USA

“When you press the button "Send a postcard" and wait with rapture to see who will fall to you, to which person and in which part of the world it will go,;
When you look forward to a reply from the recipient;
When every day you check the inbox for new postcards.
These feelings make me live on no matter how difficult life seems:)
This project is incredible❤”

Walentyna, Poland

“Technology is often looked at as a bad thing...in some ways I agree. But for me technology brought me to Postcrossing and back to when things were simple...I know I need my computer to generate the names for Postcrossing exchange, but then I am able to connect...one on one with a complete stranger...I can take a few moments of my day and find that perfect card, write something interesting and share just a little part of myself...this is completely fascinating to me...BEST HOBBY IN THE WORLD!”

Arlene, Canada

“Post card collection makes my life more clourful than before.”

George, China

“I can't even begin to tell how Postcrossing came at exactly the right moment for me - at the start of what became a 5 months jobless and down period in my life. Sending cards, finding new cards, searching for the right card for each new "And your card will go to....", thinking of what to write, matching the post stamps, aww... I love it so much! It's exactly what this crazy inverted world needs: random happiness and postcrossing love!”

Annemarie, Netherlands

“Postcrossing helps me learn about so many different countries (some, I confess, which I had never heard of before.) I love looking in the mailbox and seeing a postcard from someone. It's like a smile sent across thousands of miles. Thank you to all the Postcrossing users for making my day so exciting when I open the mailbox! :o)”

Julia, U.S.A.

“It's such an easy and cool way to get in touch with people all over the world! I don't have enough money to travel a lot, but writing postcards to people in far away countries is as close as it comes!”

Saskia, Germany

“Life is a series of beautiful encounters. Thanks to Postcrossing I've met so many special people. My Gratitude to Paulo and the rest of the precious staff is boundless. <3”

Antonella, Italy

“Totally addicted to Postcrossing. I will remember receiving my first postcard almost 5 years ago. It is interesting to view the photos and read the messages on the postcards. I share them with my parents. Today I get postcard withdrawal if I don't receive one in the mail.”

scrapbookartist, Canada

“I often don’t feel well and have been unable to hike and ride my bike. Postcrossing is a simple hobby I can enjoy even when not well. I have “met” wonderful people from all over the world and have been pen pals with a few “posters” for over 6 years. It’s wonderful to hear about others’ families and hobbies, about what we have in common and to look up places they recommend I visit if I ever come to their country. People are warm and friendly.”

Theresa, U.S.A.

“Due to Postcrossing I've a many new friends. I always liked to travel. Thanks to postcards I get to know the world. Thanks to me many people get to now about my country - about Belarus!”

Elena, Belarus, employee of post-office

“There is nothing like a postcard in your letterbox to let you know you're not alone, and bring a smile to your face. It's great to overcome barriers of race and religion and just reach out to each other in the spirit of Friendship. All the world should do postcrossing, we'd be a much calmer, friendlier place.”

Jo, Australia

“Postcrossing reminds me that we ALL share one tiny home called Earth. It can be easy to forget that at times. With each card my neighborhood gets a bit larger, and my neighbors around the world teach me so much. I'm so proud to be a member of the Postcrossing Community.”

Qiana (qixincalifornia), U.S.A.

“"The corner in the world to save and share postcards. A nice hobby and I need thank Postcrossing to let me share and connect with this world."”

JHL, HongKong

“I've learned so much about the people, cities and countries all over the world. Whether the postcard is from a retired school teacher in Germany, or a family who home schools in the USA, I love hearing the stories. It connects us all by sharing our stories. ♥”

Lisa, Sacramento, California, U.S.A.

“Postcrossing is amazing! Before I joined Postcrossing, I have always loved sending letters to other people to brighten up their days. Nowadays, I've been busy, and this website gives me a chance to write a quick postcard so I can continue to share something to other people. I've only been a member for a month but I've told many of my friends about this because it's fun! Because it's random, it's more exciting and thoughtful!”

Paola, Philippines

“I love Postcards very much, but now with e-cards I don't get any. So that's why I like this so much. Waiting...yes something in the mail A POSTCARD. Yes, that's makes me smiley every time. And if one that I sent arrived i'm happy because some one in this world is gonna send me a postcard!”

Stephany, Netherlands

“I hope with every postcard I send, I send a bit of my positive attitude in the world!”

Jörn, Germany

“Such a simple, yet amazing concept. My Mum and I enjoy post crossing, and we have cork boards around the house of all the postcards we've received. I hope to enjoy many more years of post crossing!”

Clara, Australia

“After a long day teaching, I'm always excited to see if my mailbox is "happy". No matter where I get a postcard from, it's always nice to hear from people around the world, and from places I've only dreamed of visiting. It's an amazing way to "travel" and experience the cultures of others without leaving home.”

Stephen, Maryland, U.S.A.

“There are so many friendly people out there in the big wide world who enjoy making others happy. I love the random choice of addresses but also my direct swappers, who mainly come from Russia, Germany, China and even England!! As well as carefully chosen cards the variety of beautiful stamps I receive is amazing!”

Tony, Scotland

“The excitement of receiving a postcard is very heartwarming and the process of sending a card too is special. Thanks for putting smiles on the faces across the globe.”

Prince_Sisu, Ghana

“I like Postcrossing because it offered me a fun way to overcome my fear of leaving my house. After being indoors for almost two years and living like a hermit, I challenged myself to go on small trips to the post office as often as I dared to, to post cards. Now, after being a member for over a year, I can say that Postcrossing broadened my world in more than one respect. Not only am I not scared anymore, but I also have received postcards from places I will probably never visit myself. Thanks!”

Me, Netherlands

“It is so fascinating and at the same time joyful: to get a card from your mailbox... While you get it, you think and wonder: Where did it come from? Which country? And who writes-a man or a woman?
It's so nice to look at the postcard: stamps, handwriting, text... Sniffing, you can catch the smell and aroma of another, a completely different city...
Thank you very much, Postcrossing! Your idea is great and wonderful. I am so glad that I found this site, it is excellent!”

Vlada, 12 years. Russia

“I love meeting so many friendly people all over the world and every day feels like a holiday when I open our mailbox and find a new card waiting for me. Thank you for creating this wonderful project! Happy Postcrossing!”

Nicole, U.S.A.

“Postcrossing is something amazing. It not only gives you a chance to see the views and cultures of different countries, but also you meet lots of different people, and the actual postcard is something really personal, the thing YOU get from someone. And nobody will convince me that nowadays people don't want to get private post, because people will always want to be treated as people, not only "residents to pay the bills". And the realization that someone writes particularly to you... Priceless”

Dominika,15, Poland

“I have been a member of Postcrossing for a little over a year now. I am a teacher and so much of our world today has turned to technology, so when I heard about the chance to send real postcards through the mail to real people the old fashioned way, I jumped at the chance. I feel as if I'm traveling the world and meeting so many beautiful people along the way. Thank you Postcrossing for making each day brighter for all of us.”

Jodi, U.S.A.

“POSTCROSSING opens the window to the world, Places so many of us can only dream about. I find it interesting places I have never heard about I Google them to see where the card is going of coming from. I love the beautiful cards Keep up the good work.


“It is absolutely exciting to get postcards from all over the world. I love the surprise where the next card comes from and everything that people share with me, what they are doing, what life is like in their country. It is a fantastic way of getting to know the world a little better! I love it!”

Jutta, Germany

“Everything about Postcrossing is just like an adventure: you never know who you send to and who you receive from. I enjoy this kind of mystery!”

Hailing, China

“I love the idea of postcards being valuable again. You can write to people via internet but the feeling when you find a postcard in your mailbox and not knowing where did it come from is priceless. I thank Postcrossing for this opportunity to share beautiful cards with people all over the world.”

Pirjo, Estonia

“I love coming home to discover new cards from all over the world ?
After receiving a card or "Hurray! Your postcard arrived" mail I feel unbelievably happy ?
The first thing I say after going home is "Hey! Did I get any treats today?" ?
Happy postcrossing,

Merlin, Estonia

“In this technological Age, with people walking around glued to their devices, & head-phoned to the nth degree, what a joy to connect with "strangers" & friends across the World:
Bravo to all involved! (Plus, we need to keep postal facilities alive & well, don't we?)”

DavidHood, Australia

“I like sending and receiving postcards. It's always a pleasure opening my mail box and finding a new postcard. I've just started a few weeks ago but I'm hooked !!!
Have a nice summer all postcrossers from all over the world

Annick, France

“I started postcrossing one month ago and I love it! I can hardly wait to write new cards, it is awful to make a break until my travelling postcards arrive :-) It makes me happy so send some greetings to others in far away countries. With all the global problems we have today, it is just great to see how peaceful and easy comunication between everyone can be, no matter wich colour, religion or whatever. Smile and you will receive a smile back! Great idea, great way :-)
Have a good time!”

