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sktour, Japan


(or Satomi) is a member in Japan . Has been a member for over 10 years (4,014 days).
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  • Languages: english, japanese
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  • 2nd on most postcards sent from Japan
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Lat: 35.08, Lon: 137.15 | Google Maps

About Satomi...

I'm a Japanese woman in my 30s.

My favorite postcards(REAL POSTCARDS!) are

- night view
- cafe&restaurant
- window,door
- Art Deco
- Bridge
- World Heritage Site(WHS)
- Airport
- airlines
(I already have:Japan(JAL,ANA,ANK),Netherlands(KLM,MPH,KLC,TRA,Nederlandse Kustwacht),Malaysia(MAS),South Korea(KAL),Finland(FIN,FIF,BLF)Ukraine(UIA),Poland(LOT),Germany(DLH,GEC,BER,GWI,CFG,EWG,Hapag-Lloyd,LTU,AEF,TUI,Bavaria Fluggesellschaft,EAL,OLT,GMI ),New Zealand(ANZ),Romania(ROT),Brazil(VRG,RLE),Luxembourg(LGL),Estonia(ELL),Portugal(TAP),Malta(AMC),Taiwan(CAL,EVA,Republic of China Air Force),Greece(OAL),Italy(DLA),Canada(ACA,WJA,WDA),Switzerland(SWR,EDW),Latvia(BTI),USA(COA,Skycoach,PAA,UAL,HAL,SCE,MEW,TIA,Trans Northern Avation,TWA,DEL,EAL),Turkey(THY,SXS),Russia(AFL,SVR,JTT,SBI,NET,TSO),UK(EZY,BAW,BAL,AMM),Ireland(RYR),France(AFR),Belgiun(SAB),Israel(ELY)Australia(QFA),SouthAfrica(SAA)HongKong(CPA,HDA),Singapore(SIA),Belarus(BRU),Tunisia(TAR),China(CSH,CES,CXA),Paraguay(LAP)Sweden(SAS)Spain(VLG,MPD)Bahrain(GFA),Fiji(FJI),Austria(AUA),Hungary(MAH),Thailand(THA),Czech Republic(CSA),Sudan(SUD),Cyprus(CYP,Helios Airways),United Arab Emirates(ETD),Nepal(BHA),Iran(IRA),Iceland(ICE),Nigeria(NGA),Uzbekistan(UZB),Kazakhstan(KZR),Gabon(AGN) ,Angola(DTA) ,Indonesia(MDL) and Aurigny air services

- local food & drink,coffee,tea
- festival of your country
- Fireworks
- market of your country
- chinatown of your country
- bird,fish
- lightning,rainbow,aurora,sunset,sunrise
- people(people face,dancer,chinese opera,movie star anything about people)
- flowers,Botanical art,Herb,Spice,Vegetable
- Rice field,Rice terraces
- Symbols(Coats of arms,Flags,Mandala,Cross symbols,Traditional pattern or design)

-If you are from China,please don't sent Xiaoshang Bridge and The Tomb of Confucius postcard.I already have a lot of those cards from China.

but all kind of 'REAL' POSTCARDS are welcome!if it is possible NO ad card,NO handmade card,NO PhotoPaper and NO free card,No Touchnote,please.

Please stamp the postcard and post it, NOT in envelope.

I'm an collector of AIRMAIL rubberstamp,so if you have it,please put a stamp on postcard.

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