Alexandra, Germany

“I joined Postcrossing project 10 years ago in 2013. I always loved postcards and this project just blew my mind.

I cannot begin to express the smile that is put on my face when I receive a card and even more when someone receives my postcard. It’s wonderful to connect with some many people all over the world, who share joy and kindness.

Thank you PostCrossing idea authors and Thank you to all the members, God Bless!”

Anta, Latvia

“I do postcrossing for the sake of sending - choosing a postcard the receiver will like, then a little message about the postcard, me, or simply something that struck me that moment. Then getting a stamp, and passing it on to the Red Box - all the while mixed with a feeling of warmth in doing good, and worries that it may be lost. For me, the former always dominates the latter - so every time my postcard is registered I can't resist sending another one.”

Lee, United Kingdom

“....my mail box is now a gift box! Every evening when I come back home I can't wait to check the mail box! It's an amusing game to guess where the postcard comes from and than check the atlas to see where the country really is. I discovered a new way of travel! Thank you!”

Maria, Italy

“It is so pleasant to put your hand into mailbox and find there something you expected to get! I`m sure - nothing can replace traditional post!”

Olga from the City of White Nights

“it allows me to travel and discover the world at a cheaper price!”

Belinda, Singapore

“I'm a postcrosser since 2013, I feel good when I receive a random postcard sent from somewhere, a place that i didn't know before. I enjoy the message that someone carefully write for me, the stamps are always beautiful too. Thank you so much for this wonderful website.”

Farid, Morocco

“It is awesome because for an instant and sometimes longer we are connected with people all over the world that we wouldn't meet in other ways. We share our moments with others by sending them a postcard and maybe something to read. For me it's like with every card I recieve, I recieve a little piece of that person, because that person took a bit of their time to make this fantastic project work! I wish more people would learn to appreciate the feeling of getting and sending a card for a smile!”

Amalia, Germany

“it's a very exciting experience - choosing a special card for someone special, writing your message, sending it with love and then.. waiting for your postcard, which can be from anywhere!”

Maria, Ukraine

“It`s an opportunity to connect with other people around the World, a unique chance to get together, no matter what politicians said or do.
It`s a chance to share a part of me, my country, my culture with others.
It`s an opportunity to be openminded.
And It`s a very interesting hobby.”

Nikolay, Russia

“I found Postcrossing by pure chance and I'm so glad that I did! It's absolutely amazing and it makes me smile all the time...the thought of sending and receiving cards, from all over the world and from other indivduals who love this as much as I do. Happy Postcrossing everyone!”

Holly, Wales

“I am getting older and not able to travel as much as i used to... now I can go all over the world!”

Jack, U.S.A.

“I'm in POSTCROSSING since a year and a half! And I'm absolutely in love with it.. It helps me get rid of all my worries at the end of the day! Seeing all those beautiful cards & wishes from wonderful people around the world makes my day! Helps me connect with people around the world and hear about their life experiences. Also met some fellow postcrossers in real life, and it is just so lovely to share my experiences with them! Made some good friends here!
Keep Continuing, you have our support!”

Prashant Blake, India

“Every postcard brings me new adventure, every letter is special. Because it's a piece of life, a piece of something marvellous. When I read it I feel so near this person. Even simple few words take me to his/her world.
Thank you.”

Ola, Poland

“I thought that I was honestly the only person on earth who sent postcards, and I don't even remember how I found this website, but when I did, it made me so happy to find other people who share this hobby. This is something I hope to teach my own kids to do when they get older, but I love this and everything about it.”

Joel, American teacher in China

“I´m so glad to know that thousands of people around the world have the same passion! :) Long life to Postcrossing!!!”

Alexandre, Brazil

“Sometimes you are so used to your own daily life and to your own living environment that you fail to realise that your life and environment can be very 'exotic' to someone else! By sharing your daily life and living environment with others on Postcrossing, you give others - and yourself! - the chance to see a bit of the world. And you will automatically look at your own life and environment with different eyes!”

Inge, Netherlands

“Before I knew Posctrossing, I was sort of drowning under the media, phone, computer overload. I've always found satisfaction in writing postcards and letters when I was young(er). This is a great way to interact with people that are willing to share a piece of their life with us!! Also, I don't get to speak/write in English/German which are languages that I grew up with. This project is by far the most stimulating and interesting that I've taken part in for a long time!!! Go Postcrosser's!!”

Harriet, Cargo Operations Agent, France

“receiving a postcard or finding out that a postcard is sent, is one of the best feelings! that moment can never be explained in words. it's special and no one can ever take that moment from you. even though it's just a card with simple words, it can change your day and your life. we've forgotten what it feels like and with postcrossing, we're reminded of that wonderful feeling and those special moments. :)”

Adelheid Bethanny, Indonesia

“It is one of the best things I ever did with the help of the internet! Postcrossing gives me the chance to be connected with such a lot of fascinating people all over the world! Oh and I love to prospect for postcards wherever I am to find one which might me matching to someone's interests.”

Darla, Romania

“I love to travel. But, with my job, limited resources, and other priorities in life, my passion for traveling is something I do whenever there's a holiday or a few times in a year. That's when I turned to Postcrossing. Receiving all those city cards and postcards that speak volumes about a place is like transporting me to where the postcard originated. I'm also a collector of trinkets, papers, and other items that interest me. Plus, I gain new friends from around the world.”

Claire Algarme, traveler from the Philippines

“I have no friends, so it's great to receive postcards from so many! :) Even if just for a short moment, unknown people in the world think about me, what they want to write to me. It's the best moment of the day when the mail arrives and I go to see if I have received any mail. And I love sending postcards, to try and choose what I think the receiver will want to have. Postcrossing can make a dull, grey day happy and fun! :D”

Anna, Finland

“Postcrossing makes me smile! Every time i receive a postcard, it makes me happy! The other way: It's always a pleasure when someone in the world receives my postcard and he or she can smile about it!”

Marijke, Netherlands

“I love snail mail and every time I receive a postcard I feel very lucky because I have the chance to see a place in the world with the point of view of the sender. On the other side, when I send a postcard, I can write freely my thoughts and my habits being sure it will be appreciated!”

LacrimadiLuna, Italy

“It brings the world into your postbox and into your home. I learn a lot from Postcrossing, it turns me into a dreamer, and it shows me places where very few people can boast that they had seen it all.”

Lida, South Africa

“It's absolutely great to get cards almost every day from around the world.”


“Postcrossing is the best present I have ever given to myself!”

snailmailer2, U.S.A.

“Postcrossing is like a breath of fresh air in the world filled with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and others.

The joy of sending and receiving postcards cannot be described but has to be experienced. I have made a good acquaintance recently with a fellow Postcrosser staying 8000 miles away from me! Where else do you get such opportunity?

Postcrossing for me: Fun as well as informative!”

Satish Anikhindi - Belagavi, Karnataka, India

“The world is flat, at least that what Friedman said in his book and in fact with Postcrossing it becoming flatter and smaller world. Sending and receiving unexpected postcards from random person is one of the greatest things in my life. We don't know each other, but I read so many great stories of life and about their places. So great.”

Yangki, Indonesia

“There is so much love I want to give to Postcrossing. There is nothing like brighten up a bad day by coming home from work and finding a postcard in my mailbox. I love to read the messages the most, to get a glimse into other parts of the world and other peoples lives. Some stories are just so wonderful. I've gotten 3 colleagues to join and one of them sent their first card yesterday.”

Amanda, Sweden

“The joy of recieving a POSTCARD is way better than that of recieving a message.”

Konica, India

“I have always been interested in snippets of other people's lives, and learn either how similiar we are from each other! Always, looking for that common ground that screams, "hey, me too!" And at the same time, ponder on -- "wow, I didn't know that!" for stuff that are so different from my own experience.”

Leila, Philippines

“It makes the world smaller and more available, you can get a postcard from anywhere in the world! And I love the feeling of waiting for the unexpected... which country this time? Which continent? It's just amazing how the world can be connected by sending 'pieces of paper with photographs on it'.”

Kasia, Poland

“Every day I'm so excited, when I get home from work. The first look is into the postbox, if there is snail mail! ...and then it makes me smile! I love to read the lines of a person somewhere from a country, that I don't know! I love to learn about other countries and hear about stories, that the postcard will telling me. Postcrossing is such an amazing idea! Thank you for giving me so much fun with people all around the world!”

Karina, Germany

“I have depression and getting a postcard really brightens my day. Just to know someone chose the card for me and a few kind words from all over the globe really helps me.”

Victoria, United Kingdom

“Postcrossing has shown me that people from all around the world are willing to dedicate the time to interact with all different kinds of people, even though everyone involved in this project is so different. It is so nice to know that people from everywhere are kind enough to send a little happiness in the mail to someone else across the globe.”

Gracie, U.S.A.

“Postcrossing makes my life a little happier. Everytime I come home and find a card or two waiting for me on the kitchen table, my heart misses a beat. It's exciting, because you never know where your next card is coming from and when it's going to arrive. The unexpected cards are always the best ones.”

Leonie, Germany

“One of the best things every day is finding a postcard in your mailbox that someone picked out just for you. Even though you don’t know this person, you feel kind of connected. There’s just one bad thing about Postcrossing: the limit of sending postcards!
Long story short: I love Postcrossing and think every person should join!”


“I travel the World from behind my desk, I meet interesting people, I greet them, I read them and I write them. And they return the favour right back into my mailbox, outside my door. And it even brings a smile to the postman, who delivers my mail....!”

TAJ, Denmark

“I will never ever forget my cheer when checking my mailbox for the first time finding that a card from a foreigner was lying inside. Thanks Postcrossing for giving me the chance of meeting so many friends from all over the world!”

Sean, Student

“One could name it love - crossing, care - crossing, surprise - crossing or picture - crossing. What I like best is the old fashioned way of communication. You have to do a little bit more than just hit a button. And my children are remarking: if you bring mail to the post office, you´ll get some in your own box. Just love it.”

Till, Germany

“It is so exciting walking up to the post box opening and seeing a card. It really makes my day so special.I am so glad to be here. Thank you,everyone!”

Sandypandy, South Africa

“The first thing I do when coming home is going to my mailbox hoping for postcards. In my opinion, Postcrossing is a great project to show that strangers from all over the world can communicate in a peaceful way without hate or prejudices. Keep going!!”

Julius, Germany

“— " Where are they from? "
— " All over the world. "
The conversation between my English teacher and classmate was my beginning of Postcrossing. At first, I only wanted to improve my writing by sending postcards in English. But it is more than that! I'm really into it!
It's a big surprise every time;
It has a wonderful story in every single card;
It's a considerate heart from every member.
Thank You for Lighting Up My World!”

Karvester, China

“I love postcrossing because I have never left the North American continent, yet receive lovely postcards from all over the world! I share my postcards with family and friends, a few of whom have been inspired to join postcrossing. I love the variety of stamps, and delight in the knowledge that all people are alike in more ways than we are different. My love to all postcrossers!

Saagaadaa, U.S.A.

“We found out about this wonderful initiative from a friend and we are so glad we did! We LOVE receiving postcards from around the world and reading the messages on the back. It is always awesome to receive postcards that are personalized because it shows that people really care about you even though you've never met before! We love Postcrossing and are glad we found it!”

Rachel & Heather, New Zealand

“Postcrossing has opened a window for me to communicate with the world, which I find so beautiful and colorful!”

潘达, China

“There is bad news about the world. Postcrossing gives me hope about good news in the world. People are sending smiles to others all over the world. People of different countries and backgrounds. Thanks Postcrossing!! You rock!”

Debbie from Texas

“this feeling when you open the mailbox and he is full postcards from all over the world, I love it =)))))”

Andreas, Germany

“Postcrossing is christmas and my birthday at the same time!”

Hans, Netherlands

“It helps a person like me who is financially unable to travel the world to do so (sort of) through postcards. I enjoy the brief snapshots of people’s lives, their view of the world and what motivates them. Postcards help me feel less alone and excited to engage with others beyond my comfort zone.”


“It is the best feeling in the world getting an unexpected message from someone across the world :)”

Nicoleta, Romania

“It is the adventure of traveling around the world visiting interesting places for the low price of a stamp, meeting all kinds of people, with the surprise of not knowing where come the next postcard will come from. And a good way to practice some english…”

Sergio, Spain

“After medical discharged from the military, I struggled to transition back into civilian life and bounced from job to job. The camaraderie I had in the armed forces was lost. I hated the daily grind among selfish people, constantly competing and unable to trust. Depression overcame me & I lost hope in humanity. Discovering this POSTCROSSING PROJECT has been more effective than all my meds at improving my health by introducing me to kind people around the globe! Thank you!!!!!”

H.J., 40 y.o. female from the U.S.A.

“It's not only a great chance for collectors to get postcards from many different countries, but also the perfect way to learn more about foreign cultures and to get in contact with many friendly people from all over the world! I met a lot of nice people here with whom I still keep contact today.”

Phoenix from Germany

“Postcrossing has added a little bit of excitement to my otherwise boring and dull life.
For each postcard I send across the world, I receive a postcard from across the world.
It has made waiting for the adventure an easier task to bear.”

Alana, Canada

“I have been a member (both active and inactive...and active again!) since 2013, and this project has been amazing! I absolutely love mail. As someone on the autism spectrum, I can also struggle to make and keep friends. But with Postcrossing, I don't have to worry about this, because I can always count on receiving a postcard from someone.

Thank you for helping to brighten up my day, and to bring surprises to my mailbox!”

Erin Clemens (AspergerSadie), U.S.A.

“When i was kid, I always thought that sending mail and postcards would be fun, but when I grew up it was really hard to find someone who had same interest as I did, and I really had no clue how to find partnership to send a postcards and mail. Somehow I discovered this website, and got really excited about it! My first postcards that I've sent were when i was 16 years old (2017), now I'm 18 years old(2019) and I never wanted to stop postcrossing. Bye bye <3”

Ahmad(student), Malaysia

“This is a great opportunity to get live communication with people abroad. Postcards transfer human energy which is great. It's a wonderful project!”

Yura, Ukraine

“My journey started 3 years ago and Postcrossing has opened up the gates of the whole world for me. Living in a very remote part of INDIA, It feels great to be connect to the whole world through postcards. I have made many good friends and it never feels different. We all are one and the same and share the same like and feelings. It gives me unique joy and I am happy ever since I joined Postcrossing. This project has brought together many people together and has made it one big family. Love it!”

RIAZ, India

“Little bits of love flying all over the world - that is what Postcrossing is to me.”

jm, U.S.A.

“I like Postcrossing a lot. Happy mailbox is sharing positive energetic. I personally invite everyone to support this project ! Today I noticed that map reflecting all countries where I sent postcards and vice versa is a cool way better to know world. It is like a hobby of soulmates. From heart to heart :)”

Julia, Lithuania

“This site has opened up a world-wide love of sharing - giving and taking, laughing and sometimes crying, smiling - our human condition with one another. I have "met" many friends here with whom I now correspond regularly. I am learning much about many cultures. And I am truly the richer for it.”

Terry from Arkansas

“I always liked collecting postcards and traveling, so when I discovered Postcrossing i became fascinated by the idea. It is a way to meet and places I've never been to, and to continue collecting.
I never thought there were so many people who like postcards.
Best wishes to all postcrossers!”

Lígia, Portugal

“Postcrossing really does make one feel that you are part of a global community. It is such a simple, yet effective way to connect with people and countries you otherwise never would have. It's great to receive an interesting card on which someone has shared a little bit about themselves & their lives - I love it!”

Liesel, South Africa

“Postcrossing is a miracle. This is the magic that you can do without a wand. I'm not Harry Potter, but I can make a stranger happy just by sending him a beautiful card.”

Vasilissa, Russia

“I have always loved postcards and when I accidentally came across it, I immediately joined in. Wish I had known about this before. I even got my old aunty of 79 joining up, even though her English is very basic. And it's so nice that some of my postcards have been favourited.”

Nelly, Netherlands

“I love Postcrossing. I was delighted to find some postcards from friends around the world in my empty mailbox, enjoy reading their story and feel the world is more closely together. And specially, Postcrossing can help my depression. Thank you, thank you.”

Nammanee, Thailand

“Postcrossing has changed my life and I look at mail very differently. Not only does it grant looks into other culture, but it lets you see how nice people are across the world. I've even gained some pen-pals through it! The members are all one big happy family also. 5 stars!!!! :)”

Geoffrey, postcard artist, U.S.A.

“For me Postcrossing is a great source of cultural knowledge and an art exhibition at the same time. Exploring the site is extremely enriching! Receiving cards makes the great people behind cards visible! Thank you everybody for contributing to this project! ;-D”


“Nothing beats the feeling of thinking what the person on the other side of the world might feels when receiving my card!”

Kitsune, Student, Finland

“Receiving cards makes me warm and I'd like to share some happiness with who is unknown to me. Postcrossing makes two happy - the sender and the receiver. Double happiness, why not?!”

EJUNE, China

“It has opened up the world to me, a non-traveler. I have seen places and exchanged words with people I would have never met before. It has given me something to share with my 90 yr old grandmother and she is as excited to get the mail as me. Every day a new corner of the globe is illuminated.”

Yvonne, Southwest Florida

“Postcrossing is a way for me to reach out to the world, in a random way, and I never tire of the physical surprises that arrive in my mailbox in return.”

MicklPickl, Austin, Texas

“There is something quite magical about it. For me, since I moved recently and left most of my friends behind, the cards in my mailbox are a lifeline, a way of feeling connected and finding I have new friends in faraway places. During this critical time of enforced isolation Postcrossing is more important than ever!”

Alison, U.S.A.

“Every time when I request a new address to write a card, it is a start from a nice journey.
To write postcards to someone else in the world is a small meeting with another person from another land, another culture and so on.
It is nice to get postcards and to know, that this one person took deliberately time to send you a card.
With time you get a nice collection from cards around the world.
For me Postcrossing is a lot of Joy.
You never know what for a Profile is behind the next Mouse Click.”

Marcel, Germany

“In a small box,
a box into which sun can not reach
lived a whole world of people
having fun on the beach.

The world was not big,
it came from a piece of paper,
but it could only be explored by a true
dream maker.

-This is how I experience postcards.”

Zina, Bosnia-Herzegovina

“You can learn and appreciate the world through its beautiful people!”

Carolyn, U.S.A.

“To me, Postcrossing is a wonderful way to get to know the world a little better. Every day when I come home, I hope to find a new card in my mailbox. You'll get to know people from all around the world: their cultures, their country, their city. It's simply wonderful!”

Ricardo, Weert, Netherlands

“Now, I feel I can reach all the world and I can meet so many different people from so many different countries. It's great and it's all cause postcrossing! :)”

Gabrielė, Lithuania

“It's a great way to slow my busy world down. When I pull out multiple postcards from my glistening treasure (PO) box it's like everything stops and I get to enjoy that moment completely.”

Mary, (Maryland, USA)

“In this age of advanced technology, letter/postcard writing seems to be a thing of the past. Communication can travel across the world in a few seconds. Everything is so instant that we forget to appreciate the simple things. This is why it's such a joy to look into our (real) mailbox and find a handwritten letter from a stranger in another land, and know that they have taken the time to write specially to us. Postcrossing has made this possible and reminded us of the simple joys of life.”

Deanna A, China

“It is amazing to see places and read stories from all over the world. For a postcard collector, it is a dream come true.”

Heather, USA

“Collecting cool postcards from around the world is an obvious perk of Postcrossing, but what I really love about this hobby is the meaningful connections I've been making with people around the world. We exchange thoughts about predictable things like our own lives and our own cities and the weather, but I've also discovered that the more meaningful messages written on the postcards can spark enlightening exchanges about culture, politics and global relations. And another benefit is that I feel like I'm doing my part to keep my postal carrier employed. So let's celebrate this endangered form of correspondence that is best when not digitized. Sometimes it's good to take life slow, one postcard at a time.”

Joanwilder, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I don't even know what makes me feel better - knowing that my postcard has reached it's destination or getting one myself. Anyway, there's nothing else like it.”

Flamed_Water, Russia

“I'm depressed. Sometimes my life's like a black hole and I don't know any way out of it, but now that I have Postcrossing, the cards never fail to put a smile on my face, even on bad days. Thank you!!”

Jule, Germany

“I smile every time I go to my mailbox.
It makes me feel part of something big.
It brings me the taste of new cultures and new places.
It allows me to connect with people, exchange thoughts, share passions.
In the end, it's like having the world as your backyard and you've been invited to see it.”

Ana T., Portugal

“For a postcard lover like me, Postcrossing is like heaven on earth. The amazing feeling of opening the mail box and finding a postcard from a different country makes my day. Love it so much :)”

Mariana, Portugal

“Postcrossing opened my eyes to places which I would probably never get to know and got closer people who I would probably never know about their existence, and all that is just AMAZING!
It manages to blend the new technological tool that is internet with the old, traditional (and almost lost) personal touch given by a hand-written postcard sharing out a piece of your life. What else?!”

Carina from Patagonia, Argentina

“Postcrossing makes my mailbox happy! A great opportunity to meet people (and postcards) from around the world!”

Hilary (PingaPingviini)

“It has made my work area a place of interest! I put my 3 newest arrivals in my work area. Now everyone stops by my cube to see if there has been any new arrivals. I believe they are getting the postcard bug ;-}”

Teryl, U.S.A.

“It is like an addiction. Its great to walk to my mailbox and find a postcard from someplace in the world. And to send a postcard to an unknown place is really great. I enjoy everytime I open my mailbox and find a email which says: "your postcard to ... arrived". It means I can send another one.”


“It's the old fashion way of communicating and I love it.
This way I can travel around the world & see wonderful places I normally wouldn't see. Each card is special, because someone I didn't know picked it just for me and took the time to write and sent it. And I too can make people happy this way.”

Saskia1990, Netherlands

“It's a fantastic feeling to be looking forward for every time when you go to the letterbox. I'm always happy when I get a lovely and nice card from a postcrosser! They put a smile on my face. Thanks for this great project!”

Moa, Finland

“It's an easy way to communicate. I have a bunch of illnesses that keep me away from people in "real" life but in Postcrossing world they don't matter. I have met wonderful people and seen beautiful places through postcards - amazing how something so simple can bring so much joy!”


“it is so refreshing to receive postcards in the morning! It never gets old. The feeling in the mornings that something great awaits you in the mailbox is so invigorating. That beneath the stack of bills and letters, you'll find a nicely written postcard. Postcrossing has also enabled me to widen my network of friends from all around the world. Thank you Postcrossing for giving my mailbox a new lease of life!”

Cheryl (theguitarist), Malaysia

“Joining Postcrossing is one of the best experience in my life! It gives me a special kind of happiness every time I receive a postcard from people in different countries and when someone receives the postcard I sent. It's a great feeling that I can share with other people my passion in writing.

I look forward to many years in Postcrossing!”

Melissa, Philippines

“I changed to love “Monday” not “Friday”. I feel exciting when I see postboxes, postal cars, postmen, post offices on the road. After a tired whole day work, I become happier to go home, and if I receive postcards at that day, I’ll feel it’s like the best reward.”

Insica, Taiwan

“Postcrossing is the greatest that ever happened to me because since I was a young girl I love writing letters and postcards. Postcrossing makes it possible to visit any place on the earth without having to move from home. i am happy to be part of the big postcrossers Family.”

Gesine, Germany

“I love the suspense of wondering where your next postcard will be from and what it will look like.”


“it gives me the opportunity to share my part of the world with others. At the same time my world is expanded by learning and seeing other parts of the world. I can not explain the thrill I get when I have found the perfect postcard to send to someone. And when I receive a perfect card for myself, I am equally thrilled. I think it is a great way to step out of myself and see that there are so many people in the world to connect with...it is truly an amazing project!”

Arlene, Canada

“Postcrossing has been in my life from the teenage age until now in my mid-20s. It's always been a safe space for me where I could relax and have interesting conversations with so many nice people around the world. There are so many warm-hearted people here who go the extra mile to put a smile on a stranger's face. I couldn't think of a better hobby. ♥”

Jennifer, Germany

“It's the best site ever created! I couldn't imagine how AMAZING an unknown exchange of postcards could be! Postcrossing is a simply fantastic way to share cards with so many different people of the world, by a single and common way... Postcrossing is an addiction, is a wonder, is a love... is REAL =D *”


“I love it to open my mail box and to see the multicolored postcards. I love it, if I get an email that one of my dispatched postcards arrived. I love it, to draw new addresses. Where I send it this time and who hides itself behind the profile. I love it, daily going to Postcrossing :-)”

Helmyne, Germany

“Since kid I always love and thrilled whenever I got parcels and letters from post officers but at the same time feel sad because no one send me mail and letters anymore. I don't know how to find penpal if I rarely meet foreigners or people who willing to send me postcards from their place. And I finally find postcrossing! I feel like I am being saved because these platform allow me to pursue my hobby and being thrilled whenever I go to post office those postcards and whenever I receive one”

Bi0920, Indonesia

“For me Postcrossing is friendship, culture, learning and more. I can not imagine without Postcrossing. Thanks for having Postcrossing! Obrigado!”

Luciano, Brazil

“As a child, I made many plans and dreamed of traveling to distant countries. Everything turned out differently. At the age of 23 I had my first herniated disc, three more followed within a short time.Since then I've been a chronic pain patient.Traveling is out of the question, I spend most of my time in bed or on the couch. Postcrossing brings the world to ne and I always enjoy looking at the cards or sending them out.”

Nicole, Germany

“My friends & family live in Australia, on the other side of the world. They think life in Europe is more exciting so even though I write to them, they rarely write back. Getting nothing but bills in letterbox is so depressing & my Postcrossing cards are a wonderful happy surprise!”


“I love the idea of being connected to people all over the world. And I imagine the way the postcard had to take to arrive safely in my own postbox. How many people were involved to transport the kind words written on the backside. It is fun and a great pleasure and makes my days so much better. Thank you for creating this project.”

Martina, Germany

“I love postcrossing!
It's amazing, when I receive postcards from all world!
This is a very good project.”

Bartosz, Poland

“Postcrossing brings back memory of my childhood before email and mobile phone. I used to have penpals from different countries. Nothing can beat receiving mail/postcard in your mailbox. The anticipation is part of the fun which email can never match.”

Adriana, New Zealand

“When I open my mailbox, I get so excited. And every postcard, I imagine the world in which the sender lives. I met lots of people, whom I cannot meet in my real life. It's an exciting experience for me to talk with people living far away, with different ages or different cultures. Of course I love collecting postcard as much as interacting with worldwide people.

That's why my normal, boring mailbox turned out to be a wonderful box. Thank you, for all postcrossers. Happy Postcrossing!”

Wakaba, Japan, a high school student

“I love Postcrossing because I have always been interested in international friendship and exchanging my culture with others from around the world. It is not only a place to send and receive postcards, but it is also a place to make friendships you otherwise wouldn't!”

Kayla, Maine, USA

“I've only been in involved in Postcrossing for a little over three months, but I really love it. Apart from the obvious joy of sending and receiving post cards and choosing the right card and stamps, what I like is that the color of my skin, hair and eyes doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what I look like, how old I am, what my job is, what I drive, where I work or how much money I have or don't have. People still happily send me post cards and people are happy to receive the ones I send.”

Yolanda, U.S.A.

“it transforms this big and chaotic planet into a cosy village. Read less bad news, write more friendly cards!”

Nicolas von Lettow-Vorbeck, Germany

“It improved my knowledge of the world, of its diversity and beauty. It taught me that we are all so different, and at the same time, extraordinarily similar. Postcrossing showed me that there are still wonderful people in the world, and that gives me hope for the future.”

magl, Portugal

“Postcrossing brings this world together by introducing two random people in the world. This opportunity allows me, as a student, to enrich my knowledge of the different cultures and lives that I share this world with. Getting a postcard in the mail is the best feeling; especially if that person is random. I hope more people decide to sign up and join the love! I could definitely make this my hobby for the rest of my life.”

Kayla, U.S.A.

“I love to receive personal mail and I take pleasure in sending cards as well. It makes me happy! There are a lot of beautiful postcards. I think Postcrossing and its popularity is proof of the importance of personal postcards. People take great pleasure in this project. People all over the world prefer personal mail rather than e-cards.”

Ann66, Netherlands

“I love Postcrossing because there is such a warm fuzzy feeling you get when you open your post box to find a postcard that someone has taken the time to share a little piece of their life with you, from somewhere on this big beautiful world. You get to meet new people from all walks of life. You get to travel everywhere without actually going. You get to experience things that you couldn't even imagine if you weren't a part of Postcrossing.”

Hillary,Student, 19, Canada

“This project is truly amazing!”

Pavel, Russia

“I'm in postcrossing since December, and I really can't find the right words to describe it! When I return home from school, and find a postcard waiting for me, I'm getting so excited! It brings me a sunshine, and makes my day! It's happy when you learn that your card reached someone too, cause you know that you made somebodys day! Finding the right postcard for anybody is also something fun... I've also made some great friends here!
So, please,
Cheers from Greece!

Aimilia, Greece ( Miloudi)

“It changed my life!
I was feeling down for a while and I needed something fun.

It makes me smile everytime I'm writing, sending and receiving a card to and from all the very sweet Postcrossers.
It made my life a lot happier =D

Thanks so much for this site!!”


“Postcrossing saved my life!
When I was very sick in anxiety, the postcards I recieved saved my life. All the stories I heard, written with love was the best. The Postcrossing community is all about love! <3”


“Postcrossing means joy, peace, smile. Despite the costs for postage (and a lot of postal administration start to increase their costs) still remain a platform for bringing a smile on somebody face. It is interesting: how you can send an email or an SMS almost for free, but a postcard to be sent costs more. But I really enjoy this phenomena, and I am proud to be part of it!”

Mihnea, Romania

“I love Postcrossing because of the wonderful friends I have made. I joined Postcrossing 3 years ago, and since then I have met so many amazing people who I now consider firm friends. I have met a group of people in my hometown in New Zealand, and I recently travelled to Europe where I met many 'international' Postcrossers.”

Pip (bebe22) from New Zealand

“I joined Postcrossing just a few months ago, I am in total love with it. Having grown up with penpals around the world, I find this a fun exciting way to brighten one's life, in a very fast-paced, social media-driven world. There is nothing nicer than waiting for the postie, so I can check the mailbox for my next postcard, from someone across our world who has taken time to write something. I have told all my friends to join. Love love love it.”

Suzanne, New Zealand

“I love Postcrossing, because it feels like, I make a lot of friends all over the world and those friends make friends with me!
Every time when I open my mailbox and find a card, it give me an smile on my face, make my day Happy!
-Happy Postcrossing-”

Anneke, Canada

“Postcrossing is........... awesomeness!!!”

Julia, U.S.A.

“I love seeing parts of the world I may never be able to visit. But most of all, I enjoy the small connections with random folks across the planet, ie: "hey, I love to knit, too"... or "I enjoy hiking in the woods and a good campfire, too"... it makes the world seem a smaller and friendlier place.”

freshwater, US

“It is the best concept EVER!!! :-)
Tinewoest sent me the link. I immediately got infected and PC really became my biggest hobby. I spend almost all my free time here. It became a challenge to collect cards from many countries. Great project! Thanks!”

Isa, Germany

“I always liked receiving postcards, but also to write and create them, to give love and joy to others. You feel the friendship between all members, all the conflicts and fights between their states are forgotten. While seeing the rest of the world in postcards, you begin to love the rest of the world more and more, to become more communicative and tolerant. It´s a great possibility to make new experiences and today, I don´t want to live without it only one day <3”

Anne,German student

“Through postcards I have now crossed paths with people from all over the world. I love reading about their towns, countries and reading a little bit about their lives. It is a wonderful way to embrace each other's differences as well as the things we have in common that bond us together. Thank you, Postcrossing!”

Betty, U.S.A.

“I've finally found my true love! Postcrossing make that possible for me to embrace my true passion and interest in life. Postcards, snail mails, pen and papers are always my weaknesses. I never feel embarrass to admit that. Despite growing up in a modern world and well equip technologies, I still prefer the traditional way. To embrace new friend from unknown land with eagerness and warmness, daily through the most beautiful and sincere way which is postcard!”

Rafia, Malaysia

“Ever since my friend introduced me to postcrossing I have been smiling to myself all the time at the thought of it all, that you send and receive from 100s of countries around the world. Receiving a postcard the traditional way is so much more satisfying and exciting! I am going to do this for my whole life! No doubt!”

Heather, Surrey

“It's a way to send your love over the whole world. To share your experiences with others. And after you wake up, there can be something waiting for you in the mailbox. If I see all the love that people send me and others, I get hope for the future!”

Heidi, Netherlands

“Not only do I enjoy getting the cards but they are shared repeatedly. My husband is the first to get the mail and he is also excited to get the cards.
Then I take the cards to school and share them with the students. It's turned into a very good teaching tool.
It's broadened a lot of horizons!”

Mother Brando/Renee

“Postcrossing is definitely one of the most incredible things I have ever come across! It is such an amazing and meaningful way to learn about different cultures, celebrate diversity and share our part of the world with so many people out there. I don't think I will ever be able to express how grateful or happy I am for being part of this huge community of kind, unique and respectful people!”

Maria Clara,14, Brazil

“I love Postcrossing because a postcard is a smile sent in the mail.
When I got the news that my first postcard got to its destination, I erupted in tears of joy. I wish this could happen to everybody in the world.”

Stellac, U.S.A.

“I´ve always loved postcards, but kept them just for me, I couldn´t just give them away, they were all important for me :-) crazy and useless, I know. So now I have a nice reason to SHARE them with various people on the whole planet with a feeling that I am useful - I can create smiles, and that´s a beautiful way how to give up my selfishness. ”

martymarty, Czech Republic

“I love that messages from strangers all across the world come to my door. It doesn't take very much to send an email or a text message and it is instant. When a person sends a postcard there is more effort involved. I love choosing for people as well knowing that me putting a stamp and sending it will put a smile on someones face. Its a beautiful beautiful thing to spread joy this way.”

Fiona, Canada

“After starting postcrossing I have found that I run to the letterbox to find out who the next card (if its there) is from. This site helps you to get to know people from different cultures these people have differnt loves and hates to you etc. You get to talk to people you may not be able to talk to without a site like this one. I love reading peoples profiles and working out which card they like and hopefully ticking off something on their wishlist, I enjoy this just as much as receiving cards”

Ruth,15, United Kingdom

“It makes me really happy to open my mailbox and see postcards from all over the world. One day I got 3 of them - it made my day!! I feel like I'm part of something wonderful. I hope that others enjoy their postcards as much as I enjoy mine. Thank you, Postcrossing!”

Robinn, Albuquerque, NM, USA

“I'm loving Postcrossing, I wish I had found this years ago. To connect with a stranger from across the world, and share some facts, news or gossip is a wonderful thing. People are so giving of their time and efforts!”

Donna, Australia

“Postcrossing gives me such a precious opportunity to get postcards from all over the world. It helps me travel the world. Such a brilliant idea! I love it so much!!!”

Liu, China

“I'm a postcard nut, I love the backs of them as much as the fronts, the little slivers of personality that arrive in my letter box, from the card they chose to the note they write, reminds me that we're all unique and makes the big world seem a little bit smaller.”

Frogglin, Australia

“Postcrossing is one of my favorite hobbies, and it keeps me busy. I always have a card to write, and I get so excited when I see someone liked what I sent ! And when I come home and see a letter waiting for me, it's like a little gift everyday :)”

Mathieu, France

“I truly believe in positive synergy, that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook, and belief that you can do something great means you will do something great. So, I love these postcrossing exchanges - it's like traveling all around the world! Every time when I open my mailbox, I feel happy and I can't stop smiling because the feeling in this moment is amazing. Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this project.

Best wishes,
Viktorija Meilyte”

Victoria, psychologist from Lithuania

“It's a happiness drug to life.
However bad the day has been, if your postbox is happy, its a happy day. Yay!

I am so addicted to sharing and spreading this happiness that I am starting an entire blog about this project.
It's spreading awesomeness !
Stay tuned to my profile for the blog updates!”

Ishittaa, India

“When I receive a postcard my heart soars like an eagle! Of the billions of people on earth, it takes my breath away that a single person, thousands of miles away, took the time to write to ME. Though we may never meet, their words will forever be etched in my heart. I am thankful for being able to be a part of sharing. I await the next one. White Wolf, Earth”

White Wolf, Earth

“I just celebrated my one year anniversary of belonging to Postcrossing! To be a member of a group of 500,000+ people around the world who want to be part of a global community of friendship is so rewarding! I look forward every day to receiving a postcard & even more I wait anxiously until I am able to send out another. I have learned so much about other countries. I often first look at a pertinent Wikipedia entry before I register a card so I can say something specific about the card.”

Celia, U.S.A.

“I love postcrossing because you can meet a lot of people who do not have the same age, not of the same nationality, who do not live in the same country with different customs.
But, we are all equal and we all love postcrossing...”

Loriane, 11 year old , France

“Postcrossing enables you to get little glimpses of the life and the world of strangers all over the world- and in return you can share your little world with others!
It makes the world bigger and smaller at the same time and I love it!”

Katja, Germany

“Writing and receiving letters to strange beautiful friends somewhere in the corner of earth is really exciting..! It's human mind that blossoms affection at every moment all the life, that we are finding in the great idea of 'Post Crossing' ..! Great salute to the founders..!! It made me so excited that I feel like travelling and interacting with lot of diffrent cultured, traditional people across the globe and share in common many fantastic views about life. I simply love amazig post crossing.!”

Chandrashekhar, India

“So many others share the same feelings that I have toward this site - its Amazing - as soon as I hear the mail truck coming down the road I run out to see what awaits me inside the tin box. I shuffle through all the mail so fast & if I did get one I start yelling to my husband " I got one I got one". I even put up a world map & I keep track with different color flag pins for sending & receiving. I love having friends all over the world. Everyday I get to travel to another country. ”

Anje~Ohio, U.S.A.

“It's a window to the world in which Postcrossing creates understanding about people and their cultures in the most simple way there is; just by sending and receiving a postcard. Wouldn't the world be a great(er) place if all inhabitants of this wonderful planet joined Postcrossing?”

Tjitske, Netherlands

“As long as I remember, I've loved getting mail. I have kept all cards and letters since I was 5 yrs, so almost for 36 yrs! After reading an article in Finnish Postia -magazine, I started Postcrossing and loved it since! Living in a tiny, distant village, this is my way of meeting people! THANKS!”


“It is so exciting to receive postcards in the mailbox. I realize that people are people no matter where they live. We are all really alike, we enjoy same things in life and are sad about same things. A little girl from Russia wrote me that it was so hot in Russia that even ice-cream did not help. That totally made sense to me, that was HOT.”

Marlene, U.S.A.

“I don't only LIKE postcrossing, I LOVE postcrossing! :-) The sending is as important to me as the getting and I try to send what people will love every time. Looking forward to potentially great mail has made my weekdays so much better! I now have a worldwide network of friends.

Thank you! :-)”

Robin67, Vienna, Austria

“It's nice to think someone, somewhere may have a smile on their face because a little piece of my life has reached them today. I know I have when I find a postcard on my doorstep. Thank you to everyone who partakes.”

Samuel, Finland

“I need work for my brain, foreign languages, internet use, card text, choice of what to send.. add the pictures of the cards to the wall! I am over 70 years old, and I am happy that I can still do all this myself. There are challenges because I have a neurological problem, essential tremor. Thanks to the postcrossing members, founders and greetings to everyone from Finland!”


“Everytime I hold a new postcard in my hand, I see more than the picture, I feel emotions between a foreign human and me. This project make people smile every day and give them the chance to send hapiness around the world.”

Jessica, Germany

“My life was never very exciting but it is now. I love that felling of getting something but you don't now exactly what. It is a brilliant project and I thank Postcrossing every day for the chance to be a part of that. ♥”

Kitty (waitress), Germany

“It's lovely to receive postcards from all over the world! I'm always very happy when I find a card from my mailbox and I'm happy to read the things people write to me. This also improves my English and writing and I can learn about other cultures and countries!”

Siiri, Finland

“It's so cool - to send and receive a smile! If you think: it's just magic! You wrote a few words and the man smiled at the other end of the world! A complete stranger thought of you with warmth ... and the world has become brighter)”

Zoе, Russia

“I always loved receiving postcards, but it wasn't until Postcrossing that I realized how sending postcards could be as much fun -- if not more so! I actually enjoy going to the stores to pick out cards for different people, and I now carry stamps in my wallet so I can easily mail them to my anonymous friends. I guess I just like the idea that a little piece of me will be in these far-off places that I may never get to visit.”

Anna, U.S.A.

“When I buy stacks of postcards the cashier asks me, "Do you collect postcards." I reply, "No, not really." When I purchase postage stamps from stamp dealers, from post offices and over the internet, I am asked, "Do you collect stamps?" My response, "No, not really." What I like to think I am doing is collecting smiles, smiles from fellow Postcrossers. And in return, I hope, with my stack of postcards and my selection of stamps, that I am contributing to collections of smiles around the globe.”

Becky, U.S.A.

“There's such a thrill in receiving postcards from somewhere "out there." Also, thanks to my fellow Postcrossers, I'm learning about Russian authors, Finnish artists, and tidbits about places I haven't been to before and may never likely visit in my lifetime. It's like travelling without having to leave the comforts of home. :-)”

Susan, Philippines

“I like Postcrossing because it enables people from different cultures to communicate, learn about each other, and make friends. I am saddened by the fact that my country has very few Postcrossing members, relative to its size. What can I do to make the idea of Postcrossing more popular?”


“Postcrossing is spreading kindness around like confetti! ❤ The thrill we get when we open our mailbox is just one of the best and positive moments of our day! Postcrossing allows us to promote the beauty of our planet. Let's keep it up, my friends!??”

Antonella from Trieste, Italy

“a postcard is like a time capsule which may reveal psychology and prevailing thought process of a Nation, technology thriving in that era, choices and liking of the citizens of that country. a postcard is an ambassador from unseen world.
i love postcrossing since it helps me in honing my communicative skills since restriction of space on the postcard throws challenge to remain brief but with brevity.”

col Akhil Kumar, India

“Everyone I meet is always intrigued by my Postcrossing hobby. I share my scrapbooks with anyone who is interested. I say I won't travel outside of Canada, and I still remain firm on that, BUT Postcrossing allows me to glimpse other countries without the airport hassles!”

Diana, Thunder Bay, Canada

“It makes me smile every time I open the mailbox and I see a lovely photo from somewhere in the world, I don't smile a lot but PC makes me SMILE!. I also love to meet and talk to new people, if so just over a postcard it make me feel good, to know that someone on the globe knows that I exist. I love PC!”

Simon, Sweden

“It's awesome to read those few words written on paper <3”

Kasia, Poland

“Postcrossing is brilliant because it's like having friends all around the globe who contribute to my very own personalised travel directory. No need to worry now that my post will be all bills, there's invariably some nice words from a new friend in a different country to brighten my day.”

Julie, Cheshire, UK

“It gives you the opportunity to get to know something about different people around the world. And it's a win-win situation, because you get to make others happy, and they make you happy, too! Just because of postcards, it's simple and nice! :-)”

Ilse, Netherlands

“In a world filled with Facebook, Twitter and other such networks, this is something really different and exciting to do. This is the best stunt I have ever seen online. It's good to be a part of the real world again. Postcrossing allowed me to go out and get something done in very easy and simple. I just love it.”

Vivek Revi, India

“I immediately signed my boys up when I came across this idea in "Family Fun" magazine. My 11yr old has Aspergers as an attribute and one of his basic pleasures is getting mail!! He loves it. He loves the writing styles, words, pictures, everything. Thank you for our therapy!!”

Carolyn, Mom

“Every day is special, and the days I get a postcard is extra special. Something so small and brings so much joy! Living way down here near the bottom of the world makes it very expensive to travel anywhere and the receiving of a card takes me briefly to a part of the world I will never visit. Thank you! Thank you everyone.”

Diane, New Zealand

“I found this project by chance and feel this is the luckiest thing in my life.
I always love postcards from youth to now, and will be hold on...it is a way to live, remember and enjoy. Expecailly when you receive a full-words card from someone who you don't know before, but just feel warm! That's why I am coming here, I hope I can be here longer and longer, even when I will be married, have children, grandchildren.....
Anyway, happy to meet you!!

Shushu, China

“Traveling is what I am passionate about. Some people say "eat to live, don't live to eat" but for me, i prefer "Live to travel". I study hard just to travel around the world, I love seeing with my naked eyes places that I've only seen in my computer. With Postcrossing, it really helps me to build a sketch in my mind of the places that I want to visit someday.”

Justinia, Indonesia

“Postcrossing is simply "happiness" for me, because it literally delivers a smile via my mailbox to me. I love all the beautiful postcards I receive and the sweet people who send them to me from all over the world.
It's a great way to learn about other people, how they live and what they like, even if it's just a very small piece of information about their lives and we all have something in common: we love postcards and send out a smile for every received one.”

Jessica, Germany

“I can see many of the country landmark. I cannot afford to travel outside Malaysia and by receiving postcard from Finland, Japan, USA, Germany and many other country it can make me like travel with just a piece of postcard I received.”

Qayyum, Malaysia

“Postcrossing - it is something cozy and wonderful! Thank you for this cool project) My love!”

Alice, Russia

“There once I received a postcard from my friend who was studying in Glasgow, UK for her master degree. I enjoyed so much seeing the picture on the card and reading her story about it. Then somehow, I learned about Postcrossing about a month ago and decided to join. I feel so lucky to have known this. Saying a genuine hello to someone living far away from us in this memorable way, I'm surely happy for this.”

Nanda, Indonesia

“In the 21st century, there's still something magical about putting pen to paper, writing with your hand the words that stem from your heart and establish that connection with a total stranger in a gesture that may survive over time... I absolutely LOVE Postcrossing. Thank you for giving us this chance, Postcrossing team!”

Diana, Galicia (Spain)

“It's a great way for a person like me to see all kinds of places that I would never have a chance to see otherwise. I love watching my collection grow and waiting for the surprise of where my next card will be from and also the kindness of everyone involved in this genius creation.”


“Postcrossing is great! My daughter just loves receiving them from all over the world and she loves picking them out for us to send! Thank you so much for allowing people to get connected via snail mail!!”

Rebecca, U.S.A.

“This is almost too good to be true!!! I'm more than happy, that I found this, just love to receive and send cards. My heart is yours!!!”

Muumimamma, Finland

“It is a wonderful project.I really like to reiceve and send postcards. It makes me and , I hope, another people a little bit happier. It is very interesting to know something new about foreign cultures. I also think that this project makes closer and more gentle the whole world. Thank you very much!”

Yana, Latvia

“nice words and beautifull postcards are sent from all over the world. it's wonderfull that people share culture, friendship and peace so far away but also so close to my world. I enjoy it very very much.”

Rika, Netherlands

“It brings the world together, it brings joy and happiness (for senders and receivers)- it feels like being a part of a big big family :-)You can learn a lot about the different people in the different places. A member of Finland wrote that this project should get the Peace Nobel Prize: YES!!! I always love it, to choose and write postcards for a random person in this world and to receive another card from someone ... It brings such warm feeling inside :-)It makes life better!!!”

Kleine Hexe from Germany

“Postcrossing - is much more than just a hobby. It makes my life brighter and more interesting! I put a part of my soul in every postcard I send and when I receive postcards - I get someone's part too and it makes me really happy. That's why it's so special for me. Also Postcrossing - is a great way to creat a connection between different countries, to unify people from every corner of our planet. In conclusion, I want to say thank you to people who did all this possible. You did a great job!”

Vlad, Russia

“...there a lots of incredible concidences! The last one today: I received the postcard FR - 300.000, and my 1000th sent card was registered at the same time!”

Albrecht, Germany

“Opening the mailbox and finding a colorful card, written with kind words from a total stranger; what a nice world we live in! I've always loved to write, travel and meet folks world wide. Postcrossing lets me do all of that from my home; mailbox to mailbox.”

Sylvie, U.S.A.

“I can't really express the joy of finding a new postcard in my mailbox. The feeling that regardless of everything bad that is happening in our world right now, we still manage to feel so much love for people we never met, from places where we've never been. I feel truly blessed to share bits and pieces of my life with others and feel that somehow we are all connected through these lovely pieces of paper that mean so much to all of us :)”

Mariana, Portugal

“I love postcrossing because postcards are a passion from little. You dont know how much it makes me happy to recieve and send them. I met some nice postcrossers!! Thank you for helping me with my collection and making my day complete with fun and joy!”

Angienewyork, Italy

“I love Postcrossing very much. This is a great way to learn about other countries in the world. I also collect postcards, so this is a very good way to get cards. It's great to come home after a long day in school and receive wonderful postcards from all over the world.”

Tanja from Finland

“It made me discover the world of beautiful Czech stamps. It makes me smile anytime I request a new address and try to fulfill the recipient's wish. It makes me happy anytime there is the little card in my mailbox. It just made me addicted to the almost forgotten private postal service! Thank you!”

Petra, Czech Republic

“I've collected stamps for the last 40 years and I guess that's what makes postcrossing so interesting for me. To get a postcard in the mail and to have the person who sent it use the latest issue of stamps on it really makes my day. Geography has always been my favorite subject so what better (and less expensive) way is there to see the world?”

Jim, U.S.A.

“Yay, I love it! And I'm so so so happy that I found postcrossing. Like so many others here I enjoy writing and sending a card as much as receiving cards! It's such a wonderful idea, thank you to the founders and to all the people who keep it going.”

Katja, Germany

“I have never been outside my country, but I feel like I've been to a different country with every card I get. I was very surprised to find out that sending cards by post is still a thing and I am very happy that I came across this community of warm, friendly people who are also earnest to communicate and connect with the whole world. Much love to the Postcrossing team. Mabuhay!”

Isha, Philippines

“It's like to have a friends from all over the world. Although, you don't know each other, everyone who sent you a postcard has a special place in your heart. It's amazing feeling!”

Julia, Ukraine

“Postcrossing cheer my days up and make me feel better! :) I am happy that I get to know so much more about this planet where we all live because of Postcrossing. You will meet many people from all over the world and you will learn so many things. You will get wonderful postcards and the feeling when someone really likes your card, it is the best because then you know that you have made someone smile! This is really the BEST hobby ever :)”

Minna, Finland

“This is a wonderful way to meet others. Who knew I would befriend someone in India or Iraq. It's pretty amazing when you think about it. The fact that someone takes their time to put a smile on my face makes me want to spread that happiness onto someone else. If everyone would participate in this project, many would realize how wonderful people are.”

Jessica, Huntington Beach, California - U.S.A.

“One of my nieces turned me on to Postcrossings last year because she knows how much I have always enjoyed writing letters and cards. For over 40 years I have shared my thoughts and travels through life with family members and friends far and wide. And now, I am excited in writing people like me, who enjoy sending and receiving cards; knowing they appreciate each new message that arrives in their mailbox. It is a great way to share our humanity and bring people closer, one address at a time.”

Steve - Husband, Father, Grandfather & Pilot

“It's great and excited to receive a postcard from a unknown sender from any country in the world!
But I also love to search for postcards and share cards that I like to someone in the world.
I just started a few months ago, but I'm already an addict!
Can't wait to open my mailbox and see what I'll receive. It's great!

Tessa, Netherlands

“I have severe depression. Some people don’t know what that means. The best way I can describe it is you feel as if you are going to your best friends funeral. Only you feel like this everyday for no reason at all. On some days, Postcrossing is the only reason I want to get out of bed and continue living. The fact that someone I have never met would take the time to buy, write, and post me a card always makes me smile. Finding a card in my mailbox works better than any antidepressants available.”

tommyscores, U.S.A.

“It improves my English. I'm on a TTO school, so it is quite useful. But most of all it is fun! I wish there were more people who used it. Also the stamps are sometimes beautiful. And if your birthday is coming, people will send you some extra things (magnets, cards, funny notes).

Just an amazing project!”

Gilles, Netherlands

“It makes getting the mail a complete joy!! I never know what I will find when I open my mailbox!! I've met wonderful people, have a pile of postcards I treasure, and now I'm an addict!! Postcrossing is the best!!”


“I love making and getting small presents that make people smile. This is what Postcrossing is about. What a great idea!”

Birgit, Germany

“The smile I have on my face when there are postcards in my letterbox, even my husband and son love reading them, a great way to meet other Postcrossers and to learn about their country from around the world. Happy Postcrossing.”

aussieannie/Anne, Australia

“it gives me the opportunity to give joy to someone I don't know. I feel good when I picked the right card and made someone happy. I try to read the profiles very good, look at favorites and read between the lines too. Some times it is very difficult because there is nothing to go for.
I think it is a way to get to know the rest of the world without prejudice, because you never know from who you receive.
Thanks everybody!”

Vivianne, Netherlands

“It has been a great privilege to send pieces of paper, of card, of joy to fellow humans time and time again
Neither long lines, nor late deliveries, nor increasing postal rates will keep us from our mission to spread joy and love”

Seracker, Singapore

“One of the most wonderful aspects of postcrossing is the opportunity to read small messages and wishes from unknown people in different countries. The exchange of short stories, kind words, and distance support creates a special connection between us. When I receive such a message, it brings joy and a smile, showing that communication and friendship know no boundaries in this vast world.”

Yurii, Russia

“It brings the whole world in my hands. I like every card, the hundreds from the States as much as the odd one from Jordany. But most of all I love the Finnish crossers. They are thoughtful, quick and funny. I treasure all my cards, but the dearest are Finnish. You feel so good to come home to.”

Willemijn, the Netherlands

“In today's world, full of attacks and terrorism and fear, Postcrossing is a platform for me, where all - no matter where they coming from - hold together. I simply love this thought and this sense of cohesion! And it's a small consolation for me too... Thanks Postcrossing that you've changed my world ♡”

fieldpostmouseYvi (Yvonne) Austria

“it brings the world to you & places that you have not been too. It makes my day especially when I go to the letter box out front and find a postcard in it. Even though we live in Canberra the National Capital, we sometimes do not get mail deliveries every day. Thankyou to post crossing for making my day.”

Denise, Australia (fozziebear)

“I´d like to agree with Monique from Canada, who told about her postlady...The other day I bumped into our postman, familiar since years, and sort of apologized for having him carry all my postcrossing cards. he smiled and said he thinks it´s great, "more of this sort!". He said he likes to carry out mail that someone is expecting and enjoying, not just all the bills.
Recently I sent a postcard to Turkmenistan...It´s so exciting to send to places you hardly knew existed.”

Helena, Finland

“This is a great place to share something you love with someone in this world! I feel happy when I talk with people I don't know. It's the best way to learn about cultures and language.”

Mint, Thailand

“It makes me feel like part of something huge and important. I always wanted to find something about another nationalities and countries. And I love to make people happy. So Postcrossing is a wonderful way to do these things.”

Екатерина, Russia

“I can send and receive mail from countries I wouldn't regularly interact with. I can make connections with people all over the world and begin to build a list of potential pen pals that I hope to write a letter to later on. I have been "collecting" pen pals since 2012 and I've made friends by doing so. Being a member of Postcrossing is very much like doing that to a certain degree. It builds my curiosity about other cultures and I can tell them how life is in my little part of Canada.”

Emily, Canada

“It gives me the change to have a small 'present' each day! When the postman walks across our house, an excitement takes place in our family and the children are almost fighting over whom can take the mail to the livingroom. As three of them postcross too, I only have one problem with this; the cost.”

mama manon, the Netherlands

“This project is the most fantastic that I have seen in my life. It has almost 6 months that I have been traveling around the world through the gorgeous and beautiful postcards that I have been received...The words that people have written really make my day special. I just love this project!!!”

Lucysp, Brazil

“it has made me realize that there is so much kindness around the world, and I am thankful for this. I have come across many nice people.
It makes me very happy!!”

Martha, Mexico

“It is so great, to see the world in a way, that is for the most of us impossible to in real life. Most people don't have enough money to travel around the world, but Postcrossing makes it possible in a virtual way. It brings people nearer together.”

Yvonne, Germany

“Postcrossing brings happiness in my family as my mother, sister, my cats, and I joined this magical site. No single day goes by without us talking about postcrossing. It's amazing that we can get a piece of postcard from another side of the world, maybe a country that doesn't speak the same language like us but we have one thing in common: we want to make people happy. Terima kasih, postcrossing!”

Brenda, Indonesia

“it lets me connect with people around the world! My postcards travel more than I ever will!”

Ruju, India

“Postcrossing should have come with a warning label, because I was addicted within a fortnight. It's a fantastic experience and it's impossible to say whether sending or receiving cards is most fun. In merely two months I've received cards all the way from Japan, and sent all the way to Malaysia!”

Axel Nydén, Sweden

“It's very simple and makes endless fun. You get postcards from people that you would never know or meet in your whole live!
There is nothing better to come back home and to see a postcard in your mailbox, from people you don't know and want to make you happy,it's a great feeling.

This project is a fantastic idea and brings people more and better together.
People should send more postcards to the world and become a member at Postcrossing!”

Sabrina, Germany

“Postcards always make my day!
Postcrossing help me know more culture and people in the world!”

AnnaKyoyama, China

“It makes my day opening my mail box and finding something that are not flyers, not bills. I love postcards, knowing about other places and making new friends! Postcrossing grants those three so I love Postcrossing.”

Sandra, Spain

“The Postcrossing project has helped me realise a lifelong dream-scattering confetti of friendship around the globe.”

moonlesnite - Kitimat

“Postcrossing gives me an opportunity to make friends all over the world. Meeting various people from absolutely different backgrounds is always fascinating.”

Artemiy, Russia

“Wanderlust has always consumed me, but postcrossing has made me want to travel the world so much more. I love connecting with people through postcards, receiving awesome ones is just as fun as sending them. On several occasions, getting a postcard in the mail has really made my day, and I couldn't be more grateful. carpe diem!”

Casey, U.S.A.

“My son and myself, we like to find different places on the map and thanks to Postcrossing we can also learn something interesting about people living around the globe. Thanks to Postcrossing I can teach my son to be patient and look forward the nice surprise — a new incoming card. Thank you all.”

Helena, Czechia

“I like Postcrossing because when I came home a little card with lovely words is waiting for me in my mailbox :)”

Dima, Ukraine

“It's a wonderful way to bring a smile to someone's face and brighten up a day. The idea that my words can change someone's day, just by writing something like 'make sure you smile at a stranger at least once today', is incredible. I just started, sent two cards, haven't received one yet. But the joy is already there. i cannot wait to receive a beautiful card and some lovely words from someone somewhere in this beautiful world!”

Annemarie, Netherlands

“Postcrossing has made my collection more interesting. It has changed my life and the out look of the world! Thanks Postcrossing:)”

Angienewyork, Italy

“Postcrossing has made me realize that no matter how far away we are from each other, or what language we speak, we are all basically the same. I received a card from a little girl in Russia who said it was so hot there that even ice cream did not help. All the world loves ice cream and Postcrossing.”

Marlene, U.S.A.

“It makes me really happy to open my mailbox and see postcards from all over the world. One day I got 3 of them - it made my day!! I feel like I'm part of something wonderful. I hope that others enjoy their postcards as much as I enjoy mine. Thank you, Postcrossing!”

Robinn, Albuquerque, NM, USA

“It's a good way to 'travel' and see the beauty of this earth even when you don't have any money. I used to hate the mailbox because there's always no mail for me, at all. But now that I've joined Postcrossing, I get mail almost everyday and my perspective of the mailbox has entirely changed.”

Regina, Malaysia

“I LOVE SURPRISES! Getting a postcard without notice gives me so much happiness! When I receive a postcard from a stranger, it makes me so happy to see that people have taken time out of their busy day to write me a thoughtful message and carefully chosen a postcard based on my likings. It makes me feel loved, even though I've never met these people! Thank you for this platform and these BEAUTIFUL people I got to connect with because of it.”

Samy, Teenager

“It makes me travel around the world and learn about new countries! It's always fun to open your mailbox, just to find a postcard.”

Lorianne, Canada

“Love belongs to the inner human nature. The essence of love is to be shared. However hard we wish to deny this truth we will never be able. The more we love the more we get it in return. I would say this feature creates an addicted energy that we can not pass by. Giving and taking - the way we are!”

Francisco Lima - Portugal

“I play postcrossing with my grandsons - Danny and Jacob. They like to send cards but they like to receive cards more :). I think postcrossing is an amazing way for them to know the big world better, to meet different people and, perhaps, to make friends all over our beautiful planet.”

Irene, Russia

“I like the way I can put a smile on someone's face I've never met and get that back in return - just by simply sending a postcard. It allows me to hear about places I'll probably only just dream of visiting. It also reminds me of how many good and kind-hearted people are out there wishing to bring some beauty into someone else's life. Thanks to everyone involved in postcrossing - I hope our past will cross soon!”


